The Search for Planet X Review - A Very Bright Star -

The Search for Planet X Review – A Very Bright Star

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  1. Where did you get that beautiful plate, Quinns? 🙂

  2. yeah-yeah, telescopes, puzzles, planets, alright, but does it come with the cactus?

  3. Can you imagine if the App costed additional money?

  4. This game is not for me, but Oh boy! Did I enjoyed this review? Goodamnyes!

  5. Don't reveal any theories you intend to publish by holding the piece out in your hand because you might accidentally reveal what you're theorizing about. Rules say lay hand on table with any theory token you might use face down under it. Also, the 12-sector side is the standard size you start with and the 18-sector side is the expert side. IN ADDITION, there are 4 different starting levels that can be played simultaneously in the game so different levels of players can mix in one game (which Q referred to but, but didn't really explain).

  6. This sounds like my favorite game that I will never find anyone else to play.

  7. This one looks super interesting, great video!

  8. Got this game – played twice. It's a fun little puzzle. I have one issue with it after such few plays, and that is that research is sometimes a wasted action because two different research topics will give you the same information. I had that happen in my last game and basically wasted my entire turn because of it which I didn't love the feeling of. Other than that, it's a neat little puzzle to see who can efficiently ask the app the right questions and put the info together.

  9. I definitely want to cover that dull boy with coooool space stuff!

  10. Quinns finds Planet X throught FACTS and LOGIC.

  11. Clue. This is space clue.

    Probably fun.

  12. I don't think this game is for me. But it seems very well designed.

  13. I recommend Loot of Lima too in that genre (I love Alchemists too so now I want to try Planet X 🙂 )

  14. I really love all the plants featured in these videos, the peperomia looked fantastic

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