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Top 5 Bluffing Board Games

Danny C – GFS
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By far, one of my favorite board game mechanics ever is bluffing and deception. I’ve discussed this a bit in the past, but wanted to dive in a bit more on what my favorite games are!

For this, they’re mostly sociable games with a LOT of table talk and bluffing specific aspects. That’s how I like them, but what about YOU? What’re your favorites, why don’t you like the category, anything and everything! Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Sherrif of Nottingham looks so fun. I can't wait to try it.

  2. I don't play too many bluffing games (people I've tried with have told me that they can't bluff, and from what I've seen, that's apparently true lol). And to be fair, my problem is that I win games too often, so too many people automatically believe I'm bluffing even when I'm not — that's good for some games, not so good for others (eg. Diplomacy).

    The only hidden role game I've played was Spyfall. I've tried it , and while I really like the game in principle, I can't really play it with my current games group. It just hasn't hit well with them.

    Cosmic Encounter, while not specifically a 'bluffing' game, has a lot of bluffing in it. And I can remember a few of my favorite bluffs even decades later. There's not many games that can create memories like that, so CE is top on my list. The memory I have is that I was Gambler (perfect power for bluffing), and one of my opponents was Aura (which forces everyone else to display their cards. I managed to play an Attack 30 about 5 times in a row because the first 4 I was bluffing and people were afraid to call my bluff because they knew I had it. And that 5th time, when I actually played it, people had been sick of losing to me and they finally called my bluff… I just giggled because it had all worked perfectly, but I really pissed off the guy who called my bluff.

  3. Nice Vid! May I suggest you check out "Salem", sort of a "gamers'" game of bluffing, takes about 40 minutes.

  4. Danny you should write a book about boardgames and how much they do for people.

  5. Still have to get used to the length of these videos but still good job! I don't really play bluffing games except for the occasional one night or ultimate werewolf because I'm sure love letter doesn't count (since you are required to be honest about the cards in your hand). I'm so bad at bluffing that during Betrayal at Baldur's Gate, when I was the traitor and they said you could reveal yourself for two extra items, I was like "cards on the table guys I'm the traitor". That was a fun game

  6. I only have one game when there is bluffing going on, and that's in the form of orders that you have to place and then resolve, which makes up your turn.  So I guess that makes Forbidden Stars my favorite bluffing game?  It's important too, because each race plays so differently.  Mine always starts with fewer pieces but it's easier to get ships, and they rely a lot on being where they aren't supposed to be.  Bluffing is also really effective because you play the orders out on the board alternating between players so if someone places a really important order (of four that you each place) you can cover it with one of your own ensuring that yours will go off first.  There's even a lot of bluffing in the three turn dice/card combats allowing you to start aggressive, move defensive, and then win with morale, which provided you have a unit survive the fight, is how the winner is determined. (always a gamble for my race as we're made of paper but have a lot of morale)  I never realized before your video just how much bluffing is actually in Forbidden Stars!  It makes sense since there is a lot of that in WarHammer 40k to begin with.  At least for my race.  🙂

  7. coup should be dropped, shadows over camelot should take it's place. As for resistance should be replaced with avalon, (or resistance with the promo cards assassin and merlin), rest of the list is pretty much accurate as my own.

  8. I very much agree on your list. I haven't tried Coup though, but herd nothing but good about it.

    I can't decide wether Secret Hitler or Sheriff of Nottingham is the better.

  9. Do you happen to know the name of that game that is themed as a smuggling game where the cards have to be laid out like a caravan of trucks, and I think some of the cards are police officers?

  10. Is there such a thing as bluffing game for 2 players?

  11. I like bluffing but it's usually too complicated for my students (ages 13 – 16). Perudo is too abstract and complicated, Skull didn't work either. Any tips?

  12. Great video! But is Sherrif of Nottingham still your favourite bluffing game even without the expansion? Or do you need the expansion in order for it to be fun?

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