Top 10 Marvel Board Games -

Top 10 Marvel Board Games

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Tom Vasel takes a look at the Top 10 Board Games from the Marvel Universe!

00:00 – Introduction
00:54 – Number 10
01:38 – Number 9
02:15 – Number 8
02:39 – Number 7
03:13 – Number 6
03:53 – Number 5
04:29 – Number 4
04:57 – Number 3
05:32 – Number 2
06:13 – Number 1

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  1. I remember Marvel superheroes Gabe from 1981 or 1982

  2. Yea, Marvel United knocked everything on this list down a peg.

  3. I'd be interested to see where Marvel United falls now that you've played that. Same with Marvel Villainous or if that would even make the list now!

  4. Dude, can I just say you are the man.
    So clear and concise.

  5. Soooooo where does Marvel United now ranked in ? 1 or 2 😀

  6. I didn’t like Legendary, because it’s not fully cooperative. Kind of sucks that you have to compete and win against other players in a coop game. Dumb idea. Destroyed it for me.

  7. My favorite is Infinity Gauntlet: Love Letter. Though, when Marvel Splendor comes in, that will probably be it.

  8. I come from the future and Marvel villainous is great.

  9. LegendarylLegendaryLegendaryLegendaryLegendary…

  10. Never realised there were so many! Agree with your #1 pick.

  11. I'm an X-Men guy primarily, and there has been nothing in the gaming space that really appeals to me enough. Definitely hoping that changes once they enter the MCU. And I don't want to have to wade through Captain America and Iron Man to get there either. An X-men game with base entry that are all X-men characters. And I'd be into stuff that is NOT just a card game too. I am REALLY enjoying the new Krakoa relaunch of the XMen comic line by writer Jonathan Hickman, very exciting time to be an XFan. Start with House of X/Powers of X….

  12. Love Marvel Champions but Marvel Legendary is still king.

  13. Superior? They’re mostly card games and one of DC’s best wasn’t even included!

  14. There was an Image Comics Overpower? Woah!

    There were some Image HeroClix too.

  15. Glad to see 5 Minute Marvel on your list. I've been hoping for expansions but some on bgg think support has ended for it

  16. Awesome list! We really like THANOS RISING. 5 Minute Marvel is quick and light.

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