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Ryan’s Top 10 Board Games

Tantrum House
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Ryan talks through his top 10 board games of all time!
Do any of these games make your top 10? Any that surprise you?
0:00 – 0:56 Introduction
0:57- 2:07 #10
2:08 – 3:11 #9
3:12 – 4:23 #8
4:24 – 5:42 #7
5:43 – 7:11 #6
7:12 – 8:31#5
8:32 – 10:36 #4
10:37 12:11 #3
12:12 – 13:42 #2
13:43 – 16:17 #1
16:18 – 17:29 Runner up #1
17:30 – 19:31 Runner up #2

Number 9
Cosmic Encounter
Ladies and Gentlemen
Rise of Augustus
Firefly the Board Game
Smash Up Board Game
7 Wonders Board Game
Call to Adventure
Star Wars: Imperial Assault


  1. No mech games? :0 lol
    I haven’t played as long or as many games as you. We enjoy Smashup! Firefly looks good. I will check it out. My top games are: Tzolk’in, Tiny Epic Galaxies, Clank In Space, Lords Of Hellas, and Everdell.

  2. Thanks for the Top 10. Completely different tastes. Don't like a single game from that list 😅

  3. I'm surprised Shadowrun Crossfire didn't make it! Good list though!

  4. Great list, i don’t know why i had the impression you were full on the amerifresh side of the force!

  5. Oh man our group loves firefly! We always play with pirates and bounty hunters though. So fun when the guy winning gets an alert to arrest one of their crew members and everyone immediately b lines for their ship. lolol

  6. Good list like a lot of them. Some like Augustus and Kingsburg have been bumped for me by newer games that do it better.

  7. Thank you so much in sharing this, could not disagree more on your choices but it was great getting another players perspective

  8. You're making my mouth water by putting Firefly out there. Such a long game though.

  9. Funny how tastes work, 4 of the games you love I do love as well, 3 I totally dismiss and 3 I've never played or don't even know the existed. So basically reviews of games are useless for the most part.

  10. Hey Ryan, glad to see Smash Up show up on your list. That’s a fun game, but you didn’t say what your favorite faction combo is?? I’ll play Robot Mythic Ponies against you next game night.
    I WAS surprised that Zombicide didn’t show up!

  11. The 2nd edition includes everything from the original + expansion and a couple of new modules. It's a must if you don't have the expansion (adds lots of variability). And the expansion was printed in small amounts… However, the first edition art is copyrighted… To a different company than the second one… That's were the difference in art comes from

  12. Good list! Of the games you mention that I played, I would order them: 1) Libertalia, 2) Star Wars: Imperial Assault, 3) Call to Adventure, 4) Kingsburg, 5) NMBR9, 6) Smash Up, 7) 7 Wonders, 8) Dominion, and 9) Cosmic Encounter. I have not played the others but have now added them to the wish list. The first three are just so immersive.

  13. I've been looking at Kingsburg a lot recently, looks really fun and it keeps coming up recently..this is a sign lol

  14. The great thing about board games is that everyone and their top lists of games are unique. I’ve played most of Ryan’s top 10 but I’d probably not have any of them in my top 100. I haven’t played Kingsburg however and I’d like to play that one.

  15. Kingsburg, Libertalia, and 7 Wonders, id put in my top list as well. Great list overall.

  16. Rise Of Augustus seems very interesting to me. It is now on my wishlist! And yess Dominion is a fantastic game.

  17. I’ve been on the fence about kingsburg for years! Seeing your recommendation makes me really reconsider it. I’ve always been torn though between this one and alien frontiers. How do you feel about that one? Thanks!

  18. Thanks for the list, Ryan! I am a big Dominion fan, as well. I loved your explanation of why you got into it! Do you have a favourite expansion?

  19. Cosmic Encounters was my favorite game for the longest time until I downgraded it

  20. Dominion was a spiel des jahres winner a few years ago

  21. Thanks for the introduction,Nice games! we just produced a lot of board games,but did not play them much 🙂

  22. Whoa, Smash Up on a top10 list… I respect and understand that we all have different tastes, but this is so different that it makes me feel weird inside 🤣 it's on my top5 worst games of all time!

  23. What is that game in the bottom left corner of the video with that steampunk looking woman with the orange hair?

  24. What about Monopoly? The Game of Life, Chutes and Ladders, Candy land?

  25. cosmic encounter sure, but you need to branch out in your games.

  26. Okay, I felt like after I saw your first games on your list that I will not write anything … Everyone has their tastes and most of these games are actually really good but top 10 of all time? really? Is he new in this hobby? But when in the end you talked about "serious gamers" in a video with these games as your top 10 of all time, my fingers started to battle in the air for sure xD

    It is clear that with this list you mostly like to play with your family and are new to the hobby and like to just cuddle and chill with a game without having to be serious at all?

    As I said, almost all are good but the game of these that I think is the best of all time would not even get into my 40 best.

    Do not understand this list at all but I liked the video anyway and thank you for your time but really.. dont talk about "serious gamers" and have a top 10 of all time with these games… xD

  27. The granddaddy of deck builders is called MAGIC THE GATHERING!!!!!

  28. Hey there – – Here is my Top 10 of all time:

    10 Saint Perersburg (Second Edition)
    9              Viticulture: Tuscany Essential Edition
    8              1846: The Race for the Midwest
    7              Black Angel
    6              Lisboa
    5              Imperial Struggle
    4              Food Chain Magnate
    3              Brass: Birmingham
    2              Power Grid
    1              Great Western Trail

  29. when Rise of Augustus came up I had to quit video. One of the worst and most random games I have ever played, i cannot believe this was even nominated for Spiel des Jahres.

    I just don’t think I can put much value into a list of someone who has that game in his top 10 of all time. No Offenes, Everyone has his own taste and That‘s cool, i just don’t think the Rest of the List Will match mine.

  30. Are board games a big industry in America ? Would board games include stuff like dungeons and dragons. Also was it big in the 80s and slowly declined in popularity once video games came out? Genuinely interested. These seem pretty cool

  31. I would not consider #9 to be a board game as there is no board to play the game on. Also, Rise of Augustus, Smash Up & Dominion looks more like card games than board games. As a matter of fact there are no boards to play on. What is up with this Top 10 Board Games when so many of them have no board to play on? Hence the term Board Games. At least your #1 on this list was an actual board game.

    Anyhow, In my opinion, Chess and Monopoly are the two greatest board games of all time. They both require a great deal of strategy with Chess beating out Monopoly in the strategy category. As a matter of fact, Chess beats out ALL board games when it comes to strategy.
    The thing that Monopoly beats out Chess on is the fact that Chess is just a 2 person game whereas Monopoly can play up to 8 players which makes it more exciting when it comes to wheeling and dealing. Both of these great games have withstood the test of time.

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