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Targi & Expansion Review – An Assault of Salt

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. "The most chess like board game of all time? " Shogi?

  2. The most chesslike board game of all time is, without a doubt, Onitama

  3. Why is this British person drinking traitor juice (otherwise known as coffee)?! Does the Queen know? 2020 sure has brought terror upon the world!

  4. I just wanted to say i tumbled on your site today and watched probably a 1/2 dozen videos. One you are lucky to be able to play some interesting games and two it seems you have a good group to enjoy them with. Cheers.

  5. I had this game years before I was into boardgaming and found it pretty unexciting after 3-5 plays (Its okay but not more). Now I like to play the biggest, bloatest and most complicated board games and am in love 😛 (my penny to your introduction). But I understand why minimalism or elegance might be attracting to you. But then I like to play Gipf, where in elegance some really deep patterns appear, where you find so much meaning and deepness to your decisions, sth you can really study, that this board game feels more bland.
    But again that is just my experience. Other like you had a way better experience and this shows how subjective it is to criticize a game.

  6. The most chesslike board game of all time you say…? Hmm, i saw your cleverly hidden clues…i did my research…gonna go with Inis….don't ask why, i am a "real"

  7. First episode of Games Britannia on BBC4 tonight – a repeat of a series over 10 years old, about the history of board games in Britain, so should be fairly interesting.

  8. My guess as to the most chesslike board game of all time: chess

  9. Everybody have fun tonight! Everybody Wing Chun tonight…

  10. Just here pushing for DVONN to hit your table… my all time favorite abstract 2 player tactical game. So simple, with layers of complexity revealed as you play more. (Yes yes, just posted this on the Cairn review, which makes me a spammer officially) 🙂

  11. Excellent review, excellent game. Should be part of any “two player only” library.

  12. I could swear I played Targi once, ten years ago, and it looked twenty years old and it was a sort of 5×5 RISK for four players, where you got a number of camels and points each turn based on the tiles you controlled, and it was harder to fight for tiles the further from your own corner you got.

    That was very simple and fairly involved, but it is absolutely nothing like this Targi! Am I misremembering the name? Or is this a new game with the same name? I have so many questions.

  13. I love that you’re a French Presser. No better way to make tea or coffee. Mmmmmm…

  14. “I’m going to steal all the dates from them, like a divorcee with low self-esteem.” Whew! Harsh! And, delivered with perfect indifference. Well done, sir.

  15. I've never played this yet, but I have several other amazing 2 player games. I'd like to play targi, but I don't need it.

  16. Thank you Quinns, I had been having reservations about how the parents might react to the process, and your advice has been invaluable.

  17. Oh yes, Tinariwen is an awesome band. Andd there is more great desert rock stuff from Mali and neighbouring countries!

    Targi keeps sitting on my wishlist for two years now and somehow it still didn't climb up to the next-buys since and it seems to stay that way… will just try it at a friends' or the library 😀

  18. The review barely started and he already put the meeple in the wrong place. (3:19 meeple in the corner)
    Love this game!

  19. The first "big" boardgame I ever played was Targui, the predecessor of this game I presume?

  20. An apple and two oranges? This video is pearless.

  21. I threw my head back and laughed out loud at “sterling-silver idiot”. Alone. In my place. Neighbours probably heard. (Thanks.)

  22. So, thanks for introducing me to the Tinariwen band. Cool

  23. Is anyone else concerned about whether or not a single person from the culture this game is entirely based off of saw any money from it?

  24. "They're a genre, speaking generally…"

  25. When you outmaneuver with an illegal maneuver at 13:44. Well played Quinns, well played…

  26. 0:50 omg. Im glad to see they still haven't let go of this running gag after 9 years

  27. 13:44 that's an illegal move, the king was already in check, which presumably means that the adjacent black space was his previous location. He didn't take the pawn because it's covered, so the king shouldn't even be there. Can Quinns even chess?

  28. A Brit trying to teach us a board game while drinking coffee?!
    Oh no. This won't do.
    Even the Welsh know better than to avoid this heresy.
    What has the quarantine done to you lads?

  29. The problem I think many have is Targi has a really bland aesthetic. It's just beige. There isn't much to look at. At some point I'm going to give it a try and maybe it will play amazing.

  30. Well, I HOPE that the games of Vital Lacerda represent the peak of complexity of Euro-games. Could they get any worse… er.. more complex?!

  31. This seems nice and all, but what is that "Hundreds of Horses" you keep showing?

    I checked your vids and there appears to be no review for it.

  32. Um, so, anybody else noticing the close captioning between @6:30 and 6:35. Ah, technology. How much less you will entertain us the more reliable you become.

  33. Simple solution Quinns, play 12 more vital lacerda games

  34. So the expansion basically ditches 2/3 of the base game?

  35. In this review, Quinns reccomends Condcordia

  36. that "Good Example" was such a garden path metaphor

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