The Oregon Trail Review - with Married with Board Games -

The Oregon Trail Review – with Married with Board Games

The Dice Tower
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Married with Board Games takes us back to our youths with the card game version of the popular video game.

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  1. The hunting expansion just came out at Target.

  2. This game looks awful, 2 persons dead on first turn with 0 chance. I'll pass.

  3. Will-am-it. Spelled, Willamette. Not being anal. I live in the Willamette valley, in Eugene Oregon. That's ok. I used to call it, will-um-eddie

  4. how many of each calamity card are in the deck? just take out one of each instant death card.

  5. This has been sold out at every Target around where I live (Eastern Nebraska) since practically the day it was released and I've been obsessively checking for restock ever since. I NEED this game!!

  6. Nice review!  Think I will pass on it though.  Looks like a $12 box you can use to punish yourself.  I'll just buy some Legos and step on them instead.  Lol.

  7. I've been waiting for Target to restock… Amazon's already scalping it for 50 bucks, and eBay's not much better. Most copies were sold within a day because of pre-release hype, but mostly to jerk flippers who inflated it to at least 30 bucks.

  8. Played this with my family on a recent trip to the cabin and we had a ton of fun. My wife and I loved the nostalgia aspect and my kids loved that "Pa" bit it in the First Round by Snake Bite. Play this one for the nostalgia value – not the strategic value.

  9. What is that cutie doing married to that Dick Tracy villain?

  10. Pretty sure there's a definitive advantage to having more people. Don't know what the exact quantities of all the cards in the deck are, but I must assume that the calamity deck has a pre-set kill limit. Knowing this weakness, bringing more people on the trail with you will let you send wave after wave until it reaches that limit and "shuts down" for lack of a better/more-reference-relevant term.

  11. And every copy was hogged up by people that are just looking to make a profit on it.  Good job with the Target exclusive thing, Pressman.

  12. It's not a bad game, the rules are just a little broken. You can easily set some house rules to adjust difficulty and ease of play, such as allowing a player to draw trail cards until they get one that is playable, which eliminates down time for a player.

    Also you do get to go hunting if you draw a rabbit calamity card. It's up to you to have bullets though. But there are only 2 calamities that require food, so it's not that important.

    Overall it's a nice little game with a cool concept. It's highly customizable in that you can alter the rules to how you'd like to play.

  13. This doesn't replicate the pc game because in the pc game we actually do have opportunities to influence the outcome. I've been the dos game several times due to at least some minimal strategy.

  14. I got this game for my birthday (guess my aunt really wants me to kill myself in a card game lol)and I like adding a supply "remedy" rule to one of each instant death cards. For example, one snake bite card would be kept the same while the other could be treated with medicine and clean water. Same goes for dysentery. If you add those rules, I found that a 2 player game could go up to 5 rounds at least this way. Other than that, this game is great!

  15. There are acouple of strong issues found with this card game that are four man group had to make house rules on. It is a very fun and none survivable game almost lol. Are team played three game and only one of those game one person survived! The issues in the game were:

    1) The rifle supply card to get food from the shop keeper when drawing a calamity card saying, if you hold a rifle ammo card collect food supply card not explained at all.
    2) when all team members are trying to ford the river (rolling ODD loss supply card if you don't have a supply card you must chose a team member to lose one lol crap this sucks!) well the issue is what happens when all team members have no supply cards and ODD rolls are still being rolled? There not an explanation if you should all die or keep rolling.

    This is otherwise a simple and fun game to play modeled after The Wagon Trial computer game, though in this card board game version it seems unfinished and tested.

  16. For a two player game why not fill the party members board with names and use them as lives? You do some great videos btw!

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