Robinson Crusoe in about 3 minutes -

Robinson Crusoe in about 3 minutes

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A brief rundown of Robinson Crusoe by Ignacy Trzewiczek
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  1. Thanks for this video, really helpful. Liked and subscribed 😀

  2. Perfect video. To the point! It took me 2 weeks to learn how to play this without glancing at the rule-book every second! It's that complex. But once you've got the hang of it, boy are you in for quite a ride.
    Robinson Crusoe is one of the best survival-strategy-deck building board games out there.
    Also, why don't you have a gazillion views is beyond me! There are thousands upon thousands of board games out there. Browsing for the one you will be spending your hard – earned cash and spending your valuable time on, can be a worse nightmare than looking for movies on Netflix. So this 3 minute board game review is a genius idea. Liked & Sub'd!

  3. the 7th continent is a similiar feel, if you can track down a 2nd hand copy or wait until their next kickstarter.

  4. I''m kinda afraid of this game – seems so overwhelming XD

  5. Great video! I'll definitely be sharing this one with people I invite over to play this game for the first time!

  6. I read three different RC rulebooks and I find one in second international edition very good.

  7. Really awesome video description. So perfectly destilled a complex game to 3 Minutes.

  8. Too complicated for me, I'll try Friday solo game instead…lol. 🙂

  9. I just received my copy today, I’ll try this tomorrow.

  10. Have you tried Discover Lands Unknown? The only survival game we have played is Ravine which was really fun, but quite basic and luck driven.

  11. does anyone know of survival games like this but less complicated ? . post apocalyptic included

  12. My favourite board game ever up to this point. Challenging to learn but so satisfying when you do know how to play.

  13. Sounds like the audio is coming out of a WWII radio

  14. Or can try seventh continent for a survival and map exploration game with simpler rules

  15. It games like this that I wish I had a board game cafe or something nearby and someone to teach me games like this!

  16. Anybody considering to backup Robinson Crusoe – Collector's Edition?

  17. This game reminds me of the board game Backwoods

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