Too Many Bones - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Too Many Bones – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. This game has the absolute worst art and I still want it.

  2. this game is sold for €244,-, i am still not convinced why i should pay that much for a game worth 5x great normal games or 2x Gloomhaven

  3. waitrose, must be a good earner this old youtube hahah good video boys

  4. The narrator looks like a British Alton Brown. Good on you my dude.

  5. I used Boomer to one shot the tirent in my first play through.

  6. I love your enthusiasm as always hahaha. great review. This daunting game does not look so daunting anymore…. well ill find out soon

  7. Awesome vid! Love the reviews! Helped me to actually want this game and you provided business to Chip Theory, you deserve a commission 😂

  8. Patches, huh? Does he also kick his allies near holes and cliffs?

  9. "If we just deploy a standard size reference pear"

  10. This guy sure loves to pick up, clean and tidy board games.

  11. this was a fantastic, comprehensive review. nice work

  12. I thought this was that game where you have a set of tweezers and proceed to extract bones from inside a red nozed fellar.

  13. Have you played D and D
    I feel like you probably have

  14. Me, a person who cares for their pieces too an unhealthy extent: CRINGING everytime game pieces are submerged in liquid in this video

  15. What a review! I literally laughed out loud when he rolled toward the screen! Great review, subscribed, keep up the good work!

  16. I just discovered this channel, and I gotta say I loved the moisture level in this video xD

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