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Top 10 Hidden Gem Board games

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Friendly reminder that only my main reviews are 3:00-3:59 min long.

My list of top 10 hidden gems games

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  1. I love, love, love this kind of review. You are in a position to be exposed to far more games than I will ever see, and I've come to respect your reviews so much. To compile a list of great games that went unnoticed within the constant barrage of new releases is a hidden gem of a review video. Half of these game have now found their way to my wishlist. Thank you.

  2. Thank you very much for this video!! Have you tried some old Splotter games like Greed Incorporated or Duck Dealer? I have never seen Splotter in your collection.. maybe they’re just not to your taste 🙂

  3. Defenders of soma just blew my mind as med student

  4. Good news, Bethel Woods is on sale at Garphill Games website for $14 plus $10 S&H in US and NZ! Stock is low and that's still a great deal.
    Thanks for bringing this game to my attention. Oh, and I reordered Circadians it should be here on Saturday. I think Garphill might be my favorite game company right now. Thanks for introducing me to their product line.🙂

  5. Such an awesome countdown! I added several of these to my list to track down. How is Bloc-by-Bloc at 2-player?

  6. another boardgame gem: rival restaurants. Had so much fun playing it. it's a new game.

  7. dude, where do you manage to simply "pick up" these non-exsisting games? PLEASE SHARE THY WAYS!

  8. I have an original version of Clinic i believe there are only 200 copies ever printed.

  9. Obsession, spheres of influence and block by block! I will not rest until I track them down….
    I've been wanting to play them for a long time now, I know I can print block by block and it will probably be a project for me and my husband to put it together in an tactilely pleasing way.
    The other two games are just intensely interesting to me, but both are out of print and hard to find!

  10. How big is your game shelf? Is it a warehouse?

  11. This content is great. You’re a diamond in the rough of board game videos. Thankyou.

  12. Omen reign of war
    sun tzu
    2 great 2p games that I never hear about or see.

  13. There’s a game you would probably love called Vegas to Reno. You are a trophy truck in the Baja 1000 and must prep your truck for the race and then actually race your truck but if you did not bring enough spare parts then you might break down, or if you did not put enough upgrades into your truck then you will might not win. It’s a very fun little racing game

  14. Terrific list that actually includes a bunch of games that I never heard of. I would love to get another of these down the road.

  15. Shadows of Brimstone if you want an RPG esque zombicide.

  16. Spheres of Influence looks really good, but it also looks incredibly complicated. The board is so intimidating.

    With Risk the Board is nice and simple and so casuals are more likely to play it.

    I'd like a Sphere's of Influence type game that was more accesable? That would be interesting.

  17. Kachina, 452 people own it on BGG. Only 801 plays in 10 years! It’s a tile lying game with an American Indians theme. It’s not leaving my collection any time soon.
    And Battle Ravens, a Kickstarter game released in 2019, that nobody seems to be playing. It’s a beer & pretzel game about shield wall battles. Beautiful components.
    Thanks for this list. I will check out some of these games. Keep the good work!

  18. Here's a blast from the past "Snits Revenge" from 1977

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