Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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First published on August 8, 2014.


  1. I say the exact same thing about people complaining about a video game only having 20hr play time. Your ok with spending 30 bucks to go to the theatre but cant spend 30 bucks for 10 times the entertainment?

  2. This is shocking similar to the Knives Out trailer, but you beat them by 3 years.

  3. murder weapon on coffee table. Too easy

  4. I think I have a new favorite board game channel.

    +1 for Tyskie 🙂

  5. I got this game recently after seeing this review and am really enjoying it. I've scored a bit closer to Sherlock than -65 in my two cases so far, but the emphasis of how hard it was made it clear I needed to bring my A game which helped. Also I'm playing it solo and have read all the original Sherlock Holmes stories and I really think those things help make it easier. All your time is spent thinking through the clues instead of trying to communicate back and forth, and I've already recognized several things lifted from the stories which are like free clues, not to mention that since I'm alone I can read out of the clue booklet in fantastic, period accurate English accents!

  6. 3:11 Ethiopian jazz.. lmao. Its funny, because they are listening to bad music when they should be searching for food.

  7. do you guys who already played it recommend to play the individual cases in the order they are presented (because they maybe get increasingly more difficult) or does it not matter with which case you start?

  8. OMG, I'm so happy you didn't take a sip from your gaming partner's glass. Obviously, she had poisoned it and was only trying to murder you. To take over the Shucks Empire.

  9. Just purchased this for a date night and we had a blast, thanks for convincing me. Also we worked surprisingly well together and got the first case spot on. Sherlock solving it in 4 leads though :p I see what you mean about him being an ass lol

  10. You could also just shelf the board game and then play it again after 10 years when you've hopefully forgotten all the cases.

  11. The games afoot!
    The munition's magnate – faked the result of the shooting competition by precutting the bulletholes in targets then reversing the targets as they were collected, he must of had an accomplice in the competition itself, trying to prove his weaponry the most accurate and drive sales. However being greedy by nature one can deduct he reneges on paying his accomplice his dew in the backalley meeting resulting in his untimely murder. He was browsing his minature collection when the muse struck him on how he could reverse the target.
    I would predict the referee of the competition and or gun club owner to be in possession of the murder weapon secreted amoungst the gun clubs gun locker.
    Being one of his oldest most trusted of clients.

    Was I anywhere near just goin by those few clues?
    (seriously tho, this game sounds amazing can't wait to own a copy!)

  12. 3:11 What it is playing I keep surfing "Ethipian jazz" in youtube but nothinf like it comes

  13. I got the game today, and had a moment where I thought, "Aha! This name matches with that, and that person is alluded to there so that means they must be connected somehow!" then I was disappointed to find my discovery actually led nowhere. There was such a rush at the moment that I thought I made a breakthrough, followed by such a frustration and desire to find the right answer. This game is great! I'm working on the first case by myself, but I want to find someone else to bring in and work with on the next case.

  14. "I'm a criminal and I love it" – Quinns 2016

  15. What’s the intro clip from? I noticed Alan Davies so I’m curious.

  16. Hands down the best review ever! Thanks for every minute of it. Do you have any 'clue' where I can get my hands on a copy. If this review wasn't so 4 years old, I'd ask for the ebay link. (ha ha)

  17. in the bathtub "Peeing-in-my-Lather"… I swear thats what …

  18. I just finally got around to picking up the 4 different "volumes" of this game. Now i've got 40 games to play! What I really thought was interesting on reading the rules is you look at the date of the game, and you use all the papers from that date backward. So theoretically, the last game you've got 10 newspapers to go through for clues. I don't know whether there's crossover, but I thought it was a great concept.

  19. Is there a link anywhere to the casebook corrections?

  20. -15 points. Always hit the crime scene first. ALWAYS.

  21. I wouldn’t say I was competitive but if I don’t beat Sherlock in all 10 cases then I will murder someone.

  22. Honestly, the thing that I can definitively say to weigh in on the "should you buy this game or not?" question is : is there ANY other board game that you can play with someone who is driving?

    Like my ex and I played hours upon hours of Sherlock while in the car, the one who rides shotgun reads and we think and talk together it's just wonderful!

  23. I bought an early version of this game and hated it.

    — It was not a fair contest because Sherlock Holmes had ESP. He magically knew that of the 30 places you you could visit, that he had to go to 22, 15, 4, and 29 to get the information to solve the case (and thus avoid all the red herrings). He is not smart, he has a writer feeding him plot points.

    — It was not a fair mystery because you were not given enough information. My wife and I were playing, and we had a theory of the case. THIS is what we thought happened. The clues in the game did not give enough information to disprove our theory, and frankly, I think our theory of the case made more sense than the one we were supposed to intuit.

    Perhaps the writing in this game has improved. After enduring 5 of them in the earlier version, we quit.

    Warm regards, Rick.

  24. Hahaaaaaa! Ive beat MrHolmes ONCE so far. And that is only because the amount of leads didnt count towards your negative score… other than that, me n my gf, suuuuuuuuuuuck!

  25. Be warned, it’s almost impossible! But great.

  26. The link to buy takes you to the second set of cases, the jack the ripper ones. Is this one still available?

  27. Dearest Mr Quinns,
    Does this game still hold up as a top detective game? Have others surpassed it?

    Debating between Arkham Horror, Detective a modern crime, Exit games or this.

    Guy who surely get -64


  29. Without glasses your lack of eyebrows reveal itself.

  30. My local library had a copy of this when I was a kid in the eighties and it was the best and hardest thing ever. Also, I can and do solve the cases repeatedly, just give it five or ten years in between. Maybe I am just an idiot but that's enough for me to forget the solutions and make it worthwile again, especially as you can approach the case differently each time.

  31. On the second case, I went talking from person to person only to be met by a dead end and that was disheartening(not a bad thing in this case). But when I attacked it from a different angle, I was met with something that completely subverted my expectations. This game tells stories that very few fans in my collection can hope to be compared to.

  32. Talks about a game about Sherlock Holmes – shows clips from Hercule-Poirot-movies <3

  33. I've played this box and two of its… I think four(?) successors and all three of them were amazing.

  34. This is a really late comment but he mentions video games not being good at this style of video. I would agree for the most part but there is one video game that stands out, return of the obra dinn. I have not played this board game but from what im hearing, if you like this board game you'll like that video game

  35. This game is good, but the amount of luck involved really surprised me. If you miss a clue and follow the wrong path there is 0 chance you can recover and get a score near 100.
    It's an experience and it's good at that. But don't think you'll be solving things "well" by it's metrics.

  36. I did put my copy of this game in the Holy Altar of Sherlock Holmes of my library.
    It surely deserved that spot.

  37. 4 cases into Carleton and I have the same feeling. I've never enjoyed a game so much while also being terrible at it. Completely addicted.

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