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Top 10 Couples Board Games – Actualol

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I talk through my top ten favourite board games to play with your partner (or a good friend!). Let me know your favourite couples boards games in the comments.
The list:
10. Agricola – All Creatures Big and Small – (USA) / (UK)
9. The Game
8. Carcassonne – (USA) / (UK)
7. Battle Line – (USA) / (UK)
6. CV – (USA) / (UK)
5. Patchwork – (USA) / (UK)
4. Paperback – (USA)
3. Arboretum – (USA) / (UK)
2. Pandemic – (USA) / (UK)
1. Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective
US –
UK –

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  1. I lost the game. I was going for a month now.

  2. Great list, now fast forward into the future, and I would add Santorini. It’s not relaxing, it’s more “mean” as you are always blocking your opponents with domes, but it’s like a more fun version of chess, and plays much faster. A game takes 15 minutes tops. And at the end of each game, you have a cool looking city that looks unique every time.

  3. Good video dude. Are all of these available on Amazon? And do you know if any are available in Spanish?

  4. I have just found your channel and I really enjoyed this video, you are really funny! You are such an actor 😀

  5. Loved the video: great list, great humour. One thing, though: the difference in audio between you speaking and the music in between games is too large. I need to turn the volume up to hear you, but then my ears get blasted from the music.

  6. This was awesome!! Forced my wife to watch it with me. I’m curious. Sherlock. With only 10 cases, can you only play it 10 times?

  7. I never really like, subscribe or make a comment, but your video was informative, funny and most importantly NOT annoying, so I done all 3. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  8. Thank you for the top 10 couples games list. I'm still looking for another game to play with my wife. We're still really into Codenames Duet, we've been playing Dice Stars, and we used to play Hardback. I think Sherlock Holmes – Consulting Detective might be for us. Keep those great videos coming…!!

  9. My list:
    1. Champions of Midgard (I call it Blood Rage for couples)
    2. Splendor
    3. Kingdoms
    4. Carcassonne
    5. Cave Troll
    6. Raptor
    7. Lords of WaterDeep
    8. Ticket to Ride
    9. Dinosaur Island (It is a long game)
    10. Monsterpocalypse 2.0
    11. Dice Hospital
    12. Castle Panic
    13. Kingdomino
    14. Battle Line
    15. Arcadia Quest (A beast of a set up/tear down)
    16. Massive Darkness (My favorite game)
    17. D&D Adventure Games

  10. Sherlock holmes is how I run roleplay.

  11. Who is that gorgeous blonde ? Wow she is hot

  12. NPI led me here, so happy to have made the trip. Hilarious!

  13. Why are all off these top couples games lists a guy playing against himself in a wig. I need games I can get my girlfriend to play. Not games only nerds like me will play.

  14. Why did a watch two minutes of this think that was a woman?

  15. Battleline sounds identical to Shotten Totten

  16. ravens of thri sahashri, should probably be on here

  17. Few of my favorite couple games:
    1. Castles of Burgundy
    2. 7 Wonders Duel
    3. Lords of Waterdeep
    Looking forward to check out Patchwork from your list!

  18. Should add spirit island to the game 😀 v good co-op game

  19. I watched your video and bought CV. BEST RECOMMENDATION!!! My friends and I love this game and cannot play it enough while laughing nonstop.

  20. Great video. We played Battle Line and it was fun.

  21. My favorite games for couples would have to be Hive, the Duke (and Jarl), Onitama, Go (13×13 if your partner is still learning), Mage Knight, and Feast for Odin

  22. Great video, i would add, Fog of Love, Santorini, and Photosintesis

  23. "Of course you're Watson. I've got the coat! "

  24. Sadly, I just came across this video, and though CV intrigues me and looks like a fun game, it is now selling for $80-$90. Ah well.
    I've thought about getting arboretum, but wasn't sure if my wife would enjoy the analysis paralysis.
    I do enjoy Kahuna sometimes, and she asks to play that one often. Kingdomino is another (very light) game that we enjoy.
    We both enjoy patchwork every once in a while too.
    A really quick and fun 2 player game is Longhorn by Blue Orange Games.
    The board is randomly set up in a 3 x 3 square, and cattle are placed a certain number of them on each square (random in color) you and your opponent are cattle rustlers. Since the cattle in your hand are worth the number of cattle that color left on the board, you have to balance what you take with what you leave. There's also gold you can pick up along the way. You take all the cattle of one color from the square you are on. The number of cattle you take from a square also indicates how many moves you make. The playing piece is 2 sided, so the space you end in is the space your opponent starts in.
    There are always 2, sometimes 3 ways to win:
    1. Have the most value in cows + gold at the end of the game
    2. Collect all of 1 color of cows (difficult to do)
    3. Leave your opponent with only the space with the Sheriff on it to go to. (The sheriff is not in every game, as the gold/snake/sheriff etc pieces are drawn randomly)
    It's quick, fun, and just a smidge thinky.

  25. Ooh, dastardly dirigibles is a fun 2 player game too!

  26. I own most of these games. Now, I just need someone to play with. 😓

  27. Sumoku is a tile game for those who enjoy logic and light math games.

  28. I have to say it's funny that pandemic is #2 on your list and I'm watching this during a global pandemic lol

  29. Really fun video and great picks. You kept me watching. We also like Hive, Jaipur, Jambo, Azul (all variations) and Kahuna. And don't forget CodeNames Duet.

  30. The board game Pandemic: exists

  31. We bought Agricola ACBAS, Arboretum and others off the back of this video (yep, 5 years later!). Both are fantastic, and my BGG rating for Arboretum is a 10 – it's my favourite game. Thank you. Patchwork is fun and was worth getting, but it ran out of steam quite quickly for us.

  32. Omg! This video had me cracking up! This is one of my favorites on your channel!

  33. Some that weren’t o your list and my wife and I love to play are Star Wars Rebellion (it sits on the table for a few days as we play two to four rounds a day – yes, it is that long), Lords of Waterdeep (her favorite worker placement), Potion Explosion, Sagrada, Suburbia, and Planes

  34. "If we lose our jobs as fireworks experts its gonna be all your fault." LMFAO so true about Hanabi.

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