Too Many Bones - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Too Many Bones – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. This is my favorite humorous review since the Kemet one "…yeah cannot make this stuff up"

  2. I find the aesthetics of this game absolutely repulsive. The art is unpleasant, and using poker chips with microscopic scratchings to represent the enemies is baffling.

  3. Just tried this out on TTS and in a board game cafe. The rulebook is awful. Trying to figure out how stuff works was awful. So many basic things are just not explained well in the rules, or totally skipped over and in a different section.

  4. Too Many Bones is a modern classic. A Masterpiece. People will be playing this for decades.

  5. "He he he because they are chips."
    This sentence made me laugh for far too long to admit it.

  6. So, if you want to play too many bones you should instead find someone who owns too many bones and befriend them?

  7. You had me sold at "adventure game to overthrow a tyrant". And several other points, but that sounds very appealing.
    …then I googled the price. Yikes.

  8. I'm sure it's been said before but you remind me of Robert Webb.

  9. I can't imagine being a board game publisher and selling anything at the price point where you can just buy twilight imperium instead

  10. "decreasingly convivial" sounds like an Oscar Wilde quote.

  11. Poor components. From a board games channel one would expect more care for the games they show. I would kill anyone throwing water to my games (I don't care if they are waterproof) or bending like that the rulebook.

  12. I bought myself this game after working overtime on the weekend… So perfect conclusion haha

  13. The milk and cereal thing hurt me physically, I know it's al water proof, but still, also if y'all been playing with those chips I hope they were sanitized or something, just think, the last person to use them might not have washed their hands after they went to the bathroom, and you just put that in your cereal.

  14. Funniest review I've ever seen! I click 10 times like button, or 11? Can't remember.

  15. Worst review of all time. Never have I watched a review and had to instantly purchase the item being reviewed, even before the end of the review. This is going to be great, but cost me a Benjamin and then some. Thanks for nothing. (comments are meant in jest and are not to be taken seriously)

  16. Never thought I'd say this, but is seems like this would have been better as a collectable game; buy the gearlocks you want, collect individual encounters, perhaps even (gasp) random loot, skills and bad guys-containing boosters. All in sensibly-priced high quality cardboard of course.

  17. These chips are not a virus that will kill mankind. Is that some foreshadowing Quinns?

  18. It hurts me every time I watch him violate such great games….talking about the milk scene…

  19. This is the most honest and down to earth review on this game. Glad I dodged a bullet.

  20. 3:41 I despise you and everything you stand for. How can your puns be this….. obscene.

  21. I find myself lately drawn to premium game components. Recently spent $100 on custom components for Eldritch Horror on Etsy. At the same time, maybe the publisher might want to consider this a "deluxe" version and maybe offer something with a lower price point?

  22. Great review, I love the way you spend a lot of your time to make it entertaining (i.e., not just a monologue commentary).

  23. I just discovered this channel, and I gotta say I loved the moisture level in this video xD

  24. What a review! I literally laughed out loud when he rolled toward the screen! Great review, subscribed, keep up the good work!

  25. Me, a person who cares for their pieces too an unhealthy extent: CRINGING everytime game pieces are submerged in liquid in this video

  26. Have you played D and D
    I feel like you probably have

  27. I thought this was that game where you have a set of tweezers and proceed to extract bones from inside a red nozed fellar.

  28. this was a fantastic, comprehensive review. nice work

  29. This guy sure loves to pick up, clean and tidy board games.

  30. "If we just deploy a standard size reference pear"

  31. Patches, huh? Does he also kick his allies near holes and cliffs?

  32. Awesome vid! Love the reviews! Helped me to actually want this game and you provided business to Chip Theory, you deserve a commission 😂

  33. I love your enthusiasm as always hahaha. great review. This daunting game does not look so daunting anymore…. well ill find out soon

  34. I used Boomer to one shot the tirent in my first play through.

  35. The narrator looks like a British Alton Brown. Good on you my dude.

  36. waitrose, must be a good earner this old youtube hahah good video boys

  37. this game is sold for €244,-, i am still not convinced why i should pay that much for a game worth 5x great normal games or 2x Gloomhaven

  38. This game has the absolute worst art and I still want it.

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