Tommy and Bonbon Review Vintage Board Games! (Plushtrap goes crazy) -

Tommy and Bonbon Review Vintage Board Games! (Plushtrap goes crazy)

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Tommy and Bonbon go back in time and play some old board games! However, an unwelcome guest shows up and things start getting a little crazy!
Games we review are: The Great Walleye Tournament Board Game, The A-MAZE-ing Labyrinth, Rock Jocks and POG!

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  1. Mine told you that it will be a good idea to make plushtrap or your comments then make plushtrap they said it'll be fun they said chainsaw

  2. Find Mommy and Funtime Freddy And Bonbon are my favorite!

  3. I think it was a not good idea because you are thinking why is plushtrap a thing here? Well, he is a nerd! He is not my favorite character either though….

  4. no plushtrap no plushtrap! on ruing games plushtrap bad!

  5. I love your videos so much that I made my own plushtrap and I will make you a video one day with my plushtrap

  6. Every one that'll he can be a good idea 🤔🤔🤔

  7. Plushtrap is funny and crazy

  8. There is going to be a plush trap shark attack

  9. 👹plasters please don't kill Tommy please

  10. Tommy: don't look in his eyes
    Me: how bout I do anyway

  11. You know it’s kinda weird since like bonbon isn’t alive so tommy just liked played a board game by himself so like if bonbon loses or Tommy loses then like bon bon wins if tommy loses but like tommy wins ethier way so like it’s kinda complicated

    And also I know that I didn’t make any sense of what it did though so like just like if you understand

  12. Me. I can't believe bonbons climber survived plushtrap

  13. Maybe tommy shouldn't make plushtrap, I have idea tommy could make a unicorn with wings he should name her twilight sparkle.

  14. How did you made bon bon move jaw and arms???

  15. and I know plush trap is not trunk he just a bad pup

  16. Omg plushtrap is drunk he has problems also I love this video

  17. When i look at plushtrap i bet he can sense my anger

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