Top 10 SOLO Board Games 2021 / Best Solitaire Tabletop Games / Single Player Games -

Top 10 SOLO Board Games 2021 / Best Solitaire Tabletop Games / Single Player Games

Legendary Tactics
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Looking for some amazing solo board games? This unconventional Top 10 Solo Board Game list might offer you some new ideas for games designed to be played by a single player. My list ranges from fun social games to complex war games.

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  1. I know 3 game on this list… good to learn

  2. Nice list, I own 5 of your top 10.
    The Arkham Files games from FFG are also fun to solo.
    Lately, several Eurogames come with an Automa (Teotihuacan, Tawantinsuyu, etc.).
    Good times for solo gamers!

  3. Good list! I find myself drawn to multiplayer games and just playing them solo – for me a lot of solo games sacrifice realism to offer a challenge – I play games for theme / story, rather than challenge.

  4. Great video! If you like B17, you should check out GMT Wolfpack: The north Atlantic convoy struggles on P500. It’s puts you in command of a Wolfpack charging into a convoy. It is a solo or up to four player game where Coordination is key to a clean sweep of an enemy convoy.

  5. Great list and I really like the thoughtful commentary and personal reasons you enjoyed them.

    If you haven't looked into Tank Duel, I think that might be right up your alley. Great/easy automa rules and really compelling and streamlined gameplay

  6. Tremendous list and thoughtfully and articulately described! Thanks for the contribution. By the way, I am thrilled to have discovered this channel! I was hoping to find something just like this. Keep up the great work!

  7. I had all those cool rpg board games when I was young in the 80s and early 90s
    Dragon Strike
    Heroes Quest
    A ton of DnD modules

    Never anyone to play them with.

  8. Xia: Legends of a Drift System
    Circadians First Light
    Sentinels of the Multiverse

  9. Great list. It is a top 10 so not everyone's favourite will be on your list. I appreciate the commentary and the visuals. I liked and subscribed. Cheers

  10. My new love of board games has taught me that most people don't like board games.

  11. This list is heavily biased towards war games. You could have said it's your top list favourite titles in the war game genre

  12. I wish someone would make a video listing games that are actually available!!!! My shortlist gets a whole lot shorter when I actually try to find most of these!

  13. Try Corsair Leader by DVG. It is Thunderbolt Apache Leader in WWII. It was made after TAL and is a more refined system.

  14. Nice list!

    Ambush! is one of the first board games I ever bought. It’s really unique.

    The D-Day series by Decision Games is another creation by John Butterfield. Great solo experience.

    DVG has Warfighter WW2 which gives you that hollywood story element from Ambush! in a light package.

    Fields of Fire is another great unique experience, if you can figure out all the rules questions. It is not light.

    Not the most diverse of gaming experiences, but an interesting niche topic: Phantom Fury from Nuts Publishing. Clearing out houses in Fallujah.

    Empire of the Sun and Peloponnesian War both have dedicated solitaire systems included.

  15. If being honest you should rename top 10solo war games. personally not into war games so was a great disappointment

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