Top 10 Board Game YouTubers You Should Know - (Quackalope Games) -

Top 10 Board Game YouTubers You Should Know – (Quackalope Games)

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0:5:22 – The List Rules
0:10:03 – Wait Your Turn! –
0:13:35 – ShelfSide –
0:17:37 – La Matatena –
0:20:30 – Tim Chuon –
0:24:40 – Lord of the Board –
0:26:20 – Before You Play –
0:28:40 – Our Family Plays Games –
0:31:01 – BoardGameCo –
0:34:25 – Board Game Coffee –
0:36:25 – Rob’s Gaming Table –
0:40:23 – Lonely Man BGS –
0:41:16 – NewBoardGameDesign –

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  1. Good stuff. Congratulations. Now you are reachng 27,000. I like Rahdo, Watch it play, The Dice tower, Man vs. Meeple, Boardgameco 'Alex', Before you play,, Meeple University, , Gameboygeek, Boardgames in a minute. Of course, Quackalope both inglish and spanish with Jan. And obviously I like La Matatena . Yes you pronounce their name wrong . From Spain I like Unna and from Chile JCK Jugando con Kety.

  2. Nice list! I love when youtubers support eachother. There is enough love for everyone. No liege of games or brothers murph though? Denied! Haha

  3. Antlab was also really great until they were bullied into submission

  4. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things says:

    Subscribe to all and you too all board game channels should subscribe to each other and all help each other out

  5. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things says:

    Me Jeffrey Scarbrough board games and geek things is a great channel check it out (shameless plug lol )

  6. Congratulations on getting to 10K and beyond. Your channel is fantastic and I always enjoy your content.

  7. This was a great thing to do! I had only heard of a few of these and now am subscribed to nearly all of them!

  8. I’m ashamed to admit that I hesitated for weeks/months to watch even a single video of yours because of the name of your channel (took even longer for me to watch a Slickerdrips video). How dumb is that? Like, I don’t think the name is offensive or bad in anyway. My loss though, you’re an S-Tier presenter with S-tier content. I’ll cut the comment short because I have videos to catch up on.

  9. Such a generous use of your platform. I’ve been enjoying so many of the channels I found from this video. Thanks.

  10. Thank you for this. I was able to find a few more channels to watch. A new channel that I am enjoying is Canje Studios. He is great and does lives which I like.

  11. good list, also something to improve on, youtube offers a way to segment your timestamps within the video progression bar. Would be a good thing for you to add.

  12. great idea , recently found 'board gems' whom is very new but is putting out some unique content, his videos are pretty good, quality wise.

  13. Thanks for introducing these other youtubers! I discovered both you and them at the same time actually (so everyone wins. ha)…but one thing. Particularly as someone not accustomed to your channel, it was painful sitting through a 10 minute preamble before discovering the new channels. Timestamps help, but since I'm not familiar with you, I DID want to hear your thoughts and selection process…just not for 10 minutes before getting to the reason I clicked on the video in the first place.
    You seem like a good spirited person though, so please only take this as constructive criticism. I'll check out some of your other videos!

  14. First of all, congratulations on the 10k Subs. That's just brilliant, honestly, and well deserved. I can only dream of hitting those sorts of numbers…. Second, I think it's extremely generous and a humble show of love for the community for you to shout out so many other channels, which are all great, by the way. I absolutely LOVE the board game community and there are so many brilliant creators, and just board-gamers, out there. One day, I wish to meet, have a conversation with, and maybe even play a game or two with each and every one of them 😁

    Keep up the great work ❤️

  15. Wait your turn is a great channel I stumbled upon few months back, I was surprised how low his sub count is, boardgameco is probably my favorite channel from your list though insight from a sellers perspective is excellent.

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