Scythe - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Scythe – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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First published on 25th Feb, 2017.


  1. "you spill like hot mayonnaise from a cracked jar." …. It seems like you know this by experience

  2. Imagine not liking Scythe. No wonder this guy doesn’t do reviews for SUSD anymore. Wouldn’t know good game it punched him in the bollocks.

  3. excellent accurate review. and dude is hilarious!

  4. "I don't thik it's thematically supposed to be in the game, but there's something to be said about hard work and grind and picking yourself up after you've fallen". Well, I mean, the game is arguably set in Belarus or Ukraine, so… ^^

  5. lmao what a terrible review. maybe next time get someone who doesn't have such a deranged prejudice against kickstarter games to review one of them bc that's really what this entire video boils down to. he seems extremely confused about the rules and pacing of the game and at times even pleasantly surprised by some of its dynamics as he's talking through them as if it were the first time he actually gave the game more than 5 seconds of thought

  6. One of my favorite games. I actually played for the first time with the purple and green last night and don't feel that they were imbalanced at all, since those four little traps or four little flags that they got to lay still weren't as beneficial to them as the fact that my worker meeples could swim across rivers. And the other person could bounce to any unused faction home base. So their little "minus two hearts" trap felt very insignificant compared to the benefits that we had. Purple came in second place though because she used her other stuff wisely. That's what's fun about this game, there are so many ways to go at it!

  7. Nice to know that I shouldn't trust Shut Up and Sit Down! 🙂 I love Scythe. I have played with many people and it is always a good time. The strategy worked into the simple turns and action-choices is brilliant. I LOVE that it presents itself as a heavy combat/mech driven game and then ends up being more sophisticated and elegant than combat-driven.

  8. My brother bought Little Scythe for my daughter. I gotta say, if Scythe is anything like that game… I don't want to play it.

  9. This game… Don’t get me wrong: It’s awesome. But that 115 min playtime is even LESS accurate than the reviewer implied.
    I watched a handful of YouTube videos and played for the first time with 3 other people who had never played.
    I ended the game before I was entirely ready because we were over the 4.5 hour mark.
    Do I still recommend it? Hell yes. But be aware that your first play through will be LONG. Especially with 4 players

  10. Nope, skipped this review.. annoying doesn't even come close.

  11. 4:40 before he stops complaining about his pet peeves about Kickstarter (using Scythe as a very unfair example) and starts talking about Scythe.

  12. I played this game and I only fought once and won. It was fantastic I was strategically collecting and moving to as many empty spaces as possible while collecting popularity to make sure my points were higher, and it was so close so tenuously close riveting. We played for 4 hours but it only felt like 1 and a half hours.

  13. going back to this video it's amazing that everything Paul says about Kickstarter board games is true but it's gotten worse to the point where Scythe looks positively svelte by comparison

  14. The more Euro Games I play the less I like them.

  15. Everything does take time but on the other hand the flaw of the game is fast(actually the fastest i ve ever seen,even among generally slow players).And that is one of the negatives and positives of the game at the same time

  16. I like the idea of games like this, but get so overwhelmed when I try them. Can't wait for the Cones of Dunshire video 😉

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