Seafall - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Seafall – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. I know this comes across like I'm an old fuddy duddy, but I never have and never will buy a boardgame that is designed to be played once only. I don't doubt there are interesting mechanics in legacy games, but it's not a path I choose to go down.

  2. You had me at "not just because I'm a pretentious twat."

  3. My group and I bought this, despite seeing this AND dice tower's review. There is no fun here, just a slog of a game that ate up 6 months of our life.

  4. This video did more to make me visit London than to buy the game.

  5. I guess I’m the minority when I say this game is brilliant and I really, really loved it. Never had a dull moment. Having a treacherous bunch of conniving players and a bit of roleplay helps.

  6. Aaaah do not like the idea of writing all over a game with marker ….

  7. If you're actually peeling off and placing stickers to mark permanent changes to the game, what do you do when you finish the campaign and want to start a new one, or just decide you want to sell it? It seems like the game would be unplayable a second time.

  8. With as cheap as this game has become I may just have to do his suggestion at the end. Heck, the board might make a great mat to play Pirates of the Spanish main on as a bonus.

  9. 1:44 and in the background, the old lady gets up to do just that

  10. Game must be bad if at the end he recommends to not play it and just buy it to read the rules and scenarios.

    I've played it. It's frustrating at best and absolutely mind numbingly slow at it's worse. I played with three players and we only made it about 8 game sessions

  11. This would SO MUCH profit from a digital adaption.

  12. This is not unlike how I felt about Pandemic legacy season two. I loved season one bit season two was so frustrating that, by the time the story started to get interesting, I was too annoyed and sour to get into it.

  13. Hahaha "Onara the Wind Master". Fucking hell you guys.

  14. Will people never learn from Quidditch? The Snitch is NOT a good idea.

  15. These Legacy games are fascinating but they just aren't for me.

  16. Dangerous running around British cities acting neurotic and shouting SeaFall ( sounds too much like C4) to yourself

  17. I want to like this video because it is so good, I want to downvote this video because the game is sooo good.

    Yes it is heavy, deep and ponderous, but that makes it a solid hardcore game. Just recommended for serious gamers, not people who are more casual.

  18. I play SeaFall with a regular group and : Oh my god that gamegot worst with time. At the end, depending how the group as played it, it can totally become just a game of "somebody raid me and stole my important stuff needed to advance the game, then i raid them to get it back" and it's just : horrible. Parties take forever for nothing, just to ""trade"" important part of the "finals puzzles" (because it's litteraly not possible to gain the neccessary enormous glorious point to end the game without doing them). The last advisors are fully PvP oriented and in a so disproportioned manner that it make all the other pointless and so make just the person that have the luck to get them in time the potential winner.

  19. I have no interest in Legacy games for the sole reason that they are games that involve customising the component to the point of no return (ripping cards, stickers etc…) so that you are stuck with a game that you must continue playing with same group and continue it till it is FINISHED???
    This is board games, not video games, even video games you can reset and start a new playthrough, not with these overpriced boxes of papers and cards.
    Figures that a game about privateering is a Legacy game, so that I won't be buying, just my luck.

  20. One of his advisors is named 'onara' which means fart in japanese :p

  21. game is 20 bucks now, worth to buy considering the mediocre reviews?

  22. "are you leaking below decks" omw I'm dying

  23. I love Legacy games and really really wanted to love this game. However. First, this game is worse than Monopoly in terms of game mechanics that reward screwing over other players. This is not a fun game with anyone you need to speak with for the days after the game. Secondly, it is terribly imbalanced. Winners are rewarded with compounding abilities and starting resources into future games, making it frustrating for anyone who doesn't win the first 2-3 games, AND then later in the game there is a weird counter balance mechanism that is an obvious attempt to fix imbalance. AVOID.

  24. Seafall is only $15 now…..I think it might be worth it….

  25. So this is a high seas game that you play over more than one session with narrative elements. Why not play a TTRPG, specifically 7th sea 1st edition.

  26. A friend of mine bought a copy of this on sale. We played the first game, which was a pain in the ass to learn and boring as hell, and never played again. I’m serious – one fucking play and we were completely over Seafall. Even at below half price, it wasn’t worth our money or time.

  27. Ive recently been playing this game with a full party of 5. We're gearing up to play game 6, last night was 5. we play 1-2 times a week. My opinion so far is that it is a fun game that requires the players to be active as they play and especially between turns. We have a player that tends not to pay attention between turns, and when their turn comes they slowly put together what they want to do despite having 4 turns worth of time to think ahead, and this does drag the game down. There are a lot of small rules and numbers that are in play at all times; buy limits, sell limits, values of treasure and goods, what effect is in play, what advisors do i have; and more, on top of decisions such as do i explore, do i raid, to i buy or sell, should i keep ships together or separate. If you as a player cannot handle so many little things i dont really recommend this game, otherwise the game gets to be this large monster, rather than a night of fun board games. For those that like games that have multiple avenues to claim victory, dont mind all the little rules and numbers, and actively play i highly recommend the game.

  28. About writing quality… I strongly suggest a computer game called Sunless Sea. It has a strong board game vibe, very narrative, incredibly atmospheric and a fantastic writing.

  29. You two really need to lobby Parliament to pass the "Trumpeter Homicide Legalization Act."

  30. I didn't know what legacy meant in games. Now, I know I'd hate it.

  31. The Indian's name at 4:45 says Onara, which means "fart" in Japanese. And he is the wind master lol.

  32. Am I the only one who doesn't like (in concept and practice) legacy games?

  33. I feel bad that I did not like pandemic… I won the first game I played. Came right down to the wire. But i just felt like I was moving cubes around. Like a softcover euro game sprinkled with some thematic flavor text. Can someone explain why that would be called greatest game.ever made ?!?!

  34. 1:15 Oh my god, you made me laugh out loud at work. Hit that nail on the head haha!

  35. I hate putting stickers on games and what's worse is tearing up components .

  36. I got this game for 19 euro, and so far we're having fun with it.

  37. Why do you crush our dreams Everytime lmao, it starts off so good then Quinton slams us with the bad stuff

  38. and not just because im a pretentious twat

  39. Seeing this again in 2021, getting to 14:13 and I wonder if Seafall would have been better as two releases: Seafall, and then later Seafall – Legacy. As Quinns says both Risk and Pandemic were tried and tested games that had legacy mechanics added to them. Seafall was made from the ground up as a legacy game and seems to have suffered for it.

  40. When you realise that, this entire time, people were intentionally walking really slow in documentaries. How did I not notice that before… I just never thought about it, I guess.

  41. 'Rich kid's stocking.' Stealing that line.

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