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The Walking Dead Board Game Review – Z-Man Games

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Like: 205 – We take a look at The Walking Dead Board Game from Z-Man Games. Featuring artwork from Charlie Adlard who worked on the comic series. Thanks to


  1. Thanks for the review, I learned 75% of the game watching it.

  2. Thank you for the video very helpful. If you or anyone finds out what the +10 tokens are for please tell us.

  3. Found a website with lots of answers. Do a search on "+10 tokens the walking dead" for me it's the first in the list.

  4. They are used as resource markers on your player card, when you manage to get more than 10 of any resource.

    So 10+ 1 food, etc.

  5. 3:15 As far as I know, it's still Charlie Adlard doing the artwork.

  6. I bought this one and the one based on the AMC series. The AMC series is really geared towards the viewer of the show and not the gamer. After a couple of plays I found it boring, but my non gamer niece and nephew liked it. This one is much deeper and I have enjoyed it more.

  7. ya, I found it at target. check online to make sure your local store has it? I've seen it at toys r us and some walmarts as well

  8. What happens if you land on a follower? I picked up an encounter card and in success i was told " Draw a follower from the Follower deck and place its token on the nearest starting space" i put the follower there what if I land on it?

  9. Hmm this game was only rated as 6 on Boardgamegeek website. I am not too sure I want to get this now.

    Definitely doesn't look as interesting as Agricola or Settlers. 

  10. Cant watch this, the bloody auto focus noise is pissing me off. 

  11. Maybe the +10 are for when you have more than 10 of a resource.

  12. Dude you need another camera. Seriously.

  13. mhh? a nice game. I hope I find this on amazon or EBAY.. I'll take a look ^^

  14. Can you guys make a video on how to exactly play this complicated version of risk??

  15. Looks fun, but dear God that board is DULL

  16. The RV is a wild – Action or Kill. When the card says "Survive" that means no survives can die, and you still suceed. When the card says "Kill" that means you have kill them all or you fail.

  17. Thanks for the great explanation! I got this game, but haven't played yet! I'm looking forward to it!

  18. Can you please tell me what is drawn on the dices , it seems i lost mine or missplaced and i can't buy new ones.
    I am trying to make new ones but i can't remember what is drawn on them.

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