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Trails — Fun & Board Games w/ WEM

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In this review of Trails from Henry Audubon and Keymaster Games, you’ll learn how to play, what bears might give you, and why photos might not be the best way to record your journey.

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  1. I don't understand this game, it seems an even simpler Parks which was already barebones… where is the choice? You can literally move 1 or 2 every turn and you'll always pick the best thing, I see lots of randomness (photo deck, dice…) and can imagine this game will basically play itself

  2. This review is calmly cutting.

    I absolutely adore Parks. One of the games in my and my wife's collection that is our most beloved and frequently played.

  3. Thank you for the overview. I recently compared/contrasted Grail Games' Whale Riders (Knizia) with Parks and I think the comparison is even more apt with Trails. In my opinion, Whale Riders is a superior design and experience in every way, except for theme; it has a simpler ruleset, the tension is palpable, play is exciting. Take Whale Riders and change the theme to "Park Visitors" and have players collect different "experiences" (sunny, watery, woodsy, mountainous) as they journey out west and back to fulfill National Park cards, all while collecting thumbs on social media posts (or something like that) and I think that's the game families will want to buy AND play this summer. Enjoy!

  4. Even with the slight jabby attitude, it's exactly what I'm looking for. I have Parks, and the expansion, so this is a perfect portable, shorter game.

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