The Grizzled Review - with Married with Board Games -

The Grizzled Review – with Married with Board Games

The Dice Tower
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Married with Board Games gives us a look at The Grizzled, the critically acclaimed cooperative game from publisher Cool Mini or Not.

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  1. Came here looking for a quick walkthrough of the 2-player rules. A couples review should include that component should it not?

  2. Keep it up guys I loved the review.

  3. nice to see some new faces. Articulate and comprehensive. Nice choice of game for your 1st(?) review.

  4. This was a great overview of the game. I got this game hoping my wife would enjoy it. She didn't enjoy the 2 player variant. I brought it to my parent's house hoping they would enjoy it. My wife and parents thought it was too hard and we haven't played it since. I love the game! I purchased the expansion, which adds variability in difficulty (and in general) and I hope to play that soon. Did I mention I love this game? I do. Love it.

  5. How many times is this game going to get reviewed? I want to say this is like the third time I've seen it.

  6. You two have done one of the best reviews / explanations I've seen on the DT network in years. Simply fantastic. Love this game, but damn it can be hard sometimes.

  7. Big fan of this game too. To win the mission you don't have to get rid of all your cards. Everyone has to withdrawal without failing the mission (3 of the same set). To win the game you have to get rid of all your cards and see the dove.

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