Top 10 Underrated Board Games! -

Top 10 Underrated Board Games!

The Brothers Murph
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We all have those game that we think are super underrated! Those games that we evangelize when no one else is talking about them! Here’s our list of our top Underrated games! Make sure to hit that like button to get a part 2!

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  1. Well dang! Y'all crushed that like goal! Part 2 is officially coming!

  2. Lowlands is pretty underrated. It has a wonderful dam building mechanism.

  3. Ecos and Space Base , also by JDC, are in my groups hot rotation. Love them both.

  4. Burgle Bros is a game that is great solo or played with others. I solo play two players and the mechanics of Burgle Bros keep each game unique. Easy to learn. Excellent.

  5. Great video! I had to pause a few times to add games to my wishlist. Looking forward to the next one, even if it means I'll probably add even more games to my already bloated wishlist!

  6. Two of our underrated favs:
    Tzolk'in The Mayan Calendar
    Cargo Noir

    I don't spend a lot of time reading lists but I don't think I've ever seen one of these show up in a top 100 list and they're both favorites in my house.

  7. Pagoda could easily be modified using the ColorAdd system.
    Being colourblind myself, I like the idea of this game and could probably play it in good light or with some additional markings if that's allowed.

  8. Some of my favorite underrated games are Burano by Emperor4s, Wayfinders, and Penny Papers Adventures: Skull Island.

  9. Ecos is amazing. my only complaint is that I feel the starter decks are a little imbalanced. other than that a really fun game

  10. Just played Castell a couple weeks ago. You are not wrong. Great game.

  11. Underrated (and very often on sale): "Shadows: Amsterdam". It is basically Codenames mechanics, but with Dixit cards and the artwork (and theme) is straight out of Zootopia 🙂

  12. Gonna def get a few on this list.

    I like a game called Xia: Legends of a Drift System but don't hear of many people who know of it. Probably because of the price tag.

  13. Cerebria is one of the most underrated games I own but I think that thematically and mechanically it’s brilliant

  14. +1 for Sanctum and Ecos. I play them both and loved them. I actually have Sanctum. Looking forward to getting Ecos + Expansion

  15. My game group bought Ecos because of this video, and we absolutely love it. It’s very original with how the card rotating works and is beautifully made. Thank you!

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