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T.I.M.E Stories – Shut Up & Sit Down Spoiler-Free Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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First published on October 31, 2015.


  1. I borrowed a copy and enjoyed my 3 Runs through the first scenario. I have the Chance to get the game with multiple Expansions For cheap Second Hand. I‘m thinking about buying the lot, play it and sell it.

    Tl;dr: it‘s a nice game, but it’s a buy it second hand, play it, sell it kind of game, just like videogames

  2. Younger Quins constantly looks like he's been caught doing something wrong 😅

  3. this is the first video of yours I've see, and the intro has me feeling like I'm on a trip. love it!

  4. I don't think I have ever found a game that just made say screw this up, I'm not playing anymore; you think that a game that uses the idea of you being part of an organization that through science send you back in time, that it will use a lot of sci-fi story building ideas, but NO! Every single mission, since it was written by different writers and done by different artists, have no single thing in common.

    One story has mystical plots, with having a hell ritual, another is zombies, another has a D&D setting, another sends to ancient egypt; but the problem is that, for example, you have to save a girl that will be incredibly important in the future, she needs to survive, but they never tell you why she needs to survive and… it never appears again.

    It doesn't build on what it did before, and even worse, every single mission uses different mechanics and ideas… that are never used again later on! And yeah, it is just the story, what about the game? Sadly, it is not a game that you can replay, and once you know what to do, then there is no point to do things, beyond the fact that you could try to do things faster.

    I was infuriated with the game, with the story, with the mechanics and I just said, enough.

  5. This episode feels a lot like episode 5 1/2

  6. Thank you for this one. I've been eyeing it up for a while so this has saved me some money. I adored the Quantum Leap references too 😍

  7. We have played all of it and loved it. Yes it drags but that is part of the mechanism. Don‘t mess up or you have to go back to start again. And some scenarios are just brilliant and each is very different. And then there is the overarching story … after each scenario things happen … and then there are secret texts on the internet where QR codes on certain cards take and there is a super puzzle that is ridiculously hard and can only be solved without cheating by playing some scenarios twice, and there is some intergalactic war going on … there is something great happing around this game that is not an actual part of the game play and I wish I‘d have any idea what it is.

  8. This seems prime for a print-and-play expansion.

  9. The magical medieval expansion is WAY WAY better than those two scenarios.

  10. thanks for reminding me exactly how horrible that Quantum Leap intro music was

  11. Guys, was it only the two of you who played the game??? Not a good idea. I just finished the first scenario and I'M STUNNED! Seriously this game has everything! Incredible story, unforseen plot twists, it's quite hard but not too hard…it was like a point and click adventure (reminded me so much of Broken Sword).

  12. Sounds to me it's the writing of the stories that's the problem.

  13. Now I need to know what Canadian pants are. I'm going to go with…beaver fur diapers. So you don't have to deal with frozen baby waste.

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