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Top 10 Underrated Board Games!

The Brothers Murph
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We all have those game that we think are super underrated! Those games that we evangelize when no one else is talking about them! Here’s our list of our top Underrated games! Make sure to hit that like button to get a part 2!

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  1. I played Ecos at the last in -person SHUX in 2019 and immediately preordered it at my FLGS! Love Ecos.

  2. My top underrated game is Cosmic Run: Regeneration. I don't hear people talk about it, but it's always a go to game when I have new people over. Easy to teach and fun to play.

  3. Yeah I bought histrio last year, because it looked really cool, and I love the animal setting in the game too, but I haven’t gotten around to playing it yet, maybe because it’s hard to pronounce tragedians.

  4. Ecos the first continent is one of my favorite games it’s in my top 10 favorite games. I just played with my board game group a couple weeks ago. I also have the expansion. Nile crocodile finally!

  5. My most underrated game is deep vents. I’ve introduced it to game group and they like it but I feel that it doesn’t get enough love from the general public. Tom vasel rated it a 4. I rate it a 9. It’s an awesome game. It’s a very efficient game. The only problem is that it takes a couple games to understand the iconography on the tiles. And most people seem to think it’s not good because they think they should understand the iconography right away. However deep vents in my top 10 favorite games.

  6. I love Social Deduction games like Secret Hitler and Coup, will for sure be buying Detective Club next. Any chance you guys could do a top ten social deduction (or party games in general) list? Thanks for the great content and suggestions.

  7. Huh, I never considered Miyabi as that underrated, I mean sure it could probably garner more support being a Kiesling game, I think the Haba label could be holding it back. Like Karuba, it's also good with adult gamers but doesn't get talked about anymore.

    Ecos gets quite a bit of plays with our group, most enjoy it. Although I personally do not. Rise of Augustus / Via Magica uses the same bingo system (One player draws until a wild, if out of cubes you can move between cards), however i think only Ecos has the if you can't use that resource bonus. I enioyed the combos in Ecos and it's a solid production but the narrative of the game fell flat. I was roped into the promise of building the ecosystem and having a heard of cheetahs on the hunt, and I didn't get enough of that. It is very more a game about the cards and how you lay the tiles out.

    As someone who hasn't really been a fan of Mysterium and was lukewarm watching videos of Dixit and Obscurio, I was blown away by Detective Club. I haven't been able to play it, but I really want to!

    I feel like Castell could've gotten over shadowed by another game. When I see Castell I see another festival game that starts with A, I just can't remember it's name but I see it mentioned more then Castell. Also wow, I agree Tales of Glory is a horrible name. I began to clock out of the video when I heard it but when you showed the image I was more drawn in. Mostly due to the fact of how similiar it looks to Overboss (Granted that came out after).

  8. Ecos is one of my favorite games. I have a couple of friends that own the game, but it doesnt get to the table as often as "I" would like.

  9. When I think of Underrated, I think Pipeline. Plays like a top 30 BGG of all time but is languishing faaaaar below. Cannot see why the crunchy euro crowd has not fallen more in love with this superb game.

  10. Ecos is far too long and complicated for what it is, I would never play it with more then 3 players.

  11. Wait… If I rate gloomhaven a 1 on BGG, is that a crime?

  12. I own Detective Club, Castell, and Prodigals Club. I agree with you that they're criminally underrated. Detective Club is Mysterium meets Spyfall perfection. Castell is very unique, thinky, and strategic, although not perfect. I have gotten a ton of plays out of it and don't yet compelled to sell it. Prodigals Club is strategically excellent, but I often find myself wishing I owned Last Will instead, because I just love how fun the stories Last Will makes are.

    My most underrated: Santa Maria – one of my absolute favorites, but people were turned off by the conquistador theme and never truly experienced the magnificent mechanics and pure engine-building tile-laying fun. The expansion was also fantastic. Also, Cat Lady – lighter AEG game with amazing hidden depth. I don't see a lot of people talking about it, but I played it 70 times. Thematic excellence, too.

  13. I was so excited to see Ecos on this list. I just got it and I am blown away by how good it is. I was in fact so blown away that I went and I tracked down tales of glory, because if they think it's almost as good as ecos I'm pretty sure I need to own it.

    As far as underrated games are concerned, I don't hear a lot of people talk about underwater cities, and it is mind-blowingly good. We've played dozens of games of it and I don't ever seem likely to get tired of it.

  14. I bought a copy of Pagoda because you both have mentioned it many timed before. Still need to get it to the table, but I'm definitely looking forward to it.

  15. I need to make a personal rule not to watch these types of videos. There are already more games on my wishlist than I can afford and now I have to add more! Keep up the great content!

  16. In no particular order, my underrated or under- talked about games:

    Empires of The Void II
    Wizards Wanted
    Super Skill Pinball 4-Cade
    Vault Wars

  17. Thanks for this. Chapter marks were off for me, FYI.

  18. eldritch horror is my favorite co-op board game.

  19. The Prodigal Club is a great game, everything else on here is trash. Just kidding I haven't played most of them.

  20. CMON's HATE the board game great rules, great minis, great components, GREAT GAME

  21. Court of the Dead. I haven't heard anyone talk about that one. Fantastic area control game with card drafting, secret objectives, public objectives, special power faction cards, amazing art … Great game!

  22. All the video sections seem to be messed up.

  23. “I’ll give you a thumbs up, alright”, but only for sarcastic reasons. 😉

    Thanks for the video guys, appreciate you.

  24. These look great, the only one of them I have is Histrio, interested in trying the rest too. My favourite underated games are The Island of El Dorado and Unearth. Absolutely incredible 😁

  25. Chapter marks are out of position for me. eg. the Sanctum chapter starts at 6:02 and you start talking about it at 4:00.

  26. There are so many games coming out nowadays that falling through cracks is almost more likely than not.

  27. Found the last copy of Histrio I could find online in my country, excited to see how it plays.

  28. My game group bought Ecos because of this video, and we absolutely love it. It’s very original with how the card rotating works and is beautifully made. Thank you!

  29. +1 for Sanctum and Ecos. I play them both and loved them. I actually have Sanctum. Looking forward to getting Ecos + Expansion

  30. Cerebria is one of the most underrated games I own but I think that thematically and mechanically it’s brilliant

  31. Gonna def get a few on this list.

    I like a game called Xia: Legends of a Drift System but don't hear of many people who know of it. Probably because of the price tag.

  32. Underrated (and very often on sale): "Shadows: Amsterdam". It is basically Codenames mechanics, but with Dixit cards and the artwork (and theme) is straight out of Zootopia 🙂

  33. Just played Castell a couple weeks ago. You are not wrong. Great game.

  34. Ecos is amazing. my only complaint is that I feel the starter decks are a little imbalanced. other than that a really fun game

  35. Some of my favorite underrated games are Burano by Emperor4s, Wayfinders, and Penny Papers Adventures: Skull Island.

  36. Pagoda could easily be modified using the ColorAdd system.
    Being colourblind myself, I like the idea of this game and could probably play it in good light or with some additional markings if that's allowed.

  37. Two of our underrated favs:
    Tzolk'in The Mayan Calendar
    Cargo Noir

    I don't spend a lot of time reading lists but I don't think I've ever seen one of these show up in a top 100 list and they're both favorites in my house.

  38. Great video! I had to pause a few times to add games to my wishlist. Looking forward to the next one, even if it means I'll probably add even more games to my already bloated wishlist!

  39. Burgle Bros is a game that is great solo or played with others. I solo play two players and the mechanics of Burgle Bros keep each game unique. Easy to learn. Excellent.

  40. Ecos and Space Base , also by JDC, are in my groups hot rotation. Love them both.

  41. Lowlands is pretty underrated. It has a wonderful dam building mechanism.

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