The Shut Up & Sit Down Nonsense Box Review | Pocket Board Games Series - Part Two -

The Shut Up & Sit Down Nonsense Box Review | Pocket Board Games Series – Part Two

No Pun Included
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  1. JK Rowling card gets the scissors and a fresh draw.

  2. "These need no introduction, so let me introduce them"

  3. I really needed to see Efka break out in uncontrolled, joyous laughter. That is all.

  4. Arent there two more rounds to monikers?

  5. I love SU&SD and I love NPI and now I think I love Monikers. Well, everything was perfect in this video!
    (We kind of need you and SU&SD to play this box one time!)

  6. "Now that we covered what SU&SD is we can talk about the NONSENSE."

    Friend, if you've covered what SU&SD is, you have always been talking about the NONSENSE.

  7. Normally I get annoyed by party games, but this looks pretty fun!

  8. Did I play this game wrong? Cuz the two times I played it, it took WAY too long, even to get through just the first round, which really took the wind out of its sails.

  9. You know it's a good party game when you're uncontrollably laughing at a video of someone playing it

  10. A bit disappointed that I can't actually find anywhere to buy it?

  11. AthexTube - Board Games & 3d Printing says:

    But does it still fit in your pocket?

  12. What was all that about what pears are like?

  13. The title has nonsense spelled wrong I think?

  14. Guys, you know I love you, but this game sounds aweful

  15. I love the Celebrity game (and similar, like when you write on a note that goes on someone's forehead and they have to guess what it is), so having this in a box seems super convenient! Thanks for the review!

    Party games really do get way too bad of a rep in the hobby.

  16. We can all agree board games reviews need more Oxford dictionary entries

  17. Have played Celebrity dozens of time, but we call it "fish bowl." I think I'd prefer writing my own prompts instead of using these pre-made cards, but either way, so fun!

  18. This looks great! The description on Amazon says its an expansion for the base game… do I need the base game or is the contents of the Nonsense box self contained?

  19. Ah, the unbridled joy. Another 20 minutes very well spent. Thank you both x

  20. Yay! Congratulations on making a part 2 video!! Wooooo!…. (still waiting for seafall part 2 and arkham horror lcg part 2) 😘

  21. I enjoyed the review (as always) but it seems weird to review a game which isn't available to buy anywhere… 🙁

  22. I feel like I need to add this point. For boardgamers that don't use English as the language when playing Monikers, your milage will vary. This game will probably not work at christmas with your Spanish family.

    This game is excellent, but try to find a localized version of either Monikers, or any of the other games that are like it. If you can't find a localized version, I would say that the "Celebrity game" is a better game than Monikers.

    Nothing ruins the game more than a person not understanding the word on the card, or the reference, just as well as trying to describe it to someone who has no idea what the reference is either.

  23. This game looks like a lot of fun. I also looked up the artist of the amazing box cover art. Her name is Cécile Gariépy, and you can feast your eyes on her art on instagram.

  24. I've been trying to getthe game for a while, never can.

    Why you gotta keep talking about it?

  25. Are you arguing against SUSD articlereview "laziness" argument against CAH in order to defend SUSD package of monikers? mmmmm

  26. I'm very much enjoying this series…thank you! You are both so charming. I wish I could claim you as my relatives.

  27. another game I want to buy, due to another great review by NPI. Also: yay for old school Replacements. Paul Westerberg never sang about borscht

  28. This is a big no no for me being that my friends don't speak English u.u.

  29. I often times want to leave a comment about the choice of displayed album in NPI videos but today I thought I’d let it be.

  30. Absolutely loved the burn on Tom, poor trash king

  31. If you play through the same stack of cards 3 times, in the second and third round you can guess them because the words/ phrases are still in your short term memory. To me this seems more like a brain jogging exercise than a party game?

  32. No one plays the third round silent. Sounds are important!

  33. Now I've begun wanting this game on Russian.

  34. The Time's Up rules are SO much better. We play with those, but use Monikers cards (because we've already been through the Time's Up decks so many times).

  35. The big problem though is still, where can you buy it? I’ve wanted it for ages but it’s just under £60 on Amazon. The first set is even more pricey!

  36. Still trying to find somewhere to buy this in the UK 😭

  37. I've been hearing about Monikers for ages from SUSD and now that I watch this I finally realize we have been playing this for even more ages with my friends. We calle it The pot here in Chile.

  38. “I mean, there is nowhere to go right now”. I can already here the “huh?!” of people 5 years from now watching this video for the 1st time. This comment is for you buddy.

    Edit: that’s assuming 2020 ever ends and “people” are still a thing in 5 years. Even odds on that.

  39. Any recommendations on where to get this..?

  40. I watched this because it's NPI, not because I need to learn about this game. I already have this game.

  41. Great review, I’ve had some superb times with Celebrity and could never really see the point of Monikers as an alternative but I understand the appeal more now.

  42. Nice to hear that you got Red Guy from DHMIS to sing again.

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