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Tales of the Arabian Nights – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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Disclaimer: Since this video was published, SU&SD has been made aware of a striking quantity of homophobic and transphobic content in this board game. The game’s tone was first established by the first edition in 1985, and today, it’s definitely showing its age. More information is available here, courtesy of Meeple Like Us:

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First published on July 26, 2013.


  1. What a fantastic review. I just bought this game but haven't opened it yet, and this review has me on the edge of my seat and so excited to get to play it. Can't wait!!

  2. A little bit too xenophobic for me. All the best stereotypes in one box! No thanks–I will wait for the white culture edition.

  3. This game is a dream of mine since I printed my first narrative pnp game some years ago. To this day I get lost in barbarian prince, star smuggler and D100 dungeon. But I saw this game only ONCE in a local store and it was like my entire salary.

  4. I am looking for this game and I can't find any decent copy for a reasonable price 120+ used!!!
    Living in Greece doesn't help either 🙁

  5. Arabian Nights Entertainment is a difficult setting to adapt in today's tear down culture environment. The Meeple Like Us tear down article points to a number of issues with this game. Having studied the literature in great detail, it would be quite an undertaking to adapt the material to modern sensibilities. For instance, the use of the harem in the Arabian Nights appeals to the 19th century heterosexual European man's repressed sexual fantasies and has no basis in historical reality. Anything having to do with romance or sex in the source material will always bring forward the 19th Century viewpoint. This is a genre game designers should avoid at all costs as a social media campaign could easily force them out of the industry.

  6. Really enjoyed this review and want to get the game. Is it out of print? Doesn’t seem easy to find in the US.

  7. Ahh, this brings be back to the old Barbarian Prince hexcrawl. Very similar design, although a thousand times more gruelling. And swingy. And complex.

    Maybe I should consider robbing a sultan of enough money to buy this thing..

  8. Oh, I come from a land, from a faraway place

    Where the caravan camels roam

    Where it's flat and immense

    And the heat is intense

    It's barbaric, but hey, it's home

  9. I would like to know the background music for when I play this please.

  10. “Is it the game they’re talking about?” Gold!

  11. Hey! I enjoyed watching the video and am interested in purchasing the game, but it seems like it is currently out of stock on amazon and a couple of other websites. Any idea of where I could find it for a fair price?

  12. Where were you two years ago when Quinn sucker punched you in the stomach.

  13. Arabian Nights with the legacy system is not what the world needs, but what it deserves.

  14. Only problem I have is the insane status. Since most of the fun in the games comes from the choices you make, not getting to make those choices gets kinda boring really fast.

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