Plague Inc: The Board Game Review - with Tom Vasel -

Plague Inc: The Board Game Review – with Tom Vasel

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Tom Vasel takes a look at Plague Inc!

00:00 – Introduction
01:47 – Game overview
09:16 – Final thoughts

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  1. Someone sneezed in Brazil?


  2. This game reminds me of Pandemic Contagion

  3. I would really like to hear zee's opinion on this one… till then nice review tom 🙂

  4. So it's like Pandemic: Contagion, at least in theme.

  5. I really wanted to get this game but unfortunately they refused to ship the game to my home country of Madagascar

  6. I want to try this for the nostalgia factor alone – the android app version came out when I was in my first year at university and we used to play it all the time during boring lectures. There was a feature there where you could name your disease and we (horrible college students that we were) used to name them after our professors and classes and take screenshots of the game "victory" screen, where it would say something like "Professor X&Y had destroyed the world!" and send them to each other… I think we actually showed it to one of our professors once (with the disease bearing his name, of course) but we did it because we knew he was a good guy and he'd just laugh – which he did.

  7. Does anyone know then it's going to be commercially avaliable. I know you can preorder, but i ain't paying $66 for shipping, if i'll be able to buy it in country.

  8. Wow!!!I play this on my tablet…thought it would be a cool board game… it is…awesome…is it available now?

  9. Having so few virus types and not having combos at launch is a bit putting me off.

  10. I had a lot of fun with the computer game, especially playing a lot of the bizarre player-made scenarios. I want to try the board game, but I worry about how some of my friends might receive it.

  11. I was going to comment about a certain mispronunciation, but there are quite enough comments about it already.

  12. Coming soon to a a YouTube near you – a 10 hour version of "Cause headaches and kill half the world. Zhish-koom-baaahhh…"

  13. Revolting !!!!!
    I love Pandemic but this game is an "untouchable".
    Kind regards.

  14. The original game was called Pandemic 2, and I think it was actually based on the board game, so this completes the circle!

  15. Just bought the game myself, love it, had a lot of fun playing, the game is abstract enough that killing the world did not bother us.  it is just a game and it is fairly light in terms of play so easy to learn, setup and play.

  16. I like the concept and design of the game but Tom dropped the ball big time on his filming of the review. Blurry shots of the cards, and saying geometry instead of geography. Worst review I've seen him give.

  17. I need this game. It allows the feeling of joy of killing millions of people without being arrested.

  18. "I am a virus guy" – Tom Vasel (circa 2016)

  19. My OCD alarm cranks to 11 every time I see him dumping all of the components of the game on the table.

  20. You explained this well. I'm impressed that you understand everything. Well done

  21. 7 minutes into the video before I figured out why the S. Africa card has a rhino skull on it… it's not… it's the outline of the country. I have shamed my ancestors.

  22. It’s one thing to play a zombie game because that’s never gonna happen. But I can’t get past playing something that is gonna kill millions of people and is an event that could happen. For me it’s two necrotizing thumbs down. I will gladly play my pandemic. I also would like Zee’s opinion on the game.

  23. Does this actually have real pandemics? PLS ANSWER

  24. I playing that board games during coronavirus outbreak

  25. Damn fast forward 3 years and' it is not like we have pandemic '…

  26. “It’s not like we have outbreaks that are destroying billions of people”

    2020: Hold my meeple

  27. 1:24 "Its not like we have outbreaks right now destroying billions of people" that did not age well

  28. 2016, there isn't an outrabreak right now, now in 2020.

  29. Watching this in 2021, the first minute actually makes sense now.

  30. It was south africa why u say south america

  31. When he said that there wasn't a world pandemic going on I was like, "little do you know"

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