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Specter Ops – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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First published on June 26, 2015.


  1. Specter Ops disappoints on so many levels …
    Good review, though!

  2. I'll stick with my copy of fury of dracula then 😉

  3. The ending was pretty solid… To the review, not the game.

  4. I have Specter Ops, Fury of Dracula (3rd ed.), and Letters from Whitechapel. Specter Ops offers the same tense dynamic in a svelte 1-hour game, and once you iron out some errata, the game's mechanics are quite clean. I think there's a case to be made for its place among those other hidden movement games.

  5. This made me go and fetch my copy of Fury of Dracula 😛

  6. I love Specter Ops at any player amount but especially as a two player game.

  7. Guys i looove the way you set up your presentation with acting, joking, to make core essence of a game understandable to everyone!

  8. I've seen a couple of reviews from SU&SD now. I like them, but I haven't seen any positive ones yet. Makes me a bid sad for games that are so high on everyones list.

  9. Fury of Dracula is long as hell though. Specter gives the same amount of fun in 1.5 hours. Also, the last several minutes of this video could have been condensed down to one sentence: "I prefer the theme of Fury over Specter."

  10. He said that finding fury of dracula was hard, but my lgs has like 20 copies XD

  11. Ha, at around 1:37 or so Paul comes out of the closet! lol great review guys!

  12. Don't worry guy, I also never wear pants while talking to people on the internet.

  13. I'm not trying to have a go or anything. But for myself, I really enjoyed this game. It's shorter than fury of Dracula, which I guess means nothing particularly, but I also felt a bit more like I knew what I was doing. Right from the start of the game you have an idea (but not too specific of an idea) of where the agent is, rather than aimlessly wondering around hoping to stumble on to dracula's trail. And it is genuinely tense when you think you're close in on the agent, and he's smiling a wry smile like a little b*%>#€% and you can't tell if that means he's close or not, and he's played an item but what is it, does that mean you're close, or do you now have to re-evaluate where you think he could be? And finally, it doesn't always just end when you find the agent. It's a fair enough review of course as always with these guys; there are still some issues with exactly how some of the rules work sometimes, and perhaps it's not as involved as fury of Dracula, but maybe that's because it's not that game, but a different game that can be enjoyed on its own merit.

  14. Paul: "Or like that thing from Garth Merenghi's Darkplace…"

    Me, screaming at monitor: "I UNDERSTOOD THAT REFERENCE!!!"

  15. I've played Spector Ops, Whitechapel and Fury of Dracula with most of my friends and I think Spector Ops went over the best of all of them. Whitechapel got complaints about feeling a bit dull, Dracula got complaints about being too random (because of the cards and combat system) and long and fiddly. Spector Ops by comparison is shorter than Dracula but also has some fun things like unique character abilities and combat and a more exciting sounding theme. That being said Spector Ops went over basically ok but it's also not a gaming group favorite, it's just that it didn't induce any of my friends to strongly dislike it like the other two did, so if I really wanted to play one of these games next session I think Spector Ops might be the one I could get to table.

  16. Plad… Plaid? Was that just Paul's accent or a mispronunciation, I can never tell.

  17. You break my heart Paul. I'm so sad. Paul! Stay strong! You can do it! No, no- NO PAUL! YOU CAN DO BETTER! You CAN do better. You can do better. Forget Fury of Dracula. Forget. Fury.

  18. I don't k ow shat FFGs problem is not reprinting such an in demand game.

  19. Great News, FoD is being reprinted…. get them while you can.

  20. I'm always geeking out about how Plaid Hat Games essentially made a shared universe between 3 of their games, Raxxon, Dead of Winter and Specter Ops. AND IT'S A BRANCHING TIMELINE.

    The story. Long ago, the world was on the threshold of a zombie apocalypse. Humanity was on the defensive, but Raxxon essentially forcibly took the reigns. Thanks to Raxxon, humanity survived. But Raxxon then took control of every aspect of humanity. Religion, music, culinary arts, fashion, we can't choose for ourselves. Raxxon decided that we can't be trusted to make decisions because we'll eventually bring about our own extinction. The Agents for a Reclaimed Kingdom seeks to break the chains of Raxxon.

  21. This was my very first game in this genre. It is perfect for that. Very simple mechanics and streamlined over competitor games. There are better hidden movement games out there but none I have played as accessible and concise as this one. This game can be played in about an hour. Fury of Dracula and Letters From Whitechapel bordering around the 3 hour mark, this one can likely make it to the table more often for those time poor among us.

  22. A lot of police probably wish they could see into the past so they could see exactly how crimes happened and who did them. I'm just saying, being able to see into the past could actually be super useful. It's not just reading a history book. Heck, there's a lot we don't know about history because it wasn't recorded, or it got destroyed. So historians would probably really like that power too.

  23. apparently the Metal Gear Solid board game is using similar mechanics to this. i'm so looking forward to it.

  24. I’ve played Specter Ops several times and always had fun. It’s not the most amazing game in the world, but it’s relatively quick, simple, and tense. I remember seeing this review a long time ago, and telling myself that I’d have to give Fury of Dracula a shot. I finally got a chance to play it for the first time tonight, and it was absolutely awful. It was such a long, boring, tedious chore. I can honestly say with no exaggeration that it was one of the worst gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Different strokes for different folks. I’m not trying to invalidate this review, just stating an alternative opinion.

    Also, this reviewer is horribly unfunny. I’m not sayin that because I disagree with his assessment of the game. He makes fair points. But that whole segment at the end was pretty cringeworthy.

  25. That may be the lowest key sir mixalot reference of all time.

  26. were you drunk doing this review? 😛 Edit: Yup

  27. Fury of Dracula on Table Top Simulator on Steam. 😀

  28. Paul, droop your eyes a bit more…be unfocused you are fun!

  29. Crap Paul. I like new guys, but wish you'd do more videos!

  30. Seriously, Paul one of the funniest dudes ever!

  31. “I’m in a place that can touch something” “ OK”

  32. Played yesterday the Specter Ops "Broken Covenant" edition of the game. and enjoyed it immensely. Playing as Agent, this was intense and really stressful, but in the best way 🙂 I recommend! (And love Fury of Dracula as well)

  33. Wow I just realized I’ve been watching this show since around 2012

  34. Did Paul actually get drunk and record the end of this video

  35. Why do YouTubers think pretending to be drunk is hilarious?

    (whisper) It isn't. At worst, it's pathetic and boring.

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