Top 10 Best Board Games of the Century (So Far) -

Top 10 Best Board Games of the Century (So Far)
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These board games have defined the 21st century so far! For this list, we’ll be looking at the best tabletop experiences released between the years 2000 and 2021. Our countdown includes “King of Tokyo”, “Pandemic”, “Ticket to Ride”, and more! What’s your favorite board game of the 21st century? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I love the board game renaissance we are going through right now much better games than I had growing up.

  2. So you basically are a remake of CRYPTO CARTEL. ……
    Create your own content, or recite the well known reviewers who's material you obviously using. ….
    And to make a list about the best games of the century you should actually have more understanding. Far more important games of the century are missing which a huge impact on boardgame mechanics. E.g Dominion. First big deck builder with huge success. Besides a few these are mostly good /very good but not great century games.

  3. Will not watch another from this channel – after noticing the were ripping all of 3 Minute Board Games content, checked comments, and confirmed this was not by agreement I've reported the creator… that sort of shit is just not on.
    BTW love all the 3 Minute Board Games videos – does a great job with easy to digest, and accurate, info – keep up the good work!

  4. This video is a steaming turd composed of plagiarized material.

  5. I would've thought bloodrage would be on this list.

  6. Pretty poor title (click bait?) – how about calling it '10 Best light games for family game nights', a bit of a snooze-fest really, maybe find some experienced gamers who have played a good number of games produced since 2000 to do the list.

  7. Top ten mediocre games for people who haven't played good games…also you used a lot of content from other creators.

  8. No love for Terraforming Mars, Nemesis, or Brass: Birmingham??
    Also: don't use other people's content without permission!

  9. Got to admit that this list was pretty disappointing. These were all fairly simple games for actual boardgamers. Not mentioning games like Gloomhaven, any of Fantasy Flights LCG games, or Dominion is a travesty. They are all amazing games that left huge impacts on the gaming community.

  10. I was not expecting a hobby board game list from this channel. I was pleasantly surprised

  11. I have no idea how could you miss games like Gloomhaven or Terraforming Mars which either of those could easily be number 1 on the list. Gloomhaven has brilliant card usage/character exhaustion mechanics, which made it the number one rated game on Board Game Geek for years now I believe and Terraforming Mars is one of those games able to rival it for the first place. It seems crazy to me neither of these is even mentioned while there is a game like King of Tokyo, which is fun to play, but it is nowhere close to the best board games.

  12. I have unsubscribed from WatchMojo because they are destroying those who actually made the community.

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