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Top 10 “Better” Board Games

The Dice Tower
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Do you like Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue, Risk, Chess, Trivial Pursuit, Poker, Cranium, Uno!, and Sorry!? We have some suggestions for better games.

00:00 – Introduction
03:46 – Sam’s #10
04:51 – Tom’s #10
05:54 – Zee’s #10
07:49 – Tom’s #9
08:56 – Zee’s #9
10:14 – Sam’s #9
12:19 – Zee’s #8
13:24 – Sam’s #8
14:20 – Tom’s #8
16:20 – Zee’s #7
17:59 – Tom’s #7
19:52 – Sam’s #7
22:40 – Tom’s #6
23:29 – Sam’s #6
24:23 – Zee’s #6
26:21 – Sam’s #5
27:49 – Zee’s #5
28:14 – Tom’s #5
28:59 – Sam’s #4
30:41 – Tom’s #4
31:28 – Zee’s #4
33:55 – Tom’s #3
34:23 – Zee’s #3
35:54 – Sam’s #3
37:10 – Zee’s #2
38:44 – Sam’s #2
40:16 – Tom’s #2
42:34 – Tom’s #1
43:52 – Zee’s #1
47:05 – Sam’s #1

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  1. Risk was designed and produced by Satan the Devil.

  2. King of Tokyo is more of a replacement for Yahtzee.

  3. Sorry is my Most Hated Game Of All Time. ANY game can replace Sorry, even Phase 10.

  4. It makes no sense at all to compare Risk to TI3 or Kemet and say that the latter are "better". They are so much more complicated than Risk that they fulfil a completely different function and can't be compared. I couldn't propose those games as a replacement to my friends who play Risk because they would be completely overwhelmed.

  5. I didn't realize it until now, but Royal Game of Ur is Sorry!. Ur proceeded Sorry! and Parcheesi by about 5000 years. It is literally a racing game where if you run into the opponent on the main track they get sent back to the beginning. It uses d4 with marked and unmarked points that determine movement. First player to get all their pieces to the end, wins!

  6. It's interesting how much has changed in the last six years. So many games have come out since then 🙂

  7. I have always hated that in Clue, you can be the murderer and not know it. I know why you need to leave every character as a viable murderer for the game to play right, but I hate that bit thematically.

  8. A game (way) better than the Monopoly board game is the card game Monopoly Deal which takes all the elements of monopoly and reduces game time to about 20 minutes, plus it's a lot more strategic than the board game. If you see someone with your property, it's still obtainable to you and there are ways to block other players from doing stuff to you. I don't really like Monopoly but I LOVE Monopoly Deal and it's a game people ask me to play and replay a lot. It was my gateway into the gaming world.

  9. To be fair there are soooo many ways of playing Monopoly "wrong", and pretty much all of them make the game worse.

  10. I love Monopoly. But, I was looking for a replacement because as much as I love Monopoly, I can't get many people to play it with me because their complaint is always, "iT tAkEs ToO LoNg." So, if I could find a good game that's very similar to Monopoly but plays shorter, that would be good. Maybe then I could find other people willing to play it with me.

  11. Guys- you are dorkier than you even know. Less stupid comments.

  12. As a replacement for chess you can also check his Japanese cousin "Shogi", like the Duke each pieces as two set of move and can be promoted to the second set (much like the pawn promotion in chess) and on top of that you get to used captured pieces by using your turn to "drop" them on the board instead of moving one of your piece, which adds a whole level of headache trying to figures out strategies.

  13. I feel liek this list needs a 2019 version ASAP. Only because I've got another birthday with simplistic card games and typical boardgames coming up and I'm starting to dread it.

  14. Chess – There is an out of print game by Bandi which was wonderful. (But suffered from terrible marketing) Called Navia Drapt. Is a really really great chess like game. I like it more than Chess but has very Chess flavor. Also Onitama should be considered as a "Chess Lite" game. And Feudal should also be considered. (Feudal is an older game.) It's "Blind Start" though is very non-chess like.

  15. King of Tokyo is one of my favorite board games.

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