Top 11 Board Games of 2016 - Board Game Spotlight -

Top 11 Board Games of 2016 – Board Game Spotlight

Board Game Spotlight
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Board Game Spotlight features our Top 11 Board games of 2016! Also a large Honorable Mention section, because this year had some really fantastic games!

Honorable Mentions:
World’s Fair
Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle
Cottage Garden
Arkham Horror LCG

Top 11

11) Clank!
10) Inis
9) Adrenaline
8) Scythe
7) Vast
6) Terraforming Mars
5) The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire
4) Roll Player
3) Great Western Trail
2) Star Wars: Rebellion
1) Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition


  1. Just in case anyone was really paying attention to INIS a couple of the descriptions were pretty off and this game is phenomenal so I want you to know this. To win, you actually have to alert your opponents as an action that you have a win condition by taking a "pretender token" and if they don't take away or tie your win condition by the beginning of the next season (round) you will win. So there are no accidental wins or secret wins. If you have no token during that phase where you check for winner, no win.
    Also, you can have more than one winning condition at once. In fact if two people have one, the game is not over but if 1 person has 2 and another has 1, the one with 2 wins. However, in a tie if one person is the Brenn, (chieftain of the capital) they win.
    The game win conditions are
    1. Be chieftain over 6 clans. Every miniature is one clan. So in the example, he was actually chieftain over 3. (two white and 1 green I think he used). This is an easy one to sneak up if people negotiate too much peace suddenly one person can be chieftain over too many too quickly.
    2. Have 1 clan in at least six territories. not 6 in 6. no one has 36 clans lol.
    3. Be present with 6 or more sanctuaries. James said present with a sanctuary. that would happen the first turn of the game lol.
    also, if you exceed the victory condition, let's say by being chieftain over 7 clans, it is still only 1 condition and would tie with someone with only 6. Also there are deed tokens which allow you to get a winning condition by 1 less per deed token. So with one deed token you only need to be chieftain over 5 instead of 6.
    James said he wants to play INIS a lot more and he definitely should and so should you. It's so tight, tense, and wonderful!

  2. I watched this when it was first posted and it convinced me to get mansions of madness. I also have Scythe, Terraforming Mars, and INIS, and they are all wonderful. Now watching it again, I thought Roll Player looked meh but you made it look awesome with just that quick overview (everyone saying it's just an RPG character creation engine made it sound so boring) so thanks. Also I really want Great Western Trail now after watching shut up and sit down's review have you played it more since this video? curious to see if you like it even more now. adrenaline also looks great. too many amazing games!

  3. check out rycorr's channel really well put together videos.

  4. How many games, total all games combined, do you play in a week?

  5. The video was really well built. You formatted it nicely and described each game. Thanks

  6. I like your style, and the games you're talking about here. Had to unfortunately stop watching early because the freestyle camera made me sick. Please get a tripod system going here.

  7. One of my Wednesday night board game buddies works for Foxtrot and helped in the production of World's Fair. We just play tested an expansion they are working on for it this past Wednesday. It's really cool to see it on this video.

  8. i had NO IDEA. that there was such culture around board games. i am such a noob i though the pinnacle of board games was monopoly lol

  9. I love the format of the video and the things in it were details, but as a personal thing, shakey cam really makes me feel ill. =(

  10. Amazing reviews! Thank you for making my board game shopping so much easier. Speaking of OCD, your tongue tsk are making me insane lol. It's kind of when you notice you can hear a singer taking a breath every few seconds hahah. Great channel, though!

  11. Didn't know "alpha gamer" was a term. That perfectly describes my husband though haha

  12. Superb top 11 selection of games. Thanks and keep it up!
    I like your presentation style as well. Simple. Clean. 🙂

  13. I'm a designer and want to create my own board game. Any suggestions on where to look to have someone produced at this quality?

  14. Thanks for the review! I've been searching for other gateway games thats not worker placement that would suit my gaming parties (Bought LoWD and the expansion last time). I have just decided to buy clank, as suggested by you. I was actually balancing out between scythe and terraforming mars, but clank caught my attention and I decided to buy it instead. I was interested in a light dungeon crawl but fail to see a consistently good review on any simple ones, clank seems to have a positive review throughout my research.

    Also thanks for making my search alot easier, your review is clear, concise and pretty thorough. You show a bit of gameplay/turn preview which I think is great.

  15. great video, from latinoamerica!!

  16. Wow, Scythe only at #8!? :O MoM is so overrated. Rebellion #1, Scythe #2, easily

  17. I got rebellion because of this, it did not disappoint. Thank you for a great video

  18. So bad review of the games…no structure and pointing what the game is, what the win condition is or whatsoever…just some random talks…

  19. Any games like hero quest? I loved that game

  20. I was randomly just browsing youtube and I came upon your video here. Not only did I love the video, but you have introduced me to this brand new world of Board Games which I am very eager to explore and enjoy! Thank you!

  21. sycthe is really beautiful & I love how the blocks fit into the cards

  22. Will you be making a 2017 Top 11 Board Games?

  23. Dude, if you got rid of your accent your whole life would change.

  24. I don’t do board games was looking more into video game based board games but I love your video explained amazing i knew if I liked it or not and good choices keep up ❤️

  25. hey man how did you install the mensions of madness on your macbook? I'm struggling to find the app to install on my mac

  26. Great video! I really enjoyed but my #1 would be the original strategy game with over a trillion possible combinations, Chess

  27. Two years later and still enjoying the content! I have one question; how do you get board games cheaper than at stores, I tried online and most of them average around $60 🙁

  28. Great video. I really like how you go into each one and tell a little bit about it and a typical situation. This is super helpful, thank you

  29. Dude your game choices are soooooo lame lol

  30. Arkham Horror the board game was pretty good. We even managed to stop Chuthlu once.

  31. Thank you for this video. Such good commentary and quality love your stuff. Lol you looked like keemstar when I saw you for the first time

  32. If we sent you our board game would you review it?

  33. It's a crime that terraforming mars is even in the top10 (overrated + boring) and adrenaline is 9 (amazing)

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