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T.I.M.E Stories – Shut Up & Sit Down Spoiler-Free Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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First published on October 31, 2015.


  1. I felt exactly the same way. I was so excited as we started but that awesome feeling of possibility and excitement gradually slipped away bit by bit each turn. It could have been so much more.

  2. You almost lost me at "because I haven't seen Quantum Leap"

  3. If money isn't an issue, buy it. It's great.

  4. "….I couldn't hear you over the nine year old girl who eats people…"

  5. This could of a been a "Read your own adventure" book and be the exact same in the end. Pricy for a 1 time play game :/

  6. Baught this on ebay a while ago and was wondering why the expansion was brand new while the main game had been played. After my first playthrough I knew why and have not touched it since. Its such a stupid game design. I do not want to trial and error a boardgame. I looked so amazing and I was totally into it for about an hour, but… the future me would not even pay 10 bucks for it

  7. Thanks for the honesty SU&SD. This game was never on my radar.

    I did see a review for it from The Dice Tower (competitor of yours I know) and they raved about it, especially Tom V.

    Now the mystery is this … Are the boys at DT paid shills or does this game really have some hidden excitement. I am leaning against it.

    You guys are a light in the darkness.

  8. Oh my goodness, that callback to the early days of Shut Up and Sit Down with the captain bit… Still smiling over that.

  9. God, your videos really tickle my pickle. Great job Guys!

  10. I didn’t like this game very much at all.

  11. One-time experience? Not a problem for me. 4h? that's okay. Dice? I can live with that. Some repetition? Depends on the group. The actual heart of the game, the stories, are: asylum and zombies?………………… what? seriously? after that great stylish box?? ok, I concede, THAT's bad.

  12. I'm glad I avoided this game. Now it's getting constant 30 dollar one-off expansions some of which are terrible. Better off playing the unlock/escape games or buying a legacy game

  13. Just finished this "Asylum" after 6 hours set and feeling deeply frustrated and disapointed, even though in the beginning of the game I was rather excited to discover it. None of questions you're asked in the beginning are answered. The things are there just because: in place of manticora could be a sphinx, a dragon, a whatever. Who's the girl? Why is she there? What's vilains purpose and motivations? Where the creatures come from? Investigation is meaningless cause in the end you do not understand anything what just happened.
    Dead ends wich make you lose your time for nothing. Things you have to do and redo. Bad story. You play it only once and never return back again because you know what exactly is going to happen. Logical holes.
    It is literally the worst game I've ever played and I've played some.
    Please, don't buy it.

  14. Finally someone understands the nuisances of this game. You didn't mention it has no replayability once you've worked out the path to victory unless you are suffering from amnesia or alzheimer's.

  15. I have a café near my house where you can play board games all day for 7$, and they have a great selection of board games. That's where I play Time Stories, so I don't have to pay for it– I'd never pay for it otherwise, the game would go to waste after one play. It should be replayable or more expensive but with either print and play scenarios or app-supported scenarios to go with the board. Either way, those games just stack up in the back of your closet until someone asks you to lend it to them, or you just sell it.

  16. “Sh-sh-rubbish” Going out of your way to hide the word shit And then in there a bottle of vodka on the table 😂

  17. Ah the days of mildly unscripted SUSD reviews. Nice free flow banter about Time Captain. Years later after it's release, the wife and I sat down and played this game. I am VERY disappointed. Its almost good, even great – but just falls…without style….

  18. I got the base TIME Stories as a gift. I've had a couple of expansions as gifts and picked up the others cheaply (re-sales / good haggling at UKGE). Even having only spent about £60 on the entire game series, I still feel the price does not justify the experience. I really enjoy the game as a narrative puzzle game building toward an overall story arc but the price of entry is just not good value for money. If it were £25 for the base and £10 for each expansion, then yes, I'd recommend it. And maybe the Blue series / second edition will solve some of the issues (unlikely but I remain optimistic) but ultimately, its a fun game with some play issues and a high price tag.

  19. Most overused setting in board gaming?

    I didn't know you had to trade in the Mediterranean!

  20. I dunno if you guys have reviewed this yet, but Tragedy Looper is really similar to this game but (in my opinion…) waaay better, cheaper, and has more replayability!

  21. I'm so glad this game was given to me as a gift, because if I had bought it I'd be disappointed. And yet, when we played it we were amazed at how we were playing a completely different game than we thought We did know there would be puzzle solving and combat. The biggest complaint and possibly the best explanation of the game is this: After our 2nd play through we had taken copious notes and drawn pictures of specific items and we realized that we've been to every location and that there were no more branches to explore, and yet we haven't solved the game. So we looked at out notes and realized that we had everything we needed to solve the puzzle right there. We solved the puzzle without even starting the 3rd round of the game, did the thing, read the card, and thought "That's it!?". I'll have to check the instructions to see if taking notes is actually allowed because we ended up solving the puzzle without possessing any of the pieces of the puzzle, we just knew what those pieces looked like.

    We enjoyed it, we're looking forward to playing The Marcy Case, but you're right, once you've played it, there's no replay value at all.

  22. On the bright side, all of your Australian pants will remain dry throughout the experience.

  23. Bonus points for the shareware joke. Crap I feel old now.

  24. Now I need to know what Canadian pants are. I'm going to go with…beaver fur diapers. So you don't have to deal with frozen baby waste.

  25. Sounds to me it's the writing of the stories that's the problem.

  26. Guys, was it only the two of you who played the game??? Not a good idea. I just finished the first scenario and I'M STUNNED! Seriously this game has everything! Incredible story, unforseen plot twists, it's quite hard but not too hard…it was like a point and click adventure (reminded me so much of Broken Sword).

  27. thanks for reminding me exactly how horrible that Quantum Leap intro music was

  28. The magical medieval expansion is WAY WAY better than those two scenarios.

  29. This seems prime for a print-and-play expansion.

  30. We have played all of it and loved it. Yes it drags but that is part of the mechanism. Don‘t mess up or you have to go back to start again. And some scenarios are just brilliant and each is very different. And then there is the overarching story … after each scenario things happen … and then there are secret texts on the internet where QR codes on certain cards take and there is a super puzzle that is ridiculously hard and can only be solved without cheating by playing some scenarios twice, and there is some intergalactic war going on … there is something great happing around this game that is not an actual part of the game play and I wish I‘d have any idea what it is.

  31. Thank you for this one. I've been eyeing it up for a while so this has saved me some money. I adored the Quantum Leap references too 😍

  32. This episode feels a lot like episode 5 1/2

  33. I don't think I have ever found a game that just made say screw this up, I'm not playing anymore; you think that a game that uses the idea of you being part of an organization that through science send you back in time, that it will use a lot of sci-fi story building ideas, but NO! Every single mission, since it was written by different writers and done by different artists, have no single thing in common.

    One story has mystical plots, with having a hell ritual, another is zombies, another has a D&D setting, another sends to ancient egypt; but the problem is that, for example, you have to save a girl that will be incredibly important in the future, she needs to survive, but they never tell you why she needs to survive and… it never appears again.

    It doesn't build on what it did before, and even worse, every single mission uses different mechanics and ideas… that are never used again later on! And yeah, it is just the story, what about the game? Sadly, it is not a game that you can replay, and once you know what to do, then there is no point to do things, beyond the fact that you could try to do things faster.

    I was infuriated with the game, with the story, with the mechanics and I just said, enough.

  34. this is the first video of yours I've see, and the intro has me feeling like I'm on a trip. love it!

  35. Younger Quins constantly looks like he's been caught doing something wrong 😅

  36. I borrowed a copy and enjoyed my 3 Runs through the first scenario. I have the Chance to get the game with multiple Expansions For cheap Second Hand. I‘m thinking about buying the lot, play it and sell it.

    Tl;dr: it‘s a nice game, but it’s a buy it second hand, play it, sell it kind of game, just like videogames

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