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Pulsar 2849 Review – with Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at Pulsar 2849, a dice drafting game designed by Vladimír Suchý!

00:00 – Introduction
01:16 – Game overview
11:19 – Final thoughts

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  1. Interesting that the point salad feel looks like a turn-off for me but not for Tom 😮

  2. I think you probably meant to say this but just to clarify the rules only recommend not playing with the HQ board on your first play through the game, and not in general.

  3. Tom, give in to point-salad games. That is your destiny. 😉

  4. Soooo, when are we getting a live play of this game? :3

  5. and then you count the dice, see where is more dice and then you put this here and WHAT? lol all that sounded so weird and over complexed

  6. Round board looks really interesting, as do the mechanisms and theme. Things that look and feel different get my attention. Definitely something I'll be checking out. Thanks for the review!

  7. I bought this game at BGG.CON and wholeheartedly agree with Tom. The only thing I disagree with is that the HQ boards don't really give you a real focus, or aren't really THAT different from each other. But this is a really great game, and I also really like it a lot!

  8. There is only one problem with this game and 'kills' it for me – in 2017, from a great major company – this level of visual ugliness should not be acceptable 🙁
    It looks like a prototype and while it could be one of the best games of the year… I would rather play next-best-game-of-the-year if that looks better.
    It's a good thing, though, we are finally spoiled by great production from Stonemaier, Portal, Roxley and many other publishers.

  9. Tom, does this scale well from 2 to 4 players? Thanks for all the great reviews!

  10. Interesting choices you can make, but I have to agree with the consensus – it's incredibly ugly!

  11. Rule error: you don’t move 1 spot left/right on the track, you move the number spaces from the median marker

    Really great game though!

  12. Its kind of difficult to see thru your arm and hand to see exactly where you're pointing to.

  13. The board looks like a normal representation of outer space with lines connecting the locations. I don't see why there's so many comments about it being ugly.

  14. Awesome review Tom. Looking forward to this one. Hopefully the wait won’t be too long for Canadians on this one. 😀

  15. Tom, how does this compare to Alien Frontiers or Orleans?

  16. Is it now fair to say that Vladimir Suchy is a better designer than Vlaada Chvatil? His designs seem far tighter and more consistent to me.

  17. Even though Tom sounds enthusiastic, and I suppose those who like Caverna and such games will, it's most probably a game hard for me to appreciate. Lots of choices with little interaction is usually the opposite of fun for me. Good thing that nowadays there's a game for every taste.

  18. So ugly it hurts, not up to today's standards. A hard pass from me.

  19. Because I am from the same country (Czech Republic), let me explain something, please. The pronounciation of Vladimír surname is rather "Sukee" than "Suchee". Exactly, we pronounce "ch" differently, but "k" is most similar to it 🙂

  20. Well that was an excessive use of the word "points" xD

  21. Complaining about artwork is like complaining about what a spaghetti sauce looks like.

    No matter if the sauce looks good and colorful, if it's not tasty and delicious, then it shouldn't deserve to be on my table. As a matter of fact, I shouldn't care less about what my spaghetti looks like. Nobody in the world prepares their spaghetti sauce with sole purpose that it looks awesome. They want their spaghetti to taste delicious, have an exquisite flavor and sometimes possess an eccentric "je-ne-sais-quoi" in it.

    I judge a spaghetti sauce on the smell, who did the sauce and what other people think about it. Physical appearance should never be a criterion; it should only be considered as a plus value, no more than that.

    Unless it is obvious that there are pieces of trash in the spaghetti, "I won't eat your spaghetti, dear mother-in-law, because it looks bad" is something I wish you'll never say in a family dinner. Ever.

    By the way, if artwork is so important to you, I would suggest to not even consider to play most of the games made before 2012; otherwise, you'll be very disappointed.

  22. Bewildered at people complaining about how the board and components look. I think it looks really inviting.

    I guess everyone has their own tastes. I never buy any game that has anime-style art on it because I find that ugly, but I'm clearly in a minority.

  23. Just purchased this game this evening and set it up. I could not be happier. Setup is very well explained and fairly easy to follow. Will probably try to get to the table this weekend.

  24. Played through our first game. Wow what a game. The choices , strategy and victory path are mind blowing. A learning game but the four players had a blast. It will be making it back to the table.

  25. I got a headache listening to the rules or how to play, plus space isnt the theme I like

  26. This looks extremely similar to the video game Endless Space.

  27. Tom I completely agree!! Awesome game with incredible variability. Tough choices with only 8 rounds and 2 dice a round(without bonus does obviously). Ap can be strong with so many good choices. Cant recommend this enough! Probably my favorite game from 2017

  28. Do not watch this video if you’re trying to learn how to play 😉 so many rules misinterpretations.

  29. Hey, his best game is Underwater Cities. Top 10 for me.

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