Shadows Over Camelot - Boardgames 4K Review - Still Worth It? -

Shadows Over Camelot – Boardgames 4K Review – Still Worth It?

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Join us as we take a quick look at the 2005 hidden traitor game Shadows Over Camelot designed by Bruno Cathala & Serge Laget and published by Days of Wonder.


  1. Only just now discovered this channel and this was the first video I watched as I'm teaching this to some friends this weekend. Absolutely amazing video and I'm working my way through all your videos. Hilarious stuff with great insights!

  2. Do a Battlestar Galactica review!

    Best hidden role game ever!

  3. Still my favorite co-op. Another great selling point is how easy it is to add/remove players on the fly.

  4. Could not agree more, a classic game that is great fun to play even against newer hidden traitor games.

  5. I like your videos! Keep this up! Subscribed 🙂 also would you make top 10-100 games that are still worth to play anytime soon? 😉

  6. For me biggest plus is that you can easily play it with friends and family. Its a Christmas game. The poker hands from a gamer point of view is weird and boring. But for everyone else it makes the game accessible and intuitive to play because everyone understands the concept of card hands to complete quests. You can also have conversations over the game which makes it very social.

  7. Great video for a great game. Am looking at getting this back on the table, hence watching reviews and play throughs to remind me how to play it again. Game needs the hidden traitor mechanic to make it swing though.

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