Stardew Valley Review - Time To Sell The Farm? -

Stardew Valley Review – Time To Sell The Farm?

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  1. I like the idea that Quinns lives in a whole appartment complex of different types of reviewers. The SU&SD Extended Universe

  2. The pandemic has really gotten to you huh….literally MAKING friends…

  3. how does one purchase, it is sold out on the stardew valley website and it makes me BIG SAD.

  4. Covering up massive farts as "drill noise" i see you Quinns

  5. To be honest though, if you're min-maxing Stardew the video game it sounds exactly like you described the board game.

  6. What is that song playing at 12:21 when you sneak Matt's body outside? Sounds pretty neat.

  7. I don't really see the point. The game is a solo player with no hard contraints.

    Looks like a boring thing to port to a board game.

  8. Hilarious review. Sorry you are all locked up. As a dad who plays stardew valley with my daughters this was extremely helpful. This game just isnt what we like to bring to the table.

  9. Has anyone ever told you, that you look like Stephen Merchant?

  10. Grandpa is a huge jerk and running into Harvey is always a disappointing experience? Sounds like they cleaved true to the spirit of the videogame!

  11. You all went through an impressive amount of work to make a gag board game that doesn't exist. Happy April Fool's Day!

  12. Sounds like this game would be more fun if it were competitive, instead of cooperative. Assign VP to various accomplishments. That way, you can choose to play however you want, victory be damned. Of course, that'd basically make it agricola.

  13. I was really hoping Paul was going to have a cameo in this one

  14. I hope you can get vaccinated and start getting together again soon plant Matt and quintian strings are fantastic but I miss the chemistry and shitty dress up y’all did together stay safe and great review!

  15. As a frequent board game player, it's strongly recommended to create house rules as you learn the game to make it something YOU like. Same as cooking something from a recipe site, if you don't like it like this you change it up next time.

  16. I'd heard good things about this game, though it's only available in the US, so I am wondering how you got a copy. XD

  17. But what if I want to cooperatively run a farm? That's what I was hoping for.

  18. I just learned that Quinns gave a negative review to Fallout: New Vegas when he contributed to Rock Paper Shotgun and now I can never trust him again.

  19. this "review"/"how to play" is bad…less jokes

  20. Oh man that is some weapon's grade conclusion foreshadowing.

  21. "Making a friend in this board game is just like real life."

  22. It's an odd one for sure. I played a few of the games on the hardest difficulty (the game's version of added removal of negative Joja restrictions from the board as well as objectives) with a group of 3. We intentionally reached a point of picking the hardest combination of grandpa quests because we kept winning. We still did win with always one day to spare but like you said, it takes at least one of that pinpoint-able moment of 'that was lucky that that event finished a bundle' etc. Nevertheless after a few games on hardest, it felt like the game didn't really challenge us as much anymore given the hardest combinations were beatable. There seems to be a strategy to each goal but randomness is definitely real. It was still enjoyable nonetheless especially if people liked references to the base pc game but as Quinns said, pace is super different.

  23. Looks like there should be some sort of warning on this game, as playing it during a covid lockdown could be near fatal to your mental health. Wilson!

  24. Yeah. It's not good to make into a game. There is way too much to deal with to make a direct adaptation. This is why it is a computer game.

  25. was laughing so hard when you hid matts "body" 😀

  26. just ao yall know, youre allowed to add more cards to the deck, adding way more turns to the game, and also can trade out a comm center objective for free if its impossible during the gamestate

  27. My wife and I played this for the first 2 times yesterday and had a blast. I agree with pretty much all of Quinns' criticisms, there is a lot of randomness and you can feel totally screwed due to no fault of your own. In game #2 we actually did feel like that: terrible luck, getting Stones every turn and no Ore until like Fall, a Legendary Fish goal, we thought we had no chance of winning but were still enjoying giving it our best shot. In a shocking twist, we had some ridiculous luck in the last 3-4 turns and managed to complete our last goals on the final action, it was insane!

    Who is the game for? I don't know, if you like the Stardew aesthetic, collecting items and upgrading yourself, relying on luck, and having a chilled out time in a game you very well may lose, then you might have a great time like me. One thing I do like is how easy it is to adjust the difficulty if you want to; just remove some objectives (or add more if you think it's too easy??), you could even add a 2nd year of season cards if you wanted. Some may say that's not the real game, but if you're having fun who cares? Playing the game soundtrack at the same time is also a nice touch 😀

  28. Ooh I love coming across a great channel by accident

  29. We bought it as soon as they announced it. We've played a few times already and have had fun each time. We even finished it on "hard mode".

  30. As someone who samples soil for a career, I can confirm that we don't really use plastic bags, and the standard practise is for Amber glass jars…. Also great video having watched a few times since release

  31. Even hiding a dead body you still wear a mask respecting COVID restrictions. You're a man of principles.

  32. i had such a hard time paying attention to Quinns once Matt joined

  33. Once again shut up and sit down has talked me out of getting a boardgame based off a video game

  34. Late to the party but I play this often solo. The storage in box sucks so I bought a mini hardware/ craft sorter box thing to solve that. There’s a sentiment that the feel of Stardew Valley the game isn’t emulated well in the board game and with regard to that I’d say house rules are the way to go. Which I know will turn folks off. But I thoroughly enjoy the game and the board game because I play both how I want to play them. House rules and stacking the deck a certain way, making sure certain items will be available, introducing dice mitigation, extending the seasons all help to the make a play through pleasant.

    I think if you love Stardew valley you’ll also love the board game provided you give yourself the freedom to make up your own way around the sometimes stressful variance 🙂

  35. With the British accent, I can't tell the difference between "Stardew Valley" and "Stodgy Valley" lol.

  36. I wonder how much this would be improved of you went for 2 years instead of 1. Just reshuffle the season cards again and keep going. It would give you more time to tackle the objectives and lessen the RNG. Plus the game has sort of and end at the end of the second year

  37. 4:35 Hold on, isn't it 16 objectives? First you need to get the hearts to unlock the other objectives

  38. No, seriously, who asked for a stardew valley boardgame?

  39. I loved the note on your neighbors likely careers as drill reviewers. That was amazing. I just watched the wingspan review so that while home renovation thing was both relatable and hilarious. Sorry that it makes editing a slog though!

  40. Speaking of Rosenberg games, if you like Stardew Valley the video game wouldn't Caverna be a nice choice? You can farm, build your home, mine ores, tend animals and go on adventures. The game is also rather open ended, allowing you to do pretty much what you want and the tone is quite relaxed overall, without putting too much pressure on the players.

    Agricola, on the other hand, would be something like Don't Starve. :I

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