Paleo Review - A Queen of the Stone Age -

Paleo Review – A Queen of the Stone Age

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  1. Long time fan, although I rarely comment, but I must say I truly appreciate the discussion of the (incorrect) representation in the game. I majored in anthropology and it’s always stressful to see things like this, and it was a peasant surprise to see it brought up here. Love your videos!

  2. I could watch an entire season of Quinns's Histories. He is so interesting and informative.

  3. Spirit island is a game I eventually enjoyed but similarly a bad rulebook made the first playthroughs pretty painful. My wife still won’t ever try it again lol

  4. I really enjoy your reviews but come on did you really have to do the virtual signalling at the end, those cavemen could have been Neanderthals, who were exclusively light skinned (with ginger added), does it really matter, its a bloody board game not a historical representation,

  5. On a serious note, if you found the racism egregious, why would you put up a review of this game at all? Instead, as a Youtube channel that has real sway in this industry, make a real statement and refuse to play and review this kind of game, and make this unacceptable.

  6. I really like this channel and its attempts at clever humor, but white people didn't come from the Caucasus Mountains. This belief goes all the way back to the 19th century and was even disputed then.

    My wife is Mexican and whenever her family calls me "Caucasian" I always correct them and laugh at the absurdity of calling all white people after a mountain range in central Asia.

    I also find it unlikely that prehistoric people (of any color) could have hunted and killed a mastodon in the first place. Would stone tools even pierce the hide of a mastodon? Why hunt a mastodon with easier prey in reach?
    (Also, who cares if some German guy drew all German people on his Stone Age board game. If you don't like it, don't buy it.)

  7. Great review as always, but not entirely correct on the skin colour piece of information at the end, there have been multiple evolutionary pathways to less melanin in the skin that date back 1 and a half million years. That said, no issues with a bit more diversity.

  8. The moment you began bagging the game because an artistic decision of skin color you undermine all the work you've put into this video. It's a game. They could have been purple aliens from the next dimension for all that matters. Take your real world racial issues elsewhere.

  9. Really glad you bring nuance into the conversation and not just talk about mechanics. Kids are very impressionable, even the smallest details make a difference

  10. I uh… really don't know what to take away from that number three gripe…

    I certainly don't come to this channel for that kind of opinion.

  11. So you're saying the caveman game should've been exclusively black? You know that would've caused way more genuine outrage than this fake outrage you're trying to stir up here.


  13. Thank you for the quick lessons in history and science, as well as for continuing to champion inclusion in games!

  14. Is this that new diet everyone is talking about?

  15. Good on yer Quins! About time we addressed the racism in so much of our hobby.

  16. Look man I appreciate your reviews, but calling this black erasure is dishonest at best

  17. Could just be ignorance and not anything malishous with the skin tone. Pretty dumb point I think, you don’t need to make everything about race, probably just the artist making a mistake.

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