Top 15 Board Games to Start a Game Collection with the Game Boy Geek -

Top 15 Board Games to Start a Game Collection with the Game Boy Geek

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My top 15 board games to start a game collection with. These are the games I think are the best ones to introduce new players from different genres in the board game industry. They are great for newbies.They are easy to learn & teach, but are a blast to play and would be a great start to anyone’s collection.

Qwixx –
Niya –
Las Vegas –
Stop Thief –
Forbidden Island –
Wits & Wagers Vegas –
Camel Up –
Werewords –
Mandala –
Game of 49 –
Just One –
Deception: Murder in Hong Kong –
The Mind –
Codenames Duet –
Ticket to Ride –

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  1. We have been plating Stop thief as a family from your recommendation since last month and we Love the Cooperative version! We actually have only won 2 times and Lost 3 and that makes it great too since my 12:year old usually wins a lot and then gets bored but not with this. We also have owned Ticket to Ride for 5 years and still play a lot ! You’re the Best most upbeat person

  2. CarcassonneKingdominoDraftosaurusYspahanPhotosynthesisJaipurTally ho!Rhino Hero Super BattleOdin's RavensVicious Fishes
    Settlers of Catan
    My First Stone Age

  3. I would add For sale or Point salad to this list.

  4. Forbidden Island, Las Vegas, Wits & Wagers, Deception, Codenames Duet, and Ticket to Ride would all be on my list, too. Very interesting idea for a video, Dan!

  5. Dan, you keep displaying Orleans Stories, but I haven’t seen a video yet from you and can’t get you to comment back. Do you like it?

  6. Kingdomino
    Kingdoms (Reiner Knizia)
    Drakon (Tom Jolly)
    Cave Troll (Tom Jolly)
    Gold Digger (Reiner Knizia)
    Ivanhoe (Reiner Knizia)
    Battle Line (Reiner Knizia)
    Bang: Dice
    Champions of Midguard (Blood Rage for Couples)
    Battle Beyond Space
    Alien Frontiers
    Not Alone
    Castle Panic
    Spector Ops
    Tally Ho!
    Rise of Tribes

  7. AthexTube - Board Games & 3d Printing says:

    I think its a good list for people interested in board games, not sure I would say its the best 15 to buy to start a collection since many are party style games

  8. great list even for those of us who have been in the hobby for a while

  9. Was going to be disappointed that the #1 wasn’t going to be on the list. Would have skipped The Mind and went with For Sale, Sushi Go or High Society instead.

  10. Don’t “collect” games, play them. If you have games unwrapped, unplayed and/or only played once then now is a good time to stop buying them.

  11. I agree with all games on this list being good recommendations. I only find the list itself lacking in variety. A lot of party, word en coop gamesin this list. Some popular genres are missing.

    I miss a good worker placement game, area control, drafting and tableau builder. Many of these genres have games are new player friendly but so loved by gaming veterans.

  12. "Stone age" is a perfect entry to worker placement

  13. what about Baren Park, Splendor, Santorini?

  14. My list in no order: Ticket to Ride, Dixit (12 player version), 7 Wonders, Catan, Kingsburg, Shadow Hunter, Axis & Allies, Small aWorld

  15. Great listen?! Questionable. I’m trying to find The Game of 49….. I want it sooo bad

  16. THIS VIDEO is the poster child for why you have the most broadly helpful reviews of anyone. You seem to be the only reviewer with empathy for non-gamers like the ones that I play with. Thank you!!

  17. Okay list but too many party games and not enough variety so I'm going to have to disagree with it. Ticket to Ride and Forbidden Island are really good though.

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