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Top 10 Best Board Game Party Games

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Will shares his favorite new (and classic) board games that are great for parties.

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Will’s Top Party Games are:
10. Two Rooms and a Boom
9. Codenames
8. Secret Hitler
7. Throw Throw Burrito
6. Just One
5. Finger Guns
4. Happy Salmon
3. Medium
2. Don’t Mess with Cthulu
1. Wavelength


  1. this list is wrong, it’s missing chameleon. you can’t have a list of the best games without chameleon that’s just common knowledge

  2. I combine the two XXL versions of codenames: pictures+words.. very fun

  3. Thanks for the list and the enthusiasm. Timestamps would be the cherry on top.

  4. I love this list! Got introduced to some new games and saw some favs. Also really enjoyed your explanations. You made me feel hype to start playing

  5. Watched many reviews, but I like yours the most. Thank you, very helpful! Keep it playing!

  6. This is nice! Have you also heard the Lagim Card game? The design is probably the best part of the game. The artwork, the difficulty rating, the abilities, the little snippets of story and play style, and the anatomy of the cards. All of it gives each creature a very unique feel and style, making it very enjoyable to play! You cab visit their website and Fb page for more info. 🙂

  7. Looks interesting! Want to recommend also the LAGIM CARD game. It is an absolutely amazing game, we just can’t get enough of it!The design is probably the best part of the game. The artwork, the difficulty rating, the abilities, the little snippets of story and play style, and the anatomy of the cards. All of it gives each creature a very unique feel and style, making it very enjoyable to play! Visit their website for more info.

  8. Lol I love 2 rooms and a boom but being best at around 12 or more will I ever be able to play it again….

  9. The three games I was playing a lot before this self isolation are: Just Once, Medium, and Letter Jam! I thought about picking up Wavelength! I have enjoyed Bang the Dice Game and The Resistance!

  10. I heard that Time Bomb Evolution would replace Don't mess with Cthulu.

  11. Great list altogether. I would definitely have Decrypto on my Top 10.

  12. Good List.
    I love Wavelength, Codenames, Just one and TTB.
    I've looked at Happy Salmon and never got it but that and Medium might have to appear on my wishlist.

  13. Wavelength is phenomenal. Earlier this year my friend and I were losing 9 – 0 but got 3 straight perfect rounds and won the game. Even losing that game miserably is fun though

  14. Wonder if we could do two rooms and a boom on zoom during social distancing?

  15. Great video, party games are extremely underrated. 'Don't mess' is a good game but my students are not familiar with the Cthulhu mythology, I prefer Iello's TimeBomb (cops vs terrorists).

  16. Gotta say, I wasn't expecting to find anything I haven't played dozens of times before, but now I'm SUPER excited to find a half dozen new games to try out for game nights. Great video my friend.

  17. Hello 🙂 Thank you for making this list! You mentioned wishing you could find Dont’ Mess With Cthulhu but with another theme, then check out Time Bomb: it is very much the same mechanics as DMWC (the original, not the deluxe version). I believe the only difference is that there are 8 character cards and not 9 meaning you can’t randomize the number of cultists in an 8 player game.

  18. Great video! Exactly what I was looking for. But I got to say that it seems fun to play any game with Will, I was laughing so hard just to imagine playing happy salmon with him.

  19. Ok, prepared everything I just need friends

  20. So happy salmon what be happening anytime soon.

  21. I always bring out cash and guns, it’s easy to explain and everyone always love it😛

  22. Yo dude why don't you get affiliate links for these products?

  23. Thank you so much man… Going to look at a few of them

  24. Well that first game didn’t age well 😂

  25. codenames is great but should be called Secret Agent Man (sam)

  26. Please try the game "Yogi". It is hilarious!

  27. Nice Video, thx for the Inspiration, they all seem like a good gift idea tho 😂

  28. I'm needing games with a little bit of reading. I'm a reading teacher for 3-4 grades. Games are a wonderful way to encourage reading. I play a combination of picwits and apples to apples Jr. Is perfect…. but gets boring. I've also created a voting game for kids based on the adult voting game. Do you have a list of games like this? Thanks! I've bought several games from your lists!

  29. monikers and telestrations are some of my personal faves!

  30. Hey, nice video! I checked boardgamegeek, but I wanted to ask you, which of those games are cool to play by 12+ players? Thanks!

  31. I own four games on this list: Wavelenght, Just One, Medium and Don't Mess with C'thulu!

  32. Love this video! If I wanted to send you a party game to try out how would I do that? Thanks!

  33. Cuthulu sounds like this game I played called donner dinner party, please try it out if you haven’t. SO FUN, even if your not a good liar !

  34. Cool video.
    None of these caught our interest but the video is well made

  35. Welcome to the World of Othello 🙂 definitely a game that will activate your brain

  36. Hi guys, you might want to also check this new card game called LAGIM. Its story is based on Filipino folklore and myths. Where you need to defend your baryo from evil fiends. Try to visit their FB page and website for more details.

  37. Add Double Ditto! Red Flags. Deadpool versus the world. Joking hazard.

    your list is excellent! I highly recommend getting both colors of happy salmon so you can play a 12 player game exact same rules just different colors

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