Top 10 Board Games According to No Pun Included [Part 1] -

Top 10 Board Games According to No Pun Included [Part 1]

No Pun Included
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  1. YES!!! I just requested this the other day…I know it's a coincidence but still!

  2. Hilarious and charming! Appreciate the short format.

  3. Great list. Elaine, I really hope you get to go full time!

  4. You live in Harpenden?! Fuck I live like 10 minutes away from you…

  5. I used to live in Harpenden! Loooooove Godfreys and the cross keys is the best pub ☺

  6. i predict in top 5 is gonna be gaia project

  7. You said you'd never do a top 10 list! BETRAYAL!!!!

    …though it's really good and I hope to see more.

  8. Interesting list so far. I added Great Western Trail and Kehmet to my list. Both have been mention too much for me not to try

  9. I also clicked like before seeing. I’m so biased

  10. YEA!!! Sidereal Confluence is on the list. I love that a beautiful game is still getting recognition despite its hobbled production quality.

  11. Very nice listing – I have them all. Let's see what the top 5 are…

  12. Alright already! Sheeeesh. I gave you money, now be quiet. I'm tired. 😉 Love you guys. Keep it stupid. (And witty)! By the way, you said during the 2 Rooms And A Boom piece that no social deduction game let's you choose your character. Nah uh. Mafia de Cuba gives you choice. (More or less).

  13. You said you'd never do this! Good you're breaking down your own barriers. Now to wait for you doing a two-player playthrough of a Euro game! Yay!

  14. i like the way you announce your picks first, instead of drawing it out. i see no point in delaying and you cut to the chase, which is refreshing. i am mostly interested in what you choose and why, and find no pleasure in being left hanging. thanks.

  15. Elaine isn't lying about how useful that "skill" is for a board game reviewer. Wait. What?!

  16. congrats on the kickstarter and keep the videos coming

  17. I belive that that was a mistake Pandemic shouldn't b number ten but 01, but that is just my opinion 😉 Anyway I'm happy that KS is funded. Love your crativity to make each video outstanding !

  18. "I'm a great big banana" Red Dwarf reference?

  19. You hate deck-building!? HOW BARBARIC! D=.

  20. Yankee candles, we got a fancy pants over here.

  21. Thanks for deciding to construct this list. I respect and value your opinions and humor. While "top 10" lists are overdone, it's still valuable to know that while Game A may be a "5-star, top quality, thumbs up product", there are 10 games we prefer over Game A. Especially when I have a limited gaming budget and scrutinize a lot of critical information before purchasing a game.

    This video finalized cemented the fact that I need Kemet. Kemet arrives today. Watch out mummies. Watch out.

  22. "Armies that ride into battle on giant sphincters!". Now that's my kind of game!

  23. I've given up halfway though Pandemic Legacy. Pandemic is just RNG punching you in the face over and over.

  24. The way you present, funny with humor , the good point which you give for every game you choose, the quick preview and some small explanation is just priceless, lovely done. will save this video for latter when i will go for my next game purchase 🙂

  25. You are just amazing, i love how you present, you know how entertain with many jokes along side the road , no one is presenting board games as you are , unique channel 🙂 i wish you continue this way and of course here is absolutely like from me.

  26. Oooh, shots fired during the Kemet segment at Quinns from SU&SD for dressing up like an ancient egyptian

  27. I believed you when you said you were a great big banana.

  28. Damn! You guys have an awesome presentation-style! Kept me giggling throughout! 😀

  29. Another excellent video! And so far, it looks like we have EXACTLY the same taste in games. NPI is moving towards the top of my Must See list!

  30. I used to work in the Sainsbury`s in Harpenden. That was 30 years ago.

  31. I must be one of the only people on the planet that HATED Pandemic Legacy.

  32. I saw this today and number 10 definitely got my attention

  33. WOW. Watching the intro during Corona Outbreak… Hmm … yikes…

  34. Are you excited for Kemet Blood and Sand? do you think it still holds up in 2020? Do you like maracaibo better than GWT? great videos efka!

  35. That intro to Pandemic Legacy hasn't really aged well lol..

  36. Did you predict covid pandemic 2 years ago?

    D I D Y O U ? ? ?

  37. I've heard of "Two Rooms and a Boom" before… but until I watched this video I apparently consistently misheard it as "Two Rooms and a Broom" and had this vague notion that it was a game about Witches competing over potion making or … something about cleaning.

  38. Love your reviews. Honest.
    Have you reviewed Folklore or have an opinion?

    I wasn't sure how/where to ask. Sorry.

  39. Thar first sketch has aged like the best of cheeses

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