Top 10 Worst / Best Board Games at Barnes & Nobel . . . -

Top 10 Worst / Best Board Games at Barnes & Nobel . . .

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00:00:00 – Vlog, in a Vlog
00:01:02 – Top 10 Outline
00:01:48 – Top / Chair
00:02:28 – In The Store
00:03:35 – Jesse’s 5 Worst
00:09:58 – Worst of the Worst
00:10:45 – Shira’s 5 Worst
00:17:25 – Shira’s 5 Best
00:24:33 – Jesse’s 5 Best
00:30:23 – Overlooking Games
00:31:32 – Red Rising Review
00:34:00 – Origins 2021

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  1. I love the Red Rising series! I just finished Morning Star, and all 3 books in the original trilogy are amazing! I can't wait to start the sequel trilogy, and I also just read the first prequel comic book the other day… just can't get enough of it. I bought the board game before reading the books because I knew how much my wife raved about them (and the game was by Stonemaier, so I figured it would likely be at least decent if not great), but now I really want to go back and play the game again, knowing who the characters are and how they interacted with each other in the story/lore… I expect it will be so much better of an experience with that insight.

  2. I'm so sad that I can't buy Red Rising series here and because of my ADHD listening to audiobooks is very challenging.

  3. Did you just not recommend The Mind? Such an insanely creative game. Incredible what it achieves

  4. Its actually illegal in my country to count out the timing of numbers silently together in The Mind. That comes with a minimum 1 year community service sentence here. Whoever taught you to play that way is likely a felon 😉 It's all about body language and mind reading… and a little probability assessment mixed in.

  5. How do you get permission to film in these large chain stores like Barnes & Noble & Target?

    Perhaps you should read/listen to the first 5 or so Dune books to learn the universe and then you might enjoy the games more, like you did with Red Rising?

  6. This would be so much better without masks. Shira, in particular, was difficult to understand because of the "breathy" effect which the mask caused. I still thumbed it, though.

  7. 28:49 Is this a joke? Because I know for a fact that Jesse doesn’t like Everdell. He likes Wingspan more. He debates it with Alex from @BoardGameCo. I know that Alex loves Everdell.

  8. I don't see the appeal of Terraforming Mars, I didn't care for it even though I won.

  9. I love the big box stores carrying real games!!

  10. These vlogs are so fun! I look forward to them every weekend! Oh and please give Watergate another chance it's sooo good, the multi use cards and trying the tug-o-war of tokens and momentum so interesting!

  11. Really love Shira's earrings. Where did she purchase them? Would love to get something similar for my wife😊

  12. Have you played salem 1692 and other facade games? Definitely don’t sleep on them they’re a lot of fun

  13. Haha shira’s list of the worst was the opposite for me. I think watergate is a great head-to-head game and wavelength is a fun party game to get to know your friends better. And dune is my favorite game of all time but I definitely agree that it’s tough to learn for someone new to the hobby

  14. Agreed on Splendor – not just a gateway game.

  15. Nice to see a thumbs up for the much maligned Splendor. As Shira says I find it a very relaxing and satisfying game when playing either with others or on my own on the computer. That is quite unusual for me. Good review.

  16. A) Quack
    B) Polaris (the mall you were at) gets really fussy about photography and videography on their property so I'm surprised someone didn't try say something. Also, I've never been at that B&N and the games and Sci-Fi/Graphic Novels section not just packed with people so you chose a good day/time to be there
    C) Hard disagree with Wavelength. With most any party game, I think that it is highly dependent on your group and is much more of a "try it and see" kind of recommendation. My family and my light gaming group love it. My hardcore gaming group uses it as an end cap on the night but would not choose to play it as a "regular" game even if in the mood for party games.

  17. Me before watching: "I bet I'll disagree with a lot of these"
    Me after watching: "I haven't played a single one of these games"

  18. Feel the same way about Munchkins. Played it a few times early on when I started board games and always felt it was wonky. Definitely better games to start off with. No shame if you enjoy the franchise, just not for me.

    Anyways, just wanted to chime and say great job you and Shira have been doing. Really been enjoying the content. Keep on keeping on!

  19. I have introduced a number of non-gamers to Mariposas and they have all loved it. IMHO, it's a good springboard to more complicated games. I completely understand and respect that the game didn't work for you, but that seems different than recommending that people newer to the hobby shouldn't buy it.

    Your placement of Dune on the "not recommended" list, on the other hand, makes sense. As you say, "it's heavy, complicated, and takes a long time to teach." That's the kind of information the audience for this list wants to know, I suspect.

  20. A shout out to the immaculate Tim Gerard Reynolds, the most excellent narrator/voice actor for the Red Rising audiobook. Pierce Brown's Red Rising series is fantastic, and is only elevated by Mr. Reynolds. Reynolds is great in so many audiobooks, but his version of the Reaping song (the song of Persephone) is simply haunting!

  21. So glad to see you took my suggestion to do a review at Barnes and Nobles!!! They have great game selections for a bookstore.

  22. Thank you for the elegant way of describing why Monopoly does not represent our hobby anymore 👏👏🙌

  23. I love your content, but also think that you have some big misses on the "don't buy" list. I would 100% recommend people get Forbidden Desert, Wavelength, The Mind, Planet. They are all wonderful games that I have used to introduce people to the hobby. Understand this is totally subjective and your point of view, and I respect that, but I think calling the video "worst games" does not seem to align on the criteria you used for the not recommended games here.

    Also, for someone that values community so much (which is why I started following the channel from the start), I'm a bit surprised by the tone of some of the responses to criticism here. Not sure why, but this channel seems to be straying away from the initial friendly environment you wanted to create.

  24. this is interesting! B&N seems to actually have a pretty decent game selection for not being an actual gaming store, I just don't get in there very often because everything in the store seems so pricey (not sure how game prices compare to other outlets, but everything else is a bit outrageous). But I noticed Target is getting better, too. Y'all mentioned Monopoly as a bad one, which I agree. I didn't even like it much as a kid, let alone nowadays. I'm curious what kinds of classic games modern hardcore table toppers like. I would imagine obviously it's different for everyone, other than ubiquitously hating Monopoly lol. I always enjoyed the games Mancala, Backgammon, Stratego, and some card games like poker with the right people. I also grew up playing catchphrase before it was even electronic, and though it's a mass market party game I can't imagine many games out there that include your nana throwing a heavy plastic disk at you just as the timer runs out and her laughing in your face. Such fond memories lol.

  25. Actually, I think Forbidden Desert is a great family game.

    Yes, it does have the alpha gamer problem. Aside from that, it is a simple puzzle that kids and family can work together and get it under 40 minutes. The constant shifting tiles, and the little ship pieces are really attention grabbers for young players. DUCT tape the adult, and life will find a way (kids will start discussing what to do).

    So I think this episode's video title should be: Top 10 worst game for Hobby Gamers in Barnes Nobles. If you come from that angle, then Forbidden Desert should definitely be skipped and replaced with Spirit Island. But then…. who are Walmart/Target/Barnes Noble's target customers?

  26. I go to B&N for their exclusive Warhammer games. They have a few other exclusive versions of games with extra items, like Dune.

  27. Thank you guys for sharing your thoughts and opinions on these games, love hearing your perspective and love your videos

  28. We actually enjoy Wavelength but I've found that it can easily fall flat if not everyone is on board. I guess like many games, it depends on the group

  29. I gotta disagree about the classic games and munchkin. I think these are still great for families and still contribute to light-hearted and fun family time. It always sounds snobbish to me. We can easily go from monopoly to wingspan to zombicide to marvel united to betrayal at house on the hill because our purpose is having fun together because I feel like that's the most important part of gaming.

  30. Thats crazy I saw 'Cant Catch Harry'…

  31. Ahhh munchkin. A game that really shows its age yes. But i do want to point out a different edition of munchkin that i think makes that endgame much more palatable. Munchkin Cthulhu has a class known as "cultist." This class does nothing on its own, but for every other cultist in play they get +2 (making the class that much more valuable in those games where you play with too many people.) You also cannot voluntarily stop being a cultist, you have to find another means of doing so. This seems all fine and dandy till you learn of the cultist rules: "If all the players become Cultists but one, the non-Cultist player gets a level and this can be the winning level. If ALL the players become cultists, the game ends, and victory goes to the player(s) with the highest level."

    This in itself is a significant change, another way to end the game instead of people spending 45 minutes till the stars align and they can squeak out that last level. However over the years i have introduced 2 house rules to expedite the cult phenomenon.
    1) Sacrifice a cultist: This one is simple and just gets the ball rolling with goofy shenanigans. Place one cultist in the discard pile before the game starts. I usually make a big show of this to get others into the wacky rules and theme of what we are going to play. What this does mechanically: there are cards to force others to be cultists, these are drawn from the discard pile. Therefore making those cards viable right off the bat.
    2) Cultist is a curse: Admittedly this one is changing the game quite a bit. But curses have 2 important properties. When you draw it face up, it happens to you. Thus forcing you to become a cultist. And secondly if you have one in your hand, you can play it on other people. Now this sounds mean, more random, and like a ton of shenanigans. But there are also several more cards to now deal with cultists (like wishing ring,) and thru clever manipulation you can consider the cultists around the board as another piece towards your victory.

    Now if you don't like munchkin to begin with, this won't change that. But for me its become a game i refuse to play into a game that ill get into once in a while. I do have another 3 different editions of munchkin in my collection, so its good to have an alternative when someone (usually who isn't into the hobby) gets it in their head that munchkin is a game worth playing. And we do have to admit, for some people, munchkin is their favorite game.

  32. We have Wavelength, and it’s a great concept with an awesome device, but we find it often results in arguments or accusations about how wrong someone is.

  33. Vlog idea! When your in a new city visit a FLGS and discuss staff picks.

  34. Dog Pile is awesome. It's not a board game though, it's a series of logic puzzles. In the vein of Traffic Rush ext. You just keep it on your coffee table and do a puzzle a day to give your brain a workout.

  35. Suggestion – if you are going to say don't buy these games then offer alternatives. Key example you say there are several coops that are better than forbidden desert (which I like but understand the criticism) and are available at Barnes and noble. This would have been a great time to show what those are even if isn't a top ten.

  36. Oooo, I hard disagree with you on planet. I found it quite a compelling gateway.

  37. Damn I wish my Barnes and Noble had that big of a board game section

  38. Does your family actually call them stuffing stockers? Cause I'm gonna start calling them that.

  39. Dear Shira, you do look quite healthy and enthusiastic again 😁 (little sleep deprived of course 😜), how is the healthiness going?
    Almost bought Watergate, glad I didn't seeing your list while you are walking through the background 😉This inception vlog is doing a killing on my timeline board😅
    Btw since this is usually the only time in the week you comment personally😝 I need and want a few more characters on my comments, I'm character deprived 🤪🐦

  40. Quack! I saw you both at Origins next to the Mythic Mischief IV Studio booth. I picked up Forbidden Island at a gift shop store during a camping trip for $15 and we enjoyed playing it.

  41. You guys are really getting better at this vlogging environment – but I never doubt that you would be just as great as with your other content creations. 🙂
    Quick question: how about your top 10 games giveaway that you did a few weeks ago? Is there any revealing video of who had won?

  42. this was so cool. I love seeing you two walk around shops and talking about what's there, it's such a fun concept.

  43. I disagree with your decision regarding Dune, but only tangentially. You either like Dune or don't. There's very little middle ground here because the game's aura casts a rather long shadow among the board gaming community. However, considering that the title was OOP for > 30 years, the price point and product quality of the GF9 edition found at B&N (and their "exclusive" edition) has an undeniable value for those seeking to add it to their collection.

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