Star Wars: Rebellion - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Star Wars: Rebellion – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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First published on March 4, 2016.


  1. This video demonstrates how important a name is to a game: Dragon Farkle vs. Ethnos. If you are a game designer and have done something brilliant, give it a name that may one day enter the Oxford English Dictionary.

  2. He called the y wing a x wing and I lost my mind(it was funny)😂

  3. I picked this one up used about a year ago from someone that believed playing it once from each side did provide everything, this however has not been my experience. The story told in my 10+ plays have varied and interesting. Granted after the first 5 plays I added the expansion which does improve some of the criticisms mentioned here.

  4. …and with those cons you just sell me off the game. Thank you! No sarcasm intended: I hate cameos and famous characters "cult" in games and RPGs and when you said that the whole game is ripe with star wars events on shuffle I realised I couldn't stand it! Thank you!

  5. Expansion improved this game so much, mostly combat is now amazing with it

  6. I see a dude drinking Tyskie (Polish beer, not the best, but still) – I immediately subscribe and leave a like.

  7. We played this game last night and MAN was it fun! There are some extremely tense moments and A LOT of planning how you will use your cards and leaders. I was the rebel and my GF found my base and assaulted it. Luckily she ran out of ground troops and I ended up moving my base at the end of that turn. It was a struggle. She had a death star at the neighboring system to my new base but I ended up winning with 3 objective points at the end of the round that pushed my reputation marker enough to win before she used the death star on me! Love this game but it's LONG!

  8. I recommend making custom rules for combat.

  9. So I have this game, but I am tempted by War of the Ring. Are they different enough to do that?

  10. I have played Star Wars Rebellion with my brother roughly 75 times and we had a blast. It's definitely not a story-telling game; it's more of a strategy game with really good mechanics and a fun Star Wars cover. You mentioned that when you've played as both sides once, you've seen roughly everything the game has to offer. I would like to say that that's when the game starts getting REALLY fun and interesting. Because we played the game so many times, we both knew what the other side could do and we would start this whole mind games sequence where I think he's trying to turn Leah to the Darkside but then he pulls a fast one on me and makes Mon Calamari loyal to the Empire. If you've got a buddy or two who is willing to consistently play the game with you, you're gonna have a blast, trust me. Also, SU&SD, do you think you could review the expansion for Star Wars Rebellion? The Rogue One editions are excellent and it balances out the starting armies a lot.

  11. Jesus! you know you are a nerd when you catch him call a y-wing an x-wing at 1:29 Btw i know rest are joke names but……

  12. Still a shame we're waiting for another expansion or game in a similar style again.

  13. May I steal "Danger Egg" for a music project name!? 😀

  14. I've watched this reveiew like 3 or 4 times already, and I keep just cracking at the sabotage reference xD

  15. me when i hear him call a y-wing a x-wing:ok calm down you dont need to hurt anyone

  16. By far my favorite board game of all time. I have spent hours playing this with my brother. I highly recommend this game and the expansion if you also fancy that.

  17. It's official, it's the danger egg going forward for me.

  18. It's a fun game the first couple times, but it feels pretty easily "solved" as the imperials. I don't think it has nearly as much replay value as many of the other war games I've played.

  19. Finally got some time and money to buy this game and try it out.
    It was a bit costly, but boy did my roommate and I have a blast playing it.

  20. hehehe I turned Leya to the Dark side… that was fun

  21. 12:53 Thank for that crucial information. This information could be the very thing that brings down the empire, and raise up the dislike button. lol

  22. Anyone else waiting for quinn's to cover the expansion in a mini episode

  23. I saw this video back then when it was uploaded, but I'm still wondering what table you guys are using? 😀 I really want one.

  24. x wings, pod racers …. i was laughing so hard when i heard that

  25. Haha I also have this Street Fighter 5 book! 😛

  26. As someone who owns this game, it's incredible. The combat isn't that bad. And it's white fun to play. It's possibly my favorite game of all time in a 1v1 scenario.

  27. Being DUNE one of my Top 3 games, when you started talking about leaders I had PTSD

  28. Shit fuck…. now I have to buy it and I have too many games.
    If you had to choose between this and Imperial Assault, which one would come home?

  29. This game was awesome! only played without the expansion. Im sure if i wanted to play it very frequently I wouldnt think so fondly of it but i think playing this maybe twice a year is perfect.

  30. This game looks glorious to play with friends

  31. A box of 9 eggs, in a 3 x 3 formation? I have never seen such a thing in my life.

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