Top 10 Board Game YouTubers You Should Know - (Quackalope Games) -

Top 10 Board Game YouTubers You Should Know – (Quackalope Games)

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0:5:22 – The List Rules
0:10:03 – Wait Your Turn! –
0:13:35 – ShelfSide –
0:17:37 – La Matatena –
0:20:30 – Tim Chuon –
0:24:40 – Lord of the Board –
0:26:20 – Before You Play –
0:28:40 – Our Family Plays Games –
0:31:01 – BoardGameCo –
0:34:25 – Board Game Coffee –
0:36:25 – Rob’s Gaming Table –
0:40:23 – Lonely Man BGS –
0:41:16 – NewBoardGameDesign –

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  1. Jesse, here in brazil we have a channel that produces crazy quality content, you should check it out just to see the production quality. Its called "Rafael Studart".

  2. I came here from BoardGameCo. Glad you two and other creators are sharing some love to one another 🙂

  3. King of Average is a smaller channel that deserves this

  4. What a great list, so informative and well thought out. Excellent way to celebrate your success w/helping the community. 🙌🏼

  5. Found a couple streams that I like and never saw before! Thanks for making this video.

  6. You sir are way to kind! It shows through the comments how much we all love you too! Thank you so much. 🔥

  7. Saw an unnatural boost in my subscriber count today, and thought that I’d come check here first. Instincts, boys, instincts.

  8. ¡Muchas gracias Jesse! We are humbled to be surrounded by such great company on this list. Incredible content creators all of them. Congratulations on the 10K and let's keep it up! You made our day!

  9. Nice job on this one mate. It's nice to see the cross pollination of love between the creators. As you are aware I fell in love with your stuff ages ago and have also been on the Board Game Co bandwagon for a while. If you reccomend these channels then that's enough for me to sub to them. Well done as always

  10. yoooo thanks for the love! We'll get out more gameplay vids for ya 🙂

  11. I love this and i love how comprehensive it is. Shining a light on other content creators is a good thing to do, and something I try to do as well. When we hit 30,000 subs I did something much short on twitter, to spotlight some of the channels i thought were doing great stuff. Quackalope was one of them of course. Jesse and I started talking about his channel almost immediately after he started it as he caught my eye with his amazing production values and easy going presentation style.
    Over the weekend, I'm going to go watch each and every one of these content creators and reach out to some and see if I can help them with mentoring. Because the great truth here is that there is so much good intent out there, but not enough guidance and support in our community. As creators, we need to think "how can i learn off others, and what can they learn off me", so we can all improve and all be better. Because if board game content in general is better, the community as a whole benefits.

  12. The guy from "La Matatena" was my teacher at university and I learned a lot from him because his passion for whatever he likes is captivating

  13. Dang, your handwriting is nicer than mine… I really need to find some people with bad handwriting XD

    Highly recommend Duolingo btw for learning Spanish – free for one, and you only have to do like 5-10 min a day if you want 🙂

  14. I'm bilingual and I'll check out la matatena out. Lately I've been looking into Spanish channels as well.

  15. This is a great video. I can imagine a part 2 in the near future!

  16. Grateful to be on this list! Thanks for taking so much time to highlight many of us- and 100% underselling yourself 😂😂😂

  17. Some incredible channels here that were completely off my radar. Suffice to say I subscribed to a lot of new channels today!

    I just want to say a massive congrats to you and Jan. Its been an incredible 8(?) months since I found your channel, seeing how hard you've worked, the growth of your channel and community. This is just the beginning, its only upwards from here! 🙂

    Also… Nice shirt 😉

  18. Ahh that pesky boardgame Co, stealing from your bright ideas, I just subscribed here because of his nefarious deeds

  19. This list is awesome, as a beginner myself, I look to these creators and lessons to grow and improve.

  20. Congratulations on the well-deserved growth! I also see that your number of ducks has increased. By the way, you may get a kick out of this video from James Veitch (comedian) – he may have more fun with ducks than you do.

  21. Ah yes more channels to add to my collection >:D

  22. I subscribed to so many new ones in the voting process. Great list!

  23. Quack! Very nice idea to support in that way other lesser known yt channels 🙂

  24. Quackalope, very nice of you give shoutouts to other youtube creators! Wait Your Turn, Boardgameco and Rob's Gaming are some of my favs so it's nice to see them get a fist bump! And you introduced me to a few new creators! Thanks!

  25. ummmmmmmmmmmm….WOW. Thank you Jesse. I'm ready to subscribe to myself now xD
    And thank you for the generous offer, we'll definitely be in touch.

  26. Some new names on the list to check-out, thanks. But please… 9:45 intro (and introspection) before you actually list anyone?

  27. The Cardboard Herald is great also!!! Check him out

  28. Really great that you made this list. It shows how great you are Jesse. Keep it the hard work, my friend.

  29. Wait your turn is a great channel I stumbled upon few months back, I was surprised how low his sub count is, boardgameco is probably my favorite channel from your list though insight from a sellers perspective is excellent.

  30. First of all, congratulations on the 10k Subs. That's just brilliant, honestly, and well deserved. I can only dream of hitting those sorts of numbers…. Second, I think it's extremely generous and a humble show of love for the community for you to shout out so many other channels, which are all great, by the way. I absolutely LOVE the board game community and there are so many brilliant creators, and just board-gamers, out there. One day, I wish to meet, have a conversation with, and maybe even play a game or two with each and every one of them 😁

    Keep up the great work ❤️

  31. Thanks for introducing these other youtubers! I discovered both you and them at the same time actually (so everyone wins. ha)…but one thing. Particularly as someone not accustomed to your channel, it was painful sitting through a 10 minute preamble before discovering the new channels. Timestamps help, but since I'm not familiar with you, I DID want to hear your thoughts and selection process…just not for 10 minutes before getting to the reason I clicked on the video in the first place.
    You seem like a good spirited person though, so please only take this as constructive criticism. I'll check out some of your other videos!

  32. great idea , recently found 'board gems' whom is very new but is putting out some unique content, his videos are pretty good, quality wise.

  33. good list, also something to improve on, youtube offers a way to segment your timestamps within the video progression bar. Would be a good thing for you to add.

  34. Thank you for this. I was able to find a few more channels to watch. A new channel that I am enjoying is Canje Studios. He is great and does lives which I like.

  35. Such a generous use of your platform. I’ve been enjoying so many of the channels I found from this video. Thanks.

  36. I’m ashamed to admit that I hesitated for weeks/months to watch even a single video of yours because of the name of your channel (took even longer for me to watch a Slickerdrips video). How dumb is that? Like, I don’t think the name is offensive or bad in anyway. My loss though, you’re an S-Tier presenter with S-tier content. I’ll cut the comment short because I have videos to catch up on.

  37. This was a great thing to do! I had only heard of a few of these and now am subscribed to nearly all of them!

  38. Congratulations on getting to 10K and beyond. Your channel is fantastic and I always enjoy your content.

  39. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things says:

    Me Jeffrey Scarbrough board games and geek things is a great channel check it out (shameless plug lol )

  40. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things says:

    Subscribe to all and you too all board game channels should subscribe to each other and all help each other out

  41. Antlab was also really great until they were bullied into submission

  42. Nice list! I love when youtubers support eachother. There is enough love for everyone. No liege of games or brothers murph though? Denied! Haha

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