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Pirates Cove – Boardgames 4K – Quick Review – Still Worth It?

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Join us as we take a look at the family pirate game Pirates Cove published by Days of Wonder.

Excuse the crazy music at the end…I had to remove the original music due to a false copyright claim.


  1. Thanks for the video (except the loo long unfocused shot at 06:30)Great review!Subscribed.

  2. Disagreed 🙂

    It has never wanted to be more than it is.
    Want a strategy game? – u r supposed to play Black Beard: Golden age of Piracy 🙂
    Too long? – we use sand watch to avoid Analysis Paralysis
    Few pirate cards? – let's scan the 6 and create more of them with Jack Sp., Capt. Sal. etc.
    Simple? – Yes, it is a family game. Expect more? – Varied too 🙂

    Individual taste but this game conjures up the Pirates of Caribbean movies the most for us 🙂

  3. Thanks, great review! I don't think I'll be hunting it down however for my students here in Japan due to the part you mentioned about players having to sit out and kinda wait at times. It doesn't seem inclusive enough for my needs but I think for a family it'd be great.

  4. Ow what a surprise! I love this game even though it is a bit obsolete these days, I'm proud to still have a copy of that game.

    This can be used as an entry game, family game, chaotic fun group game.

    The game is not great, but it is fun at times.

    Even though I really like the game you made fair points about the game, I couldn't say otherwise.

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