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Power Grid Deluxe – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. Is it just me, or does Quinns look at least 1/4 German?

  2. will there be a review of strip poker in the future?

  3. Making more heat come out of my head? Sign me up! Oh, wait, I don’t have any friends who can do strategy, maybe one.

  4. I'm sorry Quinns, I didn't hear a word you said, I was too obsessed with two.. wait, three, no fo.. FIVE MUGS on the table and only one of you…

  5. I hate Power Grid. It was the worst, most boring game night of my gaming life.

  6. 7:20 is such a perfect summation of how it feels to play power grid lol

  7. The very german game making fun of an inefficient player was priceless.

  8. The voice cracked me up too. Thank you so much!

  9. I'd rather eat a can of prunes while watching paint dry on the living room wall than play another Power Grid session. Seriously.

  10. a game about electricity and power grids has three phases…. heh

  11. Inefficient chewing while reviewing, you lose, & it's cool…

  12. I love SUSD so much that I find myself rewatching these videos even though I know the subject of the video is not for me. The tone is reviewing perfection.

  13. hmm should i get the big box game? or just get the base game and maybe the mini expansion, you know the one that just gives you new power plants?

  14. Oh god I was so triggered from 3:44 onward, with the glass of water standing there next to his scary elbow, almost knocking it over and drenching this fine game. I mean, the little guy on the box-art literally just shows you what will happen!

  15. This game is an accountant's dream. As a lover of math and efficiency this game is up the in my favorites. The biggest issue is getting other people to play it because the math itself is incredibly daunting. And it's super punishing if you make any mistake.

  16. The German accent Had me dying laughing
    Greetings from Germany

  17. this game with stocks looks insane

    . . . i want to try it

  18. 'Great Impoverished Electric Toad' is the name of my new prog album.

  19. Eating was a great idea. Next time you review a game with an Ancient Greek theme. How about filling your mouth with pebbles just like real life, Demosthenes?

  20. I was just looking for a "how to play video" for this game. You were the second one I watched, but I think you just became my favorite board game reviewer. You actually got me laughing out loud (7:20) – gonna watch more of your videos and look for the same flair. Thanks bud!

  21. Bravo, love this review! Was funny, insightful, and wonderful

  22. This is a game I'll never buy, and never enjoy playing. However, this review is entertaining and charming as fuck, and without it I might've made a poor purchase.

  23. I am usually a fan of Quinn's presentation but holy cow does he make a mess at 11:45.
    Like why would your stock devalue because you another company sold stock? Except if you sold some of yours for it…but he didn't say that.
    Maybe he just left out part of the rules before?

  24. I really enjoyed Powergrid back in the day (and I loved the market mechanics), but IMHO its main problem is that the part you end up spending most of your time doing (elementary maths) isn't the part that's fun. The funmeat is in auctions, blocking, expanding, taking risks, reaping rewards, building an engine, etc. The maths part is just time consuming and kills pace. That problem is exacerbated in the end game, to the point that most of our games ended with people saying "Look, can anyone see a place I can stick a house for 30 quid? I'll be here forever otherwise."

  25. Frustrating how he was dancing around the obvious question, which did NOT get answered: is there a stock market expansion for strip poker? 😜

  26. Didn't the regular old Power Grid had two sides? America and Germany. At least mine has. And by the way I though Funkenschlag and Power Grid was the same game. (I like the standard's style more then the delux.)

  27. Problem I have with power grid is that it's almost algorithmic ally solvable. For example, with the network phase, you can apply a greedy algorithm where you just buy the cheapest connection at any instant. So you buy the currently available cheapest connection, this extends your network, and you check again to see where the next cheapest available connection is. The next cheapest could now be on your newly bought connection, or somewhere else. This guarantees that you get the most nodes/price in your network that you can optimally get, which is exactly what you want. You keep doing this till you have enough money left to power everything, and then rinse and repeat.

  28. the mic quality on this video had no right being as good as it did

  29. this… looks like an incredibly annoying and complicated version of ticket to ride

  30. When he started making fun of himself in an accent, I spit out my water laughing.

  31. This is one of the best thumbnails i've ever seen.

  32. My husband and I love this game. We have the robot expansion, and sometimes they are SO efficient, the game turns into my husband and I teaming up to try to make sure they don't win.

  33. "If you don't eat your mashed potatoes, you're gonna get f*cked." -Quinns 2016

  34. I played it this past weekend and it was neat. 3 player game, I just barely won. I don’t know how much I want to play it again, though. But for almost $50 I need to try it a few more times. It took way too long for what it was.

  35. Your german accent is much better than your american accent.

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