Strike Board Game Review - Still Worth it? -

Strike Board Game Review – Still Worth it?

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Join us as we take a look at the dice chucking game Strike published by Ravensburger.

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0:56 Rough Rules
2:30 Likes
4:04 Dislikes
5:29 Summary


  1. this is a great game for people who like fun! (and aren't board game snobs!)

  2. I actually thought it was a bowling game with dice LOL 😂 Besides, I really like your style. You are so funny and have a GREAT voice 👍

  3. Yep, gonna take a punt on this – need something dead simple but addictive to get the family round the table. Cheers

  4. Thanks for posting – surprised to find this was new to me and looks like our kind of thing.
    I am going the DIY route to start with because (1) I am as tight as (insert obscene simile of choice) and (2) I am on a purchase ban this month. I own a zillion chunky D6 and should be able to construct a ridged bouncy pit (since we’re talking obscene).

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