The Rose King Review with Married with Board Games -

The Rose King Review with Married with Board Games

The Dice Tower
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Lara and Spencer take a look at this two player games from KOSMOS!

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  1. взяли и испортили вид коробки надписью космос

  2. Nice to see you two so soon again :). I defenitly will watch out for your next episodes.

  3. Cool review. As a Yorkshire-man I obviously think the white rose should always win 😉 It's a pity the English version doesn't have the nice wooden pieces that the German one has though.

  4. I like the theme (even though I'm not so sure this game does a good job presenting the theme), but man, the scoring seems a little crazy..
    Square the numbers? Really?

  5. Excellent and thorough look at Rose King. As usual, wonderful interaction between you two. Really like your rating system. Nice set too. So enjoyable to watch your reviews. Thank you for the hard work.

  6. Glad to see you guys again! Great review, may check this one out, since it usually goes for low prices on Amazon.

  7. My (older) version has nice wooden tokens, it's a pity that they went for cardboard tokens in the new one…Great review by the way!!!

  8. Hey guys! Bought this game super cheap because it was missing one rose token; so 51 total. Have you ever had a game where you use 52 tokens?


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