Top Board Games available on Nintendo Switch - NEW! 2020 update -

Top Board Games available on Nintendo Switch – NEW! 2020 update

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Welcome to my Top 11 Board Games available on the Nintendo Switch, 2020 edition!

This also includes a look at 3 exciting games coming later in the year, but what could number one be? I surprised even myself!! Please let me know your picks.

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  1. Armello, the best of all missing, huge update coming to switch!

  2. The only game from this video I would recommend is UNO and also 51 Clubhouse Games coming June 5th! I’m soooo excited for that one 😎

  3. Great video. I love For The King and maybe kick out Carcasonne. Was very disappointed at the conversion to switch. Much better on ios.

  4. Didn't know about 51 Clubhouse Games, coming out in June. That has made my day. Superb news, thanks 🙂

  5. Best Buy had/has this week, the board game collections on sale for $15 each on physical cart. One has the Hasboro Game Night: Monopoly,Risk and Trivial Pursuit. The other is America's Greatest Game Shows: Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy. The monopoly included is the same as the standalone switch release that comes with all the 3d game boards. Insta buys for me at that price even if Im not eager to jump in right away.

  6. Catan was a disappointment for me with only having one player option we still play Catan almost every Saturday with the gaming group so when I saw the digital version coming out I was excited but then it doesn’t let me play multiple players. Also check out Mystic Vale

  7. Looking forward to Wingspan and 51 Worldwide Games. Never played Charterstone before as legacy games aren't really my thing but down for giving that a go on the Switch.

  8. Very nice video. I haven’t played enough games of Catan to give it the number one spot myself. That’s always going to be Raiders of the North Sea for me. Looking forward to Wingspan as still haven’t played that and will be jumping on Charterstone when it drops for sure as enjoyed what I have played of that on the iPad so far

  9. Please dont call it a rubbish year..people are working hard to make the best of it

  10. I grew up one of four boys, board/card games ended only one way in our household, ultra violence ha! I'm outta this one Paul, but enjoyed/liked the video regardless, thank you sir.
    EDIT; Apologies, was just talking to a guy called Mark, ha! 🙂

  11. I was wondering about the online numbers for Catan. Is it easy to get a 4 player online game going? How big and friendly is the community?

  12. Thank you for the update. I am looking forward to 51 world wide games in June

  13. I have yet to try it out, but 8 Minute Empire is based on the boardgame of the same name.
    And there's of course Knights of Pen & Paper, based on Dungeons And Dragons-type tabletop role playing.

  14. Risk is supposed to be pretty good and I think there’s a Demo available…also Super Black Jack battle 2 goes on sale for cheap (about 99p) quite often😃

  15. Found this video while looking for some ideas to tide me over while I wait for Clubhouse Games, and found a very well-produced video and someone just as excited as I am for that little beauty. Great stuff! I've been devouring every bit of Clubhouse Games news I can find, and I'm definitely going to have to keep an eye on Chess Ultra and put that on the wishlist! Thanks!

  16. Shephy is fantastic. One of the best hidden gems on the switch

  17. Are there any board games two people in one house on one switch can play with two people in another house on another single switch can play?

  18. Putting monopoly on a list of best board games immidetly invalidates your opinion

  19. I think Clue definitely deserves to be added to this list…Multiple boards you can play and once you get into the rythem/strategy its pretty addicting.

  20. We bought this so that my family could all play at the same time over the internet while this covid lock down is on only to find if you are playing online only 1 person per console can play so if you want 2 players in your house to play another 2 players in another house you both need 2 copied of Monopoly and 2 console – so over all you need 4 copies of monopoly and 4 console This only applies to online so be aware before you buy it. What a big Con

  21. Waw you forgot yo place 'slay the spire' on nr1.

  22. No local play for catan puts it dead last for me.

  23. I Guess most of the board games don't work on the Nintendo switch lite?

  24. Wingspan is so awesome as a card game, i definitely get that one on the switch! Dec 2020 its released.

  25. I think the phone version of catan looks way better.

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