The King's Dilemma Review - Addictive, Political Poker -

The King’s Dilemma Review – Addictive, Political Poker

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  1. Do you have insider knowledge about when the game is coming back to print???

  2. You guys show great games but the problem is, most of us don't have a friend group who would devote hours on these games, let alone learning it. I have a hard time to convince my friends for monopoly. Can you give us the solution for this?

  3. what is the replayability of this game if you're drawing all over the parts and opening sealed envelopes?

  4. can you play it with 4 players or would that not be possible as it's voting ?

  5. why 5 players? if there are 12 houses is time the only thing stopping from making this a party game?

  6. This looks like a great game, and one that I would love to play with a group of friends over multiple nights. But I am not sure I could justify buying it if I only get to play it once. That's not a comment on the price (I'm writing this before I even get to part in the video where he says the price, assuming he ever does say it in the video), it's a comment on how I believe board games should work. I think that if I buy something to play with, especially a board game, then I should be able to enjoy it more than once with different groups. Otherwise, I will either have a physical box on my shelf or in the closet gathering dust or I will have to throw away (or recycle) an expensive set. And if I enjoy the game, I have to consider if it is worth it to buy it again, and if I can enjoy it a second time because I already know what can happen and what to do. This game's story is dependent on the players' decisions and has 75 different events, but what about the legacy games that aren't as randomized? That can be a lot of money for just one game, but if it's a really good game, maybe it's worth it.

    Oh well, legacy games probably aren't my thing. I'll stick with Fortnite Monopoly and Shrek Operation.

  7. And you've broken my ability to find yet… another… game. First Pandemic Legacy, then Gloomhaven, and now the King's Dilemma. If you'd only stop telling me about them, I'd then get to live my life peacefully and utterly without the eager anticipation of having to WAIT for yet… another… game to catch up with the production you've recklessly promoted to the point of productive collapse.
    Now I'm left to wait… and stalk Amazon like a pining former would-be lover waiting for just the right momentous pricing ebb through the rushing flow of Shut Up & Sit Down hysteria.
    Um… thanks for the heads up… ? … ???
    But really, thanks!

  8. Does he ever show games that aren't breaking the bank??? Dx He makes these games sound so epic and then I look up the price and I find $90.92 (+$59.76 shipping?!)

  9. This looks incredibly fun, but I'm sorry to say that I may never buy a game that has me writing on it indelibly.

  10. Pouring wine back into the bottle while the game is still unpacked all around it 🤔😥😲
    But thanks so much for the video! Laughed all the way through and ordered straight after finishing it

  11. Your group looked wholesome. I hope I have a group like that one day

  12. How many times can I actually play this? There are 12 houses so can my family of 4 play this three times?
    Could you use white board pens and undo the changes?

  13. My group is near finished Charterstone, which I highly recommend with 5 or 6 players. Looking for a new game, and this seems fun!

  14. Has anyone played New Angeles?
    It's a negotiation game, which sounds similar. How does king's dilemma compare?

  15. I’d love to play this board game sadly it doesn’t seem to exist. I’ve checked various stores online and physical and none of them have it.

  16. I noticed that many reviewers only had played a couple of games before creating their reviews and never bothered to make an update after finishing the whole campaign.
    So I wrote a review of The King's Dilemma after finishing the game with my player group – .
    Right now, the review is one of my premium articles, but I still wanted people to know that a full review like that did exist.

  17. Would you guys ever consider doing special episodes where you played new games/prototypes of up and coming board game designers? That could be awesome

  18. Bought this about a week before the lockdown. I look it at it longingly waiting for the day when I will finally play it with my game group….

  19. So, if I think this sounds awesome, but my game group tends to be mostly 3 players (sometimes 4, sometimes 5, but mostly 3), then what games might offer a good alternative? (Given that this game doesn't really shine with 3 players).

  20. How does it work if you lose all your players between sessions?

  21. Dear lord. Did this really come out this year? I bought this game started a campaign with my gaming group after watching this. Feels like ages ago 🙁

  22. What does "moorish" mean in these reviews? Just when i think I've picked up the definition someone will use it in a way that doesn't fit. The only consistent definition I get from dictionaries is "relating to the Moors of Spain" and that doesn't seem right?

  23. And re-watching this after NPI's 50% game of the year accolades for this one, I am whimsically looking at people playing at an actual table and thinking, "Aw. Quinns got a haircut…right. before. lockdown." :-/ (Such a great review though).

  24. Finally got a copy of this after months of it being out of stock, we have a solid four man group and I can say that even with just four people it plays remarkably well. You'd think it frequently would devolve into 2 nays/2 ayes stalemates but no. The voting system in this game is beyond good, that money and power you get from abstaining makes it a viable option even when it goes against your best interests and it's also the only way to obtain the mighty Tiebreaker token. Frequently we all actively stayed away from tie votes because we knew the tiebreaker could just break them or encouraged more discussion.
    "Hey I know you voted for this outcome and you COULD use your tiebreaker token to force it through but hey bud, wouldn't ya like gold and maybe House Wolftooth owes ya favor down the road?"
    Ah! The way it handles LOSING the vote, my goodness, you get your power BACK if you lose where if you win the vote you lose that power to communal pool. So many times I'd make a big bet, regret it, and then breathe a sigh of relief when I lost and watch my opponents begrudgingly get what they wanted but also have to put their votes back into the pool.

    It is a delightful storytelling engine in the style of something closer to Dungeons and Dragons that I can't get enough of. My DnD group forgoes DnD to play this instead. So glad I was able to get a copy over Christmas as a gift to myself.

  25. American political factions, the game.

  26. Has any one played this game?

    I am playing it with friends online, but on a google doc with a host that owns the game. I cannot decide if the problem is the host, the google doc, or the game.. I am so bored… and I am only on game 3.

    sigh… It is going to be a long few months.

  27. Ok, I guess I have to be the one to say it: This game sucks.
    I was asked to play because I'm the politics nerd in our group of friends and it's the absolute shallowest approach to politics they could come up with.
    The strengths of your House, territory on the included map, cultural history of your region, it all means nothing. There's no mechanical in-game way of leveraging any of the information presented to you to help in debates or decision making.
    The mechanics and rules of the game are full of holes. I'm winning and all I've had to do was "Pass for Power" every single round, make no decisions, and horde a bunch of gold. There's enough overlap in the "secret agenda" cards that I still get points based on where the tokens are, plus all the Power tokens, plus all the gold, plus not suffering any negatives from the stickers.
    We are now 4 sessions in to this game. I literally sit a the game table watching subtitled videos for 6 hours, and I'm winning by many points.
    It doesn't seem like this game was tested very extensively.

  28. Just finished the campaign with four players. Quinns' enthusiasm inspired me to get the group together and play. It took eighteen games. The first three were energised by the newness and nature of the mechanics. The next 15.5 games were a repetitive grind in which we had no idea of how we were going to use the prestige and / or crave we were gaining, or the comparative value between the two. It was just aimless as we built up our stocks of these resources not knowing how they'll be used. The last half hour we finally learned how prestige / crave were used and so it was a mad dash to the finish. Also, we found no 'rubber banding' to level the playing field for the fourth player who joined in game three. She was also at a disadvantage the entire game having had less time to collect prestige / crave. I respect Quinns' opinions but, for our group, this was the worst gaming experience of the year.

  29. Can someone explain (not give) what a spoiler for this game is? Is it like when you know it you cant play it again as enjoyable as the first time?

  30. Our gaming group loves this game – in fact it has become our #1 favourite game. Will there be more? Is there a part 2 coming? Or will there be a new game with the core mechanics but a new skin and story?

  31. SU & SD Is officially my Kickstarter guiding light

  32. Got my hands on this game. We’re 4-5 sessions in by the end of session 2 I hadn’t won a single vote without just having more authority than everyone else on the board and yet still I achieved my narrative goal. I’m loving this goal

  33. We're at game 11 of this gem, playing one night a week remotely (there's a nice Google Spreadsheet to keep track of everything – even the board). We're having a BLAST. We DO roleplay, yes, because it's intrinsically linked to the core fun and theme of the game. I cannot recommend this game enough if you're even slightly interested in GoT, politics in general, or just enjoy bickering about literally ANY topic.

    Also, KILLER review!

  34. Thanks for the overview, board game Stephen Merchant.

  35. First time seeing one of this man's reviews. He has absolute perfect melody and pacing in his lines. A delight to listen to. I am now subsribed!

  36. Starts out fun but some houses have objectively easier victory conditions.

  37. Quinn’s: Let me spike a few facts at you (accompanied by a Dig motion)
    Sports fans everywhere: 🤦‍♂️

  38. Appropriately emotive and entertaining descriptions, and chocolate analogies never hurt.

  39. We just got it and o boy do we want to play it. The only thing stopping us is getting those 5 players. Three is easy, four is doable, 5 is…

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