The Search for Planet X Review - A Very Bright Star -

The Search for Planet X Review – A Very Bright Star

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  1. Thanks for doing an amazing review of a game that is SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!

  2. Could you guys review roll player, it is playing a game about building your character super fun

  3. Thank you all for everything you do. Whenever I'm having a bad day – which is pretty often at the moment haha – I put your boardgame reviews playlist on shuffle and feel better. Even though I'm not buying new boardgames at the moment!

  4. "On top of that, you can flip the entire board over–"

    I can do that with any game, Quinns

  5. my question with all these clever app-based games is always the same: what happens in 6 years time when the app doesn't run on any current mobile operating system? Or the developer goes bust and the app disappears from app stores and 2nd hand games become worthless because no one new can download it? It's a major longevity flaw in all these games.
    I actually think this game might be better as computer game, sure it'd still have some of the same drawbacks as above, but you won't end up with a worthless game board in 10 years time.
    I'd still love to physically try this game out, but I'd be unlikely to buy it.

  6. You should review rising 5 I think it may be the competitor you are looking for

  7. honestly I'm not even interested in this game I'm just here to listen to Quinns talking enthusiastically about anything.

  8. Reminds me of the day when Computer games came on CD rom, and packaged in a giant box with 90 percent space. Back then, they thought a big box meant a lot of quality and content, with fancy box art and the big bold box a real man could hold in his hands and be proud of! Until you ran out of shelf space that is…

  9. Quinns, suddenly you have a Werner Herzog's voice. I love it!

  10. So, you'll wash your finger but eschew a mask when going out Quinns?

  11. Telescopes.. YES … raw logic… GAHH! I have an adverse reaction to flimsy player boards / screens.

  12. As a researcher this game though lovely looking appears to be bit too much of a busman’s holiday because if the publication race part …bleurgh

  13. Do you guys need a full time camera guy and editor by any chance? 😇😇😇😇

  14. Quinns, the reason that most boxes have so much empty space is because they generously leave room for your average Reference Pear.

  15. Wait, what is the fundamental flaw on treasure island? Coz I am strongly considering getting that game. Thx.

  16. Two minutes in and I already know I'm never going to play this game.

    But I'll watch to the end for the entertainment value.

  17. Thank you very much for offering alternative games at the end!

  18. Me: Search for Planet X? Sounds like a space adventure with fun and action…
    Me about 5 minutes later: Chasing the Soduku out the door…

  19. Would be awesome if you could checkout SpaceCorp board game from GMT. It has mechanisms wich I really think you'd like and others I'm really curious about your opinion on

  20. You've just started the game: do you want to publish your first paper?
    Actually, this is very close to how science works (because you often publish a concept paper after a planning phase about what you are going to do)
    Also the way you get your mitts on the work of others as soon as they publish and incorporate it in your research…yes, that's also how science works
    Love it.

  21. Sounds like cluedo and sudoku ignored the sci-fi flick and had an wild night instead.

  22. this screams a game that should be just done with tablets or on pc 95% of the game has 0 interaction with other players the showing your work is the only part that does have interaction

  23. this game reminds me of a lot of puzzles you solve in those books off of train platform … what is the relation between X & Y. Not for me 🙂

  24. The link for a UK purchase just takes you to the USA Amazon.

  25. That's funky. I have Stellar sitting to the side staring at me when I randomly bought it.

  26. Call me a grumpy old man stuck in the past but does anyone else get put off by having to use a mobile app for a board game?

  27. I really love all the plants featured in these videos, the peperomia looked fantastic

  28. I recommend Loot of Lima too in that genre (I love Alchemists too so now I want to try Planet X 🙂 )

  29. I don't think this game is for me. But it seems very well designed.

  30. Clue. This is space clue.

    Probably fun.

  31. Quinns finds Planet X throught FACTS and LOGIC.

  32. I definitely want to cover that dull boy with coooool space stuff!

  33. Got this game – played twice. It's a fun little puzzle. I have one issue with it after such few plays, and that is that research is sometimes a wasted action because two different research topics will give you the same information. I had that happen in my last game and basically wasted my entire turn because of it which I didn't love the feeling of. Other than that, it's a neat little puzzle to see who can efficiently ask the app the right questions and put the info together.

  34. This one looks super interesting, great video!

  35. This sounds like my favorite game that I will never find anyone else to play.

  36. Don't reveal any theories you intend to publish by holding the piece out in your hand because you might accidentally reveal what you're theorizing about. Rules say lay hand on table with any theory token you might use face down under it. Also, the 12-sector side is the standard size you start with and the 18-sector side is the expert side. IN ADDITION, there are 4 different starting levels that can be played simultaneously in the game so different levels of players can mix in one game (which Q referred to but, but didn't really explain).

  37. This game is not for me, but Oh boy! Did I enjoyed this review? Goodamnyes!

  38. Can you imagine if the App costed additional money?

  39. yeah-yeah, telescopes, puzzles, planets, alright, but does it come with the cactus?

  40. Where did you get that beautiful plate, Quinns? 🙂

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