The 4 Squares Review: Sleeping Gods -

The 4 Squares Review: Sleeping Gods

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Tom, Zee, Mike, & Roy take a look at the new Ryan Laukat story game Sleeping Gods!

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Overview 1:30
Final Thoughts 13:30
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  1. Great review, not sure if this game is for us. I think it would be fun to try out, just not sure if I would enjoy such a huge game like this.

  2. I can't believe Mike and Tom hated it so much. I think it's going to be hard taking their opinions seriously going forward.

  3. the characters couldn`t be more generic token, other than that… gorgeous.

  4. The rulebook criticism and missing tips from the get go seem to connect with the comment wrt to "Zelda style" analogy at the beginning of the video: In the olden days, there was no decent manual (well, or we never read it) an no tutorial, and you figured out the game rules slowly, and that was often frustrating. And you got tips and strategy from outside sources because of that.
    Should that happen nowadays? Not really I say, but maybe some of us can get some nostalgic vibes from it. 😀

  5. This may be what we get for our big family game this Christmas. It looks absolutely amazing.

  6. well mike components list is where I look when I don't know what a component is, so the artifact thingy is perfectly fine in my book

  7. I am with Mike. I think it is hot garbage. I rate it 9

  8. Thanks for the investment of your time to make this review! I was surprised how high you all rated it. Seems like one must invest many hours just to know how much time you and your friends have wasted figuring out how to play. I understand that this can be great for those who enjoy that process. I cannot invest the time for this type of game.

  9. I'm with Zee and Roy on this one, fantastic and immersive game that expects and rewards repeated, experiential play. I don't know if it's my favourite Red Raven offering yet, but it certainly has captured my imagination. I'm not quite as irked by the rulebook and difficulty as the guys seem to be, I found all my questions were answered by a thorough reading of the rulebook (though at times I forgot where it was referenced, and had to reread the book). I actually enjoy the combat and challenge mechanisms, it's a very rewarding system. A solid 9/10, highly recommended.

  10. I'm torn because I really like Above and Below but really did NOT enjoy Near and Far, which everyone makes out to be the obviously better game. So when people say they like Sleeping Gods, I wonder if it's Near and Far syndrome—or if I'd actually enjoy it.

  11. Combat can be pretty punishing until you sort out how to approach it, or until you get your characters set up a bit better – after that it stops being so rough most of the time, though. Stuff that's worth keeping in mind:
    * You really want to get better weapons (either bought at market or as adventure cards), as well as things that let you add to drawing fate for attacks, redraw fate, negate damage, etc. It makes a huge difference. In the campaign of it we did so far it took us about one run through the event deck to get to this point, but I suspect you can get there faster if you approach things better.
    * Try to go into combat with command on hand. Going into it without any is going to make it really rough, since you can't mitigate draw luck, add to attacks for hard enemies, etc.
    * Be mindful of the synergy tokens. Sequencing attacks in the right way to get synergy tokens to the right characters can be the difference between being able to one-shot multiple enemies, or taking a ton of counterattack damage.

    Once you're decent on those three points it becomes a lot easier to one-shot enemies, meaning you don't have to deal with their counterattacks, or to at least quickly knock out their bonus damage / worst extra effects.

  12. Well well, nice to see the positiv opinions across the board. I'm still waiting for the game to arrive here in germany but after this review, I'm eager to play it :). Oh, and nice to have four different people giving an opinion on this game. I guess it is a LOT of resources / playing time putting into a game like this with four people playing it individually, but I appreciate it, thanks.

  13. Roy, I love you, man, but the audible nervous leg… 🙂 I feel for you as I have the same thing and mine is incessant. It might be a good idea to try and find a mount for your mic so it can't be heard. Great review though. I love this 4 squares format.

  14. Roy, I really like trying to dodge your finger gun every time you say your name on camera.

  15. For those who rated this game 8.5…find other games you rated 8.5 and ask yourself, "Isn't this game better? Do you feel lucky punk? Do you?*

  16. Love the, "4 corners" theme / layout.

    One suggestion, perhaps put an average number of the 4 scores in the middle over the box art at the end?

  17. I only got to tie point where Tom talks about wishing the tips where in the rulebook. I know he prefaced with "this may not be everybody", but it made me think exactly of what Mike said… "Like Zelda". And I agree. I don't think we need to beat games right away. 12 and a half hours is great amount of play time but I feel like there is even more. Imagine if you beat Zelda or other adventure story games the first time through? How fun would that be? I find the most enjoyment I'm learning the game, figuring out how to overcome the obstacles, trying new things, taking a different route. Now if after 10 plays I can't get past the se point in the game I could see that as frustrating and might search out some tips for others (which in itself used to be so much fun). In school passing along tips. Glory days. Anywho back to the video… Where Tom prolly says something in the very next sentence that makes this comment irrelevant 🙃

  18. One of the very few games I have ever preordered. Looking forward to receiving it!

  19. Tom says at the start that he played "THE WHOLE campaign" in 12 and a half hours. Surely that should be "my FIRST campaign took 12 and a half hours" – the game is designed to be played multiple times, it is impossible to do it all in one campaign.

  20. I'm going to wait for the next Kickstarter… is there gonna be a next Kickstarter?

  21. I spent way too much time looking through the "Adventure" deck for those 4 starting cards and it turns out they are in the market deck.
    The rulebook says "7.) place the starting adventure cards near the ship board."
    I think having the components list refer to the adventure "deck" as Adventure "cards" just confused me.
    It also says they say "starting" on the back…but it's on the bottom right corner of the front of the card.

    Rule #7 is just a mess in general tbh. lol

  22. I was not familiar with this game but seeing characters in a game that look like me and even have the same first name as me, makes me very happy.

  23. I normally don't like Ryan Laukat games, but just seeing that ship mini on the map makes me want to play this

  24. This gane-concept, but with "WH40K, AvP, Battletech, Star Wars, something Lovecraftian…"

  25. The game just came out and they already got an expansion? Good Lord! This is going to be another Dominion. Nope. I want to like this but I'm trying to stay away from games that can be money pits with all the expansions.

  26. The way Roy described going around and finding stuff so that the next time you know to go there first to then get to the market, etc makes me think of Metroid. Zelda seems like a great comparison but Zelda is pretty straightforward usually on what equipment you find when. Metroid encourages you to find secrets and get things out of order to play the game differently.

  27. Also confirmed Tom and Mike think this game is hot garbage.

  28. Despite being one of the first backers, I'm still waiting one month later for this to arrive. Sigh.

  29. Thanks for a great review – can't wait to play my own copy!

    But Roy! Stop tapping your foot while recording! There's an annoying tapping noise in the background while your whole body is shaking!

  30. It was in the rule book that after the events the cards are coming off the characters… but it is in only one place and I only know this from watching another streamer who also bashed this and then went back and found it in the rule book. It was near the end in a tips section.

  31. Without having played the game, the inherent issues here would bother me a great deal, and they seem to be more or less “brushed off” in favor of pure enjoyment value.

  32. Good game but the fiddly management facilitates missing things often.

  33. I realized when they said you discard ability cards at the end of the event deck you lose them not being in the rule book is wrong. It is in page 37….as An afterthought. It should certainly be more prominent.

  34. So this is kind of like a boardgame version of Sunless Sea with a bit of a lighter tone?

  35. Is there a reason why this 4 Squares review is not under video reviews on the BGG Sleeping Gods page? Usually these reviews are linked pretty quickly.

  36. Tom has a pretty sizable Cthulu statue in his collection for someone that said he is not a Cthulu fan! 🙂

  37. I'm truly baffled by the fanfare this game gets. We so wanted to like it and were big fans of Near & Far and Above & Below, but we just could not get into this. It felt so aimless sailing around encountering one side quest after another. The gameplay is awful, you're forced to sail back to port and repair after nearly every combat, the characters are boring, and the story is terrible – if there even is one? It certainly didn't feel like it.

    Also this also is not a co-op game, rather it's one of those strictly solo games where the elements are just divided up between a number of players (imagine playing a video game in your living room where you pass the only controller around amongst your friends).

    We quit halfway through the campaign and quickly sold.

  38. Does anyone know what the intro song is?

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