Pandemic - How To Play -

Pandemic – How To Play

Watch It Played
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Watch It Played is a series designed to teach and play games. In this episode we’re going to learn how to play Pandemic. If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to post them in the YouTube comments below, ensuring you abide by our Code of Conduct: .

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00:00 – Introduction
00:48 – The Setup
01:20 – First Infections
02:19 – Player Colors
02:38 – Player Deck
03:56 – First Player
04:08 – Gameplay Overview
04:25 – Action Step
04:50 – Drive/Ferry
05:22 – Direct Flight
05:38 – Chartering a Flight
05:52 – Building Research Stations
06:17 – Shuttle Flight
06:36 – Treating Disease
06:53 – Discovering Cures
07:32 – Treating Cured Diseases
08:11 – Eradicating Diseases
08:40 – Sharing Knowledge
09:22 – Role Cards
09:43 – Drawing Cards
09:52 – Empty Player Deck
10:11 – Epidemics
11:00 – Running out of Cubes
11:24 – Double Epidemics
11:33 – Hand Limit
11:48 – Event Cards
12:29 – Infection Step
12:56 – Outbreaks
14:03 – Multiple Outbreaks
14:28 – Ending the Game
15:01 – Conclusion

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  1. i bought this game last sept 2020 and its our first time to play this game just today, if an outbreak occurs in sydney, do we need to add a disease cube also in los angeles? or just in manila and jakarta? Thank you.

  2. Great video – thanks for clarifying EVERYTHING.

  3. I wish the 7.8 billion player variant played on a spherical board 8,000 miles in diameter, which we played 102 years ago and we're playing again today, was also played cooperatively.

  4. Hi,

    I have two questions related to two event cards:

    1. “One quiet night”: Can I play it before drawing or in the discard to 7 phase (to stop the next future infection process), or should I play it only at the exact moment I would infect (to stop the infection process)?

    2. “Government grant”: can I add the research station to any city in the map including the ones without a pawn, or only in the ones a pawn is present?

    Thank you! Great teacher! Great Channel!

  5. Hi, very good tutorial👍
    I have just recently started playing the game and so im still learning to get all the rules straight for best gameplay.
    However, the event cards made me raise a question…or two.
    1, does my event card count as a part of my 7 cards maximum.
    2. If im already have one, and draw another event card later, can I swap if I feel the new one seems better, or do I have to put the new one into the discard pile?

  6. I thought you could also eradicate a disease before it’s cured. I know you still have to cure it to win, but once all cubes of a color are removed we eradicated that disease and never placed more cubes of that color. Is that wrong?

  7. At what point in the players turn would you move the Infection Rate token?

  8. 2 question:

    #1: isn't Pandemic and Pandemic HZNA pretty much the same except HZNA is less complex?

    #2: what do you do if you run out of infection cards?

  9. I have a question, can you win the game by eradicating all diseases but not curing them?

  10. Thanks so much. Not enough time in life to learn from the instructions!

  11. Purchased this g,are for Christmas. Hard to start. Now I get it

  12. I've been playing the real life version of this game

  13. Was given this game for Christmas. This video has been incredible thank you

  14. Are all the producers listed at the end of this video producers of this video? If so, why are there so many!?

  15. So there's no single winner in Pandemic, either all fail or win…!

  16. What happens if all the colors of a cube are all gone off the board but there is no cure yet? Is it eradicated or do you still have to fine a cure first but getting the 5 same color cards?

  17. Hmmm, I keep flip-flopping over whether to get this game or not. The only other co-op game I've owned/played is Flash Point Fire Rescue and I just sold it. The random dice outbreaks didn't do it for me. However, this relies on card drawing and it seems to offer special abilities (i.e. event cards) to semi-control the progression of the game. I think I'd end up playing this solo as my wife prefers games that offer a competitive edge such as Azul and 7 Wonders. Do you think I'd get more out of this game compared to Flash Point?

  18. Great video! Makes a lot of things very clear. Just one question: For example, if you don’t see a yellow cube during the setup (so there are no yellow cubes on the board), is the yellow disease automatically eradicated?

  19. His peices are different than mine I have white labs his are wooden

  20. I told my dad that we have to solve 4 diseases and then he said we can’t handle one irl 😆🤩😎

  21. Nice explanation! So you need to move the outbreak counter everytime an outbreak chain occurs! Got it, we were playing it wrong lol.

  22. Is there a way we can play with 5 players?

  23. Hi, I've just purchased this game and I'm confused by the first play example in the structions (Ben's move). He used 2 actions to remove 2 cubes of the same colour. As Ben was the medic, I thought all cubes could be removed of the same colour in 1 action!

  24. Can the Operations Expert build more than one research station per turn without discarding a card with the matching city?

  25. Hi Rodney,
    When a player has seven cards and it’s their turn to draw two cards from the player deck, do they have to discard one card at a time as they draw a new card to comply with the hand limit rule, or discard two cards at once after completing the drawing?

  26. thanks for yet another comprehensive explanation!
    just to make sure i understood- at 11:22 "you do not draw a replacement" (for the epidemic card) – if the epidemic card was the 1st card, you can still take the second card, right?

  27. You really do a great job at explaining all of these games. Thank you!

  28. Great videos. We love playing board games and always watch your videos before we play a new game

  29. Dear Rodney,

    Your explanation helped us a lot, I hope you can help us with 2 questions:

    1. While epidemic occurs, during infect stage, if the bottom card is a card of a desease that was eradicated, we ignore, we don't need to draw another card instead, correct?

    2. Contingency planner – can take an event card one time in a turn, but several times in a game? (as long as there isn’t more than 1 card at a time)

    Thank you very much!

  30. it's always nice to know how to play a game before it's shipped to the house

  31. Great explanation on how to play! Clear, concise and understandable. Good job.

  32. Thanks, Rodney! You always do a fantastic job. Unrelated question: are you a Utahn? Something about your manner suggests to me that you might live out here. Yes?

  33. @Watch It Played how do you get multi disease in one city as shown in your video. it seems like disease will be of the color of the city ?

  34. I read so many reviews on Amazon saying they couldn’t understand the game, but when me and my friend were 9 we totally understood it and had a blast playing it.

  35. I don't have the game, first, I look up to the rules of the game and the theme. After this video, I decided to buy the game, this looks so fun. 8 looked up at the roles, and my favourite one was the medic I think or the quarantine master. Thank you! 😁😁😁

  36. The epidemic marker that moves. There are numbers there. What does that mean? Some are 2 and some are 3.

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