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Top 10 “Better” Board Games

The Dice Tower
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Do you like Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue, Risk, Chess, Trivial Pursuit, Poker, Cranium, Uno!, and Sorry!? We have some suggestions for better games.

00:00 – Introduction
03:46 – Sam’s #10
04:51 – Tom’s #10
05:54 – Zee’s #10
07:49 – Tom’s #9
08:56 – Zee’s #9
10:14 – Sam’s #9
12:19 – Zee’s #8
13:24 – Sam’s #8
14:20 – Tom’s #8
16:20 – Zee’s #7
17:59 – Tom’s #7
19:52 – Sam’s #7
22:40 – Tom’s #6
23:29 – Sam’s #6
24:23 – Zee’s #6
26:21 – Sam’s #5
27:49 – Zee’s #5
28:14 – Tom’s #5
28:59 – Sam’s #4
30:41 – Tom’s #4
31:28 – Zee’s #4
33:55 – Tom’s #3
34:23 – Zee’s #3
35:54 – Sam’s #3
37:10 – Zee’s #2
38:44 – Sam’s #2
40:16 – Tom’s #2
42:34 – Tom’s #1
43:52 – Zee’s #1
47:05 – Sam’s #1

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  1. I haven't finished the video, but no Roborally for Sorry? You use cards to move your piece spaces. You are racing to the end. You can totally screw someone and take their space or mess them up. You have "home bases" etc etc

  2. For a deck of cards, why not Ice House pieces?

    Klondike is monopoly done right. Unlike monopoly, it has a definite end point.

  3. the best alternative to monopoly is suburbia.

  4. I'd like to see a version of this list where instead of better options for mass market games, it's a lit of better options for popular "real" board games: stuff like Catan, Werewolf, Ticket to Ride, Secret Hitler. I am so sick of those being the go to games in 90% of casual game nights I attend.

  5. I would pretty much agree with most of this but I don't think all older games are automatically bad.  For myself, Clue is still my deduction game of choice and it's pretty much because it can't get messed up by someone else.  I even watched the top 10 deduction list and the closest was Mystery In the Abbey but then Zee mentioned the Gregorian chant bit….so, nope.  I also still have a problem when someone hits me with "So what do you have that's like Monopoly?"  I only even have one game with money or money counters and it's a bit of a stretch to say that Runebound 2nd edition is like Monopoly!  Wait, I actually have two but NetRunner doesn't replace it either.

  6. bananagrams is an excellent substitute for scrabble!

  7. The thing with uno is, that you dont need reading and its very simple. My brothers daughter can play that and is not 4 years old yet. Thats key in this game

  8. really enjoyed this better replacement theme. please bring more.

  9. please make a word games top kind of video! i need them for my dad! pleeeeassseeee

  10. i like Monopoly Millionaire as it's a shorter tighter game

  11. 15:45 "labia"!

    Also, whoever made "guise" on the far right made a colossally poor play wasting a blank tile for only 5 points.

  12. I hope their new revisiting top ten episodes takes this into consideration.

  13. Clearly, you’ve never played Cutthroat Uno. It’s a great rendition of the game.

  14. i'm annoyed that tom has no drink coaster and leaves the lid off his drink on the nice table

  15. Better than chess? Chess is pure skill. It is the simplest, most strategic game that exists. The better player always wins, always. There are a lot of good alternatives based on preference, but no game is "better" than chess. That game is actually flawless

  16. You should do an updated version of this list (not necessarily with the same games)

  17. If someone says Dust is the same as Risk, he obviously hasn't played both games.

  18. Typo: Zee's onscreen list at the end of the video 49:33 misspells Alhambra. (I know, let it go, the video is more than 4 yrs. old.)

  19. Ok so I'll try to come up with stuff as well, but since I'm from Germany I don't know all english titles I will try to find out but sometimes it's not that easy ^^You really had that much of a diificulty for Sorry? Really? I could think of 3 games at the top of my head!

    so I actually don't know 2sorry" in the way you describe it with Cards I only know the dice Version it's called 2Mensch ärger dich nicht" (literary: don't be mad, dude) and it's annoying as hell! But it's a game you often Play with Children so they learn counting and such. So if I have to find an alternative I would like to Keep in mind the "Children Play this" aspect of the game, and I can tell you that Kind of Tokyo would not be for that age Group.
    so I offer:
    1. we used to have a game Collection and I think the game was called "pachisi" but I'm not too sure, ist here: the one on the very top. It was basically a race to the top but you'd have Stones in the way which you culd only get out of the way by Landing with the Right number on them, once you did that you could put them anywhere on the board to annoy other Players. It wasn't so much About kicking others out, though you could do that too and it was enough to get 1 single meeple to the top to win, not all 4!
    2. "fang den Hut" (literary: Catch the hat) where instead of normal meeples you have cones you could put over each other and in Addition to the bourd going in a circle there are four way Meeting in the middle and there were also safe spots. Nw, the difference was that you don't try to go one round and get everyone to safety but you actively try to catch the other "hats" of the opponens, if you land on the same spot as them you put your cone figure of theirs and then you try to get them to your home cause if they catch you they get their figure back as well as catching yours! Then there was also this golden hat in the middle which if you caught and brought home you could use instead of endangering your own figures.
    it basically went on until only one fugure was left on the board and who ever caught most figures won. realy fun game really.
    3. Hexentanz (lit: witches Dance) it is really exactly the same as "Mensch ärger dich nicht" (but with dice!9 but you don't see the Colours and may move any figure!cGoal it ofcourse to still get your own Colour to the Goal but it can be quiet funny how you think you managerd to get your own figure in, look at it (then ofcourse it's Ok to look) and realize it wasn'rt your Colour at all, and if that happens the oppenent with that Colour gets his figure into his house. also if you Keep good track of the Colours you can have an opponents Colour pass their home making them go another round. It's a lot of fun for Children and way more itneresting for adults thatn "Sorry"

  20. Labia is the word right in the middle of the scrabble board picture lol

  21. Lets just be clear.. There is no game better than chess… Dont hate something you do not understand.. In chess you can be a move from victory and than you can lose… No abstract is even close.. And i would not compare any modern game to chess..

  22. Incomodos Invitados is a game made in Spain that ¨MURDERS Clue in my opinion, I hope they translate it and it gets the love it deserves.

  23. The way We play uno is full of strategy, helping your neighbor, finding the right moment to attack etc.

  24. If you like Monopoly but want a similar game with much more depth play Rail Baron/Boxcars. The board is a map of America with rail lines and cities laid out on it. You move from city to city making deliveries while buying the rail lines as properties. If you run on an opponent's rails you have to pay them for it, meanwhile riding your own is free. Whoever can get $250 in cash then runs to their "home" city wins. It's that simple. There are lots more choices to make (you can buy any property you can afford no matter where on the board you are, exactly how you go to a city is your decision, sometimes you can choose which region of the country to go to, you can even choose to upgrade your train to move faster.) There's even a computer app which simplifies the charts.

  25. Uno wasn't based on another game. Uno was based on trash.

  26. King of Tokyo is one of my favorite board games.

  27. Chess – There is an out of print game by Bandi which was wonderful. (But suffered from terrible marketing) Called Navia Drapt. Is a really really great chess like game. I like it more than Chess but has very Chess flavor. Also Onitama should be considered as a "Chess Lite" game. And Feudal should also be considered. (Feudal is an older game.) It's "Blind Start" though is very non-chess like.

  28. I feel liek this list needs a 2019 version ASAP. Only because I've got another birthday with simplistic card games and typical boardgames coming up and I'm starting to dread it.

  29. As a replacement for chess you can also check his Japanese cousin "Shogi", like the Duke each pieces as two set of move and can be promoted to the second set (much like the pawn promotion in chess) and on top of that you get to used captured pieces by using your turn to "drop" them on the board instead of moving one of your piece, which adds a whole level of headache trying to figures out strategies.

  30. Guys- you are dorkier than you even know. Less stupid comments.

  31. I love Monopoly. But, I was looking for a replacement because as much as I love Monopoly, I can't get many people to play it with me because their complaint is always, "iT tAkEs ToO LoNg." So, if I could find a good game that's very similar to Monopoly but plays shorter, that would be good. Maybe then I could find other people willing to play it with me.

  32. To be fair there are soooo many ways of playing Monopoly "wrong", and pretty much all of them make the game worse.

  33. A game (way) better than the Monopoly board game is the card game Monopoly Deal which takes all the elements of monopoly and reduces game time to about 20 minutes, plus it's a lot more strategic than the board game. If you see someone with your property, it's still obtainable to you and there are ways to block other players from doing stuff to you. I don't really like Monopoly but I LOVE Monopoly Deal and it's a game people ask me to play and replay a lot. It was my gateway into the gaming world.

  34. I have always hated that in Clue, you can be the murderer and not know it. I know why you need to leave every character as a viable murderer for the game to play right, but I hate that bit thematically.

  35. It's interesting how much has changed in the last six years. So many games have come out since then 🙂

  36. I didn't realize it until now, but Royal Game of Ur is Sorry!. Ur proceeded Sorry! and Parcheesi by about 5000 years. It is literally a racing game where if you run into the opponent on the main track they get sent back to the beginning. It uses d4 with marked and unmarked points that determine movement. First player to get all their pieces to the end, wins!

  37. It makes no sense at all to compare Risk to TI3 or Kemet and say that the latter are "better". They are so much more complicated than Risk that they fulfil a completely different function and can't be compared. I couldn't propose those games as a replacement to my friends who play Risk because they would be completely overwhelmed.

  38. Sorry is my Most Hated Game Of All Time. ANY game can replace Sorry, even Phase 10.

  39. King of Tokyo is more of a replacement for Yahtzee.

  40. Risk was designed and produced by Satan the Devil.

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