The 4 Squares Review - Ankh: Gods of Egypt -

The 4 Squares Review – Ankh: Gods of Egypt

The Dice Tower
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The Dice Tower takes a look at Ankh: Gods of Egypt!!!

Intro 0:00
Overview 1:06
Ankh Powers Overview 7:30
Battle Overview 11:35
Gods Overview 19:44
Final Thoughts 23:39
Merge Rule 37:44
Scores 48:47

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  1. you really need to stop using the word anxiety wrong, you are mixing up nerves with anxiety, there is no such thing as "good" anxiety.

  2. Whether or not the merge concept works in this particular game, I like the idea of a game having the last two players unite in a very late round of the game. I'd prefer some sort of alliance, though, where both players mostly keep what they have and continue taking turns but now win or lose together. Especially in a game where the leader(s) can run away with points of power in the game.

  3. The amount of times it’s been hinted that these are KS upgrades or stretch goals…the message to retail purchasers is: go play someone else’s KS copy instead.

  4. Sounds like the merge rule would just be annoying so 2-player it is! . .that is, once more than just the playmat arrives. . .

  5. Setting aside your opinion on merge, you say it is player elimination several times. That is just plain wrong.
    It becomes co-operative for two players.

  6. I play with my siblings at 3 players and we have just decided to not include the merging of gods and we absolutely love the game. Another house rule is that we added an extra guardian for lvl 1 just so everyone can get at least one guardian. It us one of my new favorite board games

  7. “Most people don’t like the merge”
    This is literally not true at all. A considerable number of people who have tried it love it

  8. Being merged has a lot of advantages. You can trigger events more easily. More followers and guardians. Combined powers. Doing the same action twice in a row.

  9. Yeah, played a few games 2 player with my wife, I was sobek, who can stand on water, and make more water spaces, but the restrictions on where you can place it make it really niche in a 2 player game with so much empty space, like it makes no impact. Sobek himself can sit in the lake area there and be in multiple regions and not die, so cool, effectively +1 in one other region (since any god adds +1 just by standing in a region), maybe 2 if camels split things right. My wife on the other hand had the god that let's you spend 1 extra follower for a free summon, which was HUGE.

  10. The Kickstarter cursed. 👻
    No one really wants to buy the retail version of a CMON game, right?

  11. This game sounds great. It sounds terrible for game groups that king make or have sore losers

  12. idea: shuffle the monsters together, and deal 1 to each player, then when you get to the level where you would unlock the monster you have, you get it. That way everyone gets a monster. Some may get a level 3 monster, but then they don't get it until later in the game, as those who got a level 1, etc.

  13. Idea: For merge combat, there's only 2 conflicts left after the merge, maybe let the "lower" player run the first one, and the "higher" player run the second.

    The power of the merge comes from being able to trigger events twice as often (since each of your one actions could trigger an event, maybe even before the next player if you happen to be side by side, etc) or less as often. As for removing components, while they could do some sort of, "each player removes half their stuff rounded down," that really just over-convolutes the same basic result. There's a game I played once, where you bid for control of various countries, and then build factories and ships and things. Each country has it's own color, and it's easy to get into a mindset of, "I'm Europe, which is green, thus I'm green," but then suddenly someone outbids you on Europe and it's not yours anymore… a big part of that game is not clinging to any given color/location too much, because it will cost you the game when it suddenly gets bought out from under you. With experiences like that in mind, don't be too attached to your stuff if you're last in this game and end up merged. On top of all that, buy into the theme as Zee suggested, and I think you'll appreciate the theme and mechanics that the merge brings.

  14. As someone who's number 1 is rising sun this game looks meh… Been saying that since it was announced. Especially aesthetically it's far below the first two imo.

  15. I feel like the overview was a description of actions and powers, but what's the big picture? What is it you are trying to accomplish to win? I feel like I still don't know what the game is about really.

  16. The merge is optional? For me, it sounds like the alliances on Rising sun (which, by the way, I hate).

  17. I just took a quick look at the rulebook, and correct me if I'm wrong, but it just sounds like I can ignore the merge event and play normally. Am I right? Also, will there be video gameplay?

  18. I believe the existence of the merging for most scenarios is so that the last 2 players are still able to catch up. I realize that the last 2 players are not gonna be able to catch up at all in the scenarios without merging. Of the course scenarios without merging is designed in that way which will not let one feel not able to catch up with the leaders.

  19. My rank. 1) BR 2) chaos 3) RS. Waiting for Ankh test

  20. While many backers still expect their parcels to turn up in Europe….

  21. Hm, it is funny, I did not back Ankh, because I play mostly with 2 players, and was really sceptic about 2player modes during KS cakpaign for this one. And now You are saying, Zee it is the best thing in this game. Huh 🤪

  22. As far as I understood the biggest reason for the merge rule is that during playtesting in an overwhelming amount of cases the player order after the third conflict was the player order in the end, making the endgame rather anticlimactic. The merge rule shook up that dynamic, while also being pretty thematic. With the current meta the leading player is still in a great chance to win, but merged god is very much in the running, unlike in the pre-merge situation where the last two players realistically didn't have much chance.

    If the players truly hate the rule though, I think the game doesn't suffer too much if the merge was made optional, and could only be done with the consent of both players. I would be weary though that this would represent a bad groupthink that unwillingly ruins the game, solving a minor problem (players disliking a sudden coop aspect) while causing a major (getting an uncatchable runaway leader in almost every game).

  23. So 2 players play Anhk, 3 or 4 play Blood Rage, 5 play Rising Sun.

  24. The overview was bad. He just talked about different actions without explaining the goal of the game. I still don't understand what you're trying to do!

  25. honestly … so far i found it pretty boring. Combat is the most annoying thing among those 3 games … 4/10

  26. Blood rage is one of the best games ever and I agree Ankh is right under for me. I am not of a fan of Rising Sun at all!

  27. I don't understand Mike thinking he can know that most people won't like the merge. In our game, the player that was absorbed was still engaged, took his turn as part of our merged god, and had a good time. Some people won't like it, that's for sure. That's a preference problem, not a game problem.

  28. Ankh really reminds me of Mezo (which took himself some inspiration on Blood Rage and Rising sun) : how would you compare both of them ? are they distinct enough to both deserve a spot on crowded shelves ? seems they both work well at low players count. Curious at higher player count (provided you ignore the merge rule that hurts Ankh otherwise).

  29. Nice to see everybody together instead of on camera.

  30. This is Lang’s masterpiece. The merge mechanic is innovative and brilliant, and may be my favorite part of the game.

  31. I'm torn whether to keep or sell my copy, I backed it so long ago and it just got delivered, but sadly between then and now, I no longer have a game group, and will not have any to play with for, probably ever sadly. Haven't sat down and played or taught a game in so long, I feel like this would be "too advanced" now for my tastes, and the merge throws me, plus I feel it's too big of a game to keep for just TWO players

  32. I think the game is great at 4-5 players wih the extras in the KS. The merge allows the game to continue for the 4th and 5th players who are nearly out of the game to have a chance to win. If not then they either play sabatage against one person they dont like or just quit and like FF you hate that and it gives the leader or sometimes the 2nd player a defintie advantage.

    So the merge stops those silly antics for larger games.

  33. Thought about backing this game in kickstarter but already got Here to Slay UnStable Unicorns 🦄 ultimate tier and the Foundation of Rome Emporium 👌 was like call it as Co vid just started slowly killing shipping…. Here to Slay was on time and Foundation of Rome is like over two years old never left China 🇨🇳 because Of shipping costs and their reputation of not asking everyone for more shipping costs after closing the project… Here to Slay Acrylic Stands and T- Shirts 👕 seam like the way to go for Business as the Board Game Molds are costly logistics… Dice 🎲 games are better then Card games!!!! NO BRAIN ER

  34. Damn. I can’t believe I missed this review a month ago. I was very interested in it since I initially kickstarted it, but quickly removed my pledge when they kept adding so much bloat to the campaign. And now it seems like all the extraneous figures they added can’t even all be used in every game. I’m glad I didn’t get this one after watching the review. That merge mechanic seems insanely stupid. Kemet FTW

  35. I guess every competitive gamer, when hears first time about this merge rule, is like "wtf is this". Id rather lose a game than merge. Meh.

  36. Can't you just ignore the merge rule? If everyone agrees before the game ?

  37. the merge was not fun. I was 3rd player in a 4 player game and got pulled back 5 points and we had to claw our way back up to blue. Also it helped the leader as now instead of two close competitors he had 1 close one and two basically eliminated.

  38. cool review. Food for thought have you thought about comparing Ank to Mezo?

  39. Here’s what you do; get Rising Sun, Blood Rage and skip Ankh. You want the Egypt theme, get Kemet instead. This game really sucked. Lang is usually amazing but this game was so poorly developed that not only does the mechanics suck but the size of the game is cumbersome for what it offers.

  40. I think having the merge as a core mechanic in the game was a very brave choice from the designer. This kind of innovations push the boardgaming world forward

  41. Regarding merge, I had lots of fun when I was merged with one of my friends and we had to discuss every action. I really don't see that as a problem at all. It simply becomes a cooperative game for 2 players. The fun to be had with that depends more on the players than on the game itself.

  42. I had an epiphany: I think I figured out why the ratings are so….strange…for this game and the other two Eric Lang games: Blood Rage, and Rising Sun. THEY PLAYED ALL THREE GAMES WITHOUT THE EXPANSIONS!! Let's talk briefly about the expansions, and I mean the main game mechanic changing expansion, not minor expansions that add additional content, new or different playable factions, or a 5th player.
    1) Blood Rage – Gods expansion – This expansion adds some diversity to replayability, and makes some strategy choices different. I would say this expansion adds 5% difference to the game.
    2) Rising Sun – Gods expansion – This expansion alters the game a solid 20%, making it better, adding a variety of strategy choices, and enhancing the fun of the game. I would NEVER play Rising Sun without it, even teaching the game to new players. The game is just 20% Better with this expansion.
    3) Ankh – Pharaoh's expansion – This expansion has a HUGE impact on the game, like at least a 40% improvement, added Strategy choices, and just funner and better. I would say this expansion is ESSENTIAL and should always be played with.

    Given these adjustments, I can understand why they ranked Blood Rage higher than Rising Sun or Ankh. But if you have only played Rising Sun or Ankh without the expansions, you are missing out big time. These games were designed with these expansions in mind and should not be played without them. If these guys re-review these games with the expansions they will have an entirely different final assessment I suspect.

  43. Tom does get hung up on certain things. Couldnt he just take the guardians not in the game and play with them on the side if he really needs his toys? lol …. I think impressions can shadow opinions too much. The guardian point: Is it really easier to get monsters in blood rage? Isnt it about the same, where you may not get to draft a monster, or even, you could perfectly win Blood Rage without drafting a monster?

  44. I think their are cases where the Merge rule may provide a terrible gaming experiences, and cases where it provides a great one. It is hard to evaluate without more plays.

  45. I played it on TTS during the ks, absolutely hated the merge, dropped my pledge. After that review I feel like I should have kept it as a good area control 2 player game (but I'm not gonna buy a retail copy, need those SGs).

  46. so I will just houserule with no merging!

  47. Finally got to play my copy the other night. My Amun merged with Isis who was slightly behind. We had a ton of fun working together to come from behind and steal the game from the lead player who tried to rush the timer and cause us to be forgotten before we could make up the devotion deficit.

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