Top 10 Board Games Gaining Popularity | July 2021 -

Top 10 Board Games Gaining Popularity | July 2021

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Counting down the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that are gaining popularity this month, to help you find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about!

Night of the Ninja

Defend your House and stop your enemies… if you can figure out who they are!


Fiesta de los Muertos

Try to deduce famous characters or people with only one word!

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  1. Physical over digital but 7w does setup way faster online which I like

  2. Love watching Momenten!

    I personally enjoy playing games in person, but I’m happy that technology has allowed us to play with friends and family online. Being able to play with my family on TTS has been amazing 😀

  3. I still prefer physical over digital, but when I do play online, it’s Board Game Arena for me.

  4. Heroes of barcadia on kickstarter is also about to end, a game where your life and your character are respectively beer (or any other drink) and a transparent glass of glass or plastic that marks life, I highly recommend it

  5. I definitely prefer IRL if at all possible, but being able to play digital games with friends during the pandemic was a great blessing.

  6. I very much prefer physical over digital. That's why they're called "tabletop games:" you play them on a table not on a computer screen. 😀

  7. Catan 3D looks just like the one I sold in my store back in 2006.

  8. I just helped back Deliverance on KS earlier today.

  9. Always physical.over digital when it comes to board games! And Chaz you are a great presenter, keep up the great work! 🙂

  10. I would prefer to play physically for a better social experience (and to hold cards again. Sigh). But alas, I moved away from my game group and other friends are scattered. We use either BGA for ease of play or the Dominion site for, well, Dominion. Tabletopia trying to be a close approximation of physical is frustrating to me and too clunky.

  11. Great video! Now or Never looks terrific. Also, I’ve had Journey to the Middle Earth on my radar since my kids have recently become obsessed with Lord of the Rings.

  12. Crew: Open the pod bay doors, Adele.

  13. I keep seeing Catan 3d in the news, but so far only one person has mentioned that it's remarkably similar to the one they released in 2005 except that this time they aren't including Cities & Knights or the painted player-pieces.

    Also, a technically-playable version of Viticulture on BGA? Sign me up! Seriously, although the scant and boring sound effects coupled with a bland interface make even the most thematic game as dry as a saltine in an air fryer, I will always choose BGA over Tabletopia or TTS.

  14. Most of us prefer real world 3d games printed on cardboard. It just elevates games! Get it?

  15. Pretty sure Chaz just did to the Game of Thrones writing staff what Daenerys did to House Tarly

  16. I do always enjoy a new episode of 'The Climbers'😉

  17. Night of the Ninja looks great, love all the different shows and the scripts, keep the good work.

  18. Wow! The 3D effect on this episode is great.

    Hmm… I wonder why a passenger wouldn't notice the physical difference in appearance of a human and a deep one hybrid.

    I enjoy the physical components of a board game over digital, but for when distance is an obstacle I'm glad I've got Tabletop Simulator.

  19. I love the mix between digital and physical. I own Mansions of Madness and LOTR journeys, and I love how the app opens up so many different scenarios.

  20. Physical… But been forced digital in the pandemic but I have not found a good way to play digital out side of social games, like Jack box, d and d, spy fall, code names and the like.

  21. “Delivery date of dis October”

    Man, REALLY pushing that alliteration.

  22. I'm waiting for the expansion to Now or Never, Now and Later. It's supposed to be sweet.

  23. Just recently got into board games and began building up my collection. This is a fantastic way to find great new titles! Thank you guys for all your hard work 🙂

  24. The Ninja game looks good! Physical copies for sure. I actively dislike apps in my games.

  25. Now or Never needs to come NOW! Waiting is NEVER easy.

  26. Wait people made a game themed around basically fighting HAL 9000 and have a HUMAN play as the computer? That's just insane, if their was ever a game that demanded an Automated oponent it would be this. If they want a human to play as the oponent then go for the 'captain has gotten space-madness and is trying to kill the crew' plot.

  27. BGA is the place to play during these Pandemiccy times…

  28. Chaz, I’d still invite you to game night. I’d call it Catan 4D … you play it over time, right? Edit. Rumor has it Adele is pretty interesting. Sorry, somebody had to say it.

  29. Is it me or does he look alittle like Markiplier

  30. What did we do to Adele to make her go all "1-V-all" on us? Yes, I have complained that radio stations play her songs too much, but I'm sure even Adele agrees with that statement. What have the rest of you done?

  31. If i have to play on computer or console
    I play real videogames… Boardgame only on the table with friends

  32. My regular game group just started meeting again, so I can get the physical rush / social interaction. I'd rather do physical but there are some many games that digital (Yucata and BGA) let me keep active between sessions. Both physical and digital are cool.(and digital lets me determine if I want to hunt for a physcial copy (which has worked for Voyages of Marco Polo, Murano, Lorenzo Il Magnifico,…)

  33. Physical over digital. Always. I just can't keep track of the game state when playing digitally. I suffer without spatial awareness.

    That being said, I've been playing the heck out of Summoner Wars and their app is pretty great.

  34. My one and only experience with non'boardgame games is on my Xbox….Pandemic Help a lot with the memory lost rules.

  35. Physical always over digital however I greatly digital and how much it's helped during the pandemic. I prefer TTS over most over platforms of digital games.

    Chaz thank you for your hard work on this episode 🙂

  36. I prefer physical, but having a digital option is great, considering many of my friends are not local. TTS is my preferred digital platform.

  37. Digital board games are extortionate when compared to video games at the same price point…

    Just because the physical version of your board game is £50, doesn't mean a cheaply made, animationless digitalised version of your game is worth 10+; looking at you spirit Island.

  38. Well Chaz, on my TV, you kind of look 2D, so these things about dimensions are not always what they seem.

  39. Weirdly my first and only play of viticulture was on Tabletopia. But I'm not overly keen to play online as a standard option, it does work well to try out games before I buy them. Which would certainly save me money😅

  40. I think that the next version of Catan we should get is "Summoners of Catan," a hybrid of Summoner Wars and Catan, due to both of them being number 10 and number 9.

    Now I wonder what the next version of Catan will be: make it out of gold, perhaps.

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