Spartacus - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Spartacus – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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First published on May 31, 2013.


  1. Interesting 🙂 – i found this game great for beginner groups of friends, that normally are not invested into a theme. Even the ones not knowing the series were screaming for the blood of an enemy in the arena. I dont agree with you on this one because i had opposite experience with 3 different groups.

  2. This was the review that made me go "oh. Ok. Different strokes for different folks"

  3. Spartacus has a way of going really well or really poorly. If you ever have a game go over 2.5 hours, just stop immediately, it's down hill in a bad way from there. All games are destined to either end in a reasonable time span or take forever and you will hate your friends (and your friends will hate you). The parts of the game that drag (all of them) really grate on the experience, but the parts of the game that soar (all of them) are really amazing! There is screaming, and yelling and tears of joy and despair, cursing and deriding, praising and goading. All of it. There's also waiting and yawning, and shrugging. It's so good, but it is so lopsided – at once over done and underdeveloped (kinda like the show). And it IS simple… but kinda complicated? It's a good intro game… but also a brutal trial by fiery, thematic combat. I'll never get rid of my copy (one of the first hobby games I ever bought), but I understand when no one is in the mood to play. As a side note, I house rule that you do not get back your aid token after lending influence until you've given all of them at which point you also gain an influence to speed up the game and reward collaboration.

  4. I was hoping for a bit of commentary about how this is a gem about owning slaves…

  5. Would you say it would be more interesting if you make a house-rule to remove all 'counter' intrigue cards from the deck?

  6. This is one where I have found it works really well as a game, but it really does depend on who you are playing it with.

  7. oh man, that kind of adversarial, talking-more-loudly-than-the-other, but still on the same wavelength chemistry of paul and quinns together is something you dont realize you really miss until you see these old videos

  8. I'm sad…I've owned this game for almost a year and it still has not made it to the table…

  9. I got excited thinking you guys were back together 🙁

  10. First time I ever really disagreed with a SUSD review. Spartacus is an amazing game and the expansions make it even better.

    The deals and double crosses that can occur at any stage. How alliances can be made, betrayed, and formed again on whims.

    And the effects of luck really feels like the gods meddling in affairs of men.

    It’s easily in our groups too 5 games.

  11. This game is driven by the energy of the players. The combat system is rather lacklustre, but this is one of the only games I own that has wine stains on the board which I regard as a mark of success.

  12. Will you guys ever use a rating system? 5/5 meeples is a SUSD recommendation.

  13. Paul rocking the Jeremy Clarkson look there… 😉

  14. I have the Xmen reskin of the game which is decent as well. Aside from the game using mutants instead of gladiators the battles are semicooperative missions against supervillains where typically everybody in the mission will get something if the group wins but there will be one MVP in the mission (such as the person who did the most total damage or who beat the most minions, etc) who will get a bonus. Otherwise it’s essentially the same game – bid on mutants for your school, play intrigue type cards against each other then do a mission. All the schools and mutants have unique powers, which is cool, and the game is cutthroat and reasonably fun but can drag a bit like the review says.

    So if you’re interested in the mechanics but prefer Xmen to Roman gladiators the reskin might be worth a look.

  15. What fresh faced young men with no idea of the extent of the great board gaming saga awaiting them.

  16. Some old thing coming from a quiet corner. Its ok. It could have been perfect, with some updated – more or less short- information about the game + expansions.

  17. when he turns the page at 5:35, it looks like a picture of quinns in a brown tunic…until it doesn't

  18. I was like "oh yay paul and quinns in the same location"
    then I realized this is a reupload from the website 🙁

  19. You're easily my favourite YouTube channel, but that joke where you don't know words happened in almost every sentence. This was utterly exhausting to watch. It was like talking to a college student.

  20. But… What about the War of the Ring review? You promised! 😮

  21. Funnily enough, it's still unknown whether the "pollice verso" or "turned thumb" was a thumbs up, thumbs down, or horizontal thumb. So your waffling is an accurate reflection of the academic uncertainty.

  22. Mow your lawn!!! Just playing, love you guys

  23. One of th ebest BG ever. Even if you do not like the art design of the game or if you do not like the series – the amount of drama, intrigue and excitement is amazing. Love it. But i guess it depends a lot on the ppl you are playing with.

  24. Want invite all u guys to Discord channel for play this board game with TableTop Simulator.
    Its channel for this game only. Men from Europe and Russia unite for play this game:)
    Now iam complete redisign of game with HD quality.
    and now iam work for translate huge expansion Bloody Edition.

  25. My most vivid memory of this game is a fight where I ended up with the strongest gladiator in the game with pretty good equipment, and I got into a fight with another player that had pretty weak gladiators. He put his weakest gladiator into the fight and didn't use any equipment. Fight starts, I roll up and roll my massive handful of attack dice, only to get 1s and 2s (a full miss) on all of them including rerolls. He attacks, rolling 6s and 5s, with my defense dice all coming up as 1s and 2s again including rerolls. Took a bunch of damage, but my gladiator was so much better than his that I still had more dice. Next attack comes. Again it comes up all 1s and 2s for me. He attacks, again with 6s and 5s, with my highest defense roll being a 3. Bunch more wounds, and suddenly my character is nearly dead. Needless to say, I end up losing and yield. I try to bribe the host, but the rest of the table teams up to solicit an execution of my top gladiator, knowing that it is unlikely that I will be so unlucky in a future fight. I went from having a strong position in that game to being nearly in last place because I was so financially ruined by that fight. Most of the rest of the table also lost a bunch of money on that because everyone had bet on me, which caused the game to take much longer than it would have otherwise…

  26. This is by far the funniest SU&SD review you guys have done! I mean the opening with the massaging and grape feeding to cut away to the guys doing it… the massaging and the grape feeling I mean.

    Then Quinns inappropriately starts touching up the guy, followed with the oyster comment was just a classic. You guys love to flying too close to the sun.

    Then there's the fisting comment, the sexy slaves comment (and who doesn't want one of those?) and Paul's "Spurtacus" was just the perfect summary of the show.

    I think you guys had more fun putting this together than doing the game review itself. And then there was the very ending of the review. Well… let's not go there! You naughty naughty boys, mother will NOT be pleased (nor your wives). lol 😂

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