The Shut Up & Sit Down Nonsense Box Review | Pocket Board Games Series - Part Two -

The Shut Up & Sit Down Nonsense Box Review | Pocket Board Games Series – Part Two

No Pun Included
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  1. JK Rowling card gets the scissors and a fresh draw.

  2. Nice to hear that you got Red Guy from DHMIS to sing again.

  3. Great review, I’ve had some superb times with Celebrity and could never really see the point of Monikers as an alternative but I understand the appeal more now.

  4. I watched this because it's NPI, not because I need to learn about this game. I already have this game.

  5. Any recommendations on where to get this..?

  6. “I mean, there is nowhere to go right now”. I can already here the “huh?!” of people 5 years from now watching this video for the 1st time. This comment is for you buddy.

    Edit: that’s assuming 2020 ever ends and “people” are still a thing in 5 years. Even odds on that.

  7. I've been hearing about Monikers for ages from SUSD and now that I watch this I finally realize we have been playing this for even more ages with my friends. We calle it The pot here in Chile.

  8. Still trying to find somewhere to buy this in the UK 😭

  9. The big problem though is still, where can you buy it? I’ve wanted it for ages but it’s just under £60 on Amazon. The first set is even more pricey!

  10. The Time's Up rules are SO much better. We play with those, but use Monikers cards (because we've already been through the Time's Up decks so many times).

  11. Now I've begun wanting this game on Russian.

  12. No one plays the third round silent. Sounds are important!

  13. If you play through the same stack of cards 3 times, in the second and third round you can guess them because the words/ phrases are still in your short term memory. To me this seems more like a brain jogging exercise than a party game?

  14. Absolutely loved the burn on Tom, poor trash king

  15. I often times want to leave a comment about the choice of displayed album in NPI videos but today I thought I’d let it be.

  16. This is a big no no for me being that my friends don't speak English u.u.

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