Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. I wish video games had more elements like this.

  2. I just played my first (two player scenario) game of TI today after months of my wife telling me about how much she wanted it and a week of her hyping it up after getting it. It took me a few rounds but we ended with a nail biting finish in which we both agreed I could have won if it had just started my attack one round earlier. There had been no combat up until then and I had her home system corned with one fewer VP in a single round. It was amazing!
    (also, the Xxcha Kingdom graciously recognized the might of the Mentak Coalition and, due to a long history of trade and ceasefire agreements, took on the former pirates as the new imperial bodyguards)

  3. Wait a second: this HUGE fantastic game has Risk combat system? Very very bad…

  4. yes the dark crystal was awesome. movie and netflix series (which was stomped much too early)

  5. I bought TI yesterday and it's officially my 200th board game, so excited to play it when we can meet up again.

  6. The ONLY disadvantage about this game is that it takes a lot to set it up. There are at least 50 hex planets/other things that make setting up a lot longer than other games. As well as what Quinns said which is that this game can be smaller but they decided to make it big, which, is good but is also bad.

  7. imo jim's dark crystal was a slog. however, his daughter's net flix series was awesome.

  8. I like how you used twilight imperium as a unit of measurement lol. "Twilight Imperium sized deck".

  9. I want this to sound fun…but it still sort of doesn't for some reason.

  10. Why you deleted ti3 video? 🙁

  11. Is there any material to gain more background information about saga/ history/ factions of TI-universe ?!
    It appears not to be as good-evil-simple as others and it hasn´t been raped by Mickey Mouse or "lost"directors yet. I mean how much more of potential for a complex saga can there be for tremendous books/ films/ etc…?

  12. Your excitement makes me want to buy it, but i dont have enough friends.

  13. 15:38 That player went on to design eclipse second edition. -whoever got that joke is a real one

  14. Drove my friends crazy by playing as the University of The Universities of Jol-Nar and being the absolute nicest faction. I didn't bother anyone, didn't invade other player's systems or harass their dealings, I just quietly build up my tech.

    My tech that let me take Mecatol Rex by the 3rd turn and get ahead by 3 victory points on everyone. Oh, they came for me. But my then my fleets were mighty and able to rapidly reinforce themselves. And all the while I knew that if I got them focused on Mecatol Rex…they'd ignore my homeworld. I took a gamble that some victory conditions for science would come up that would secure me a passive victory.

    And it did. I just won my first ever game without ever being the aggressor.

  15. So when are we seeing a POK review? The game has definitely become a different beast with the expansion.

  16. The national anthem plays whenever the Hacan civilize a planet

  17. The Dark Crystal is splendid. Even if you don’t love the story it’s worth a watch for the wonderful technical aspects.

  18. Is that…a fireplace in the corner??!!i wonder where the tv is..behind the couch?😀.And man seeing some of your most recent videos of thought you have cut your own due to the pandemic but seeing this video again ..the pandemic started years ago there..Hey its ok for me t a hairdresser.😋.Great job on all your videos, sincere and fun,maybe the most complete videos reviews out there

  19. Great channel just subscribed btw love the passion 🙂

  20. Me, my old man, and my brothers play a lot of board games, but after we played our first game of TI4, it became our favorite game in our library. We have played 1 or maybe even 2 games a month, every month since we got it. It is a fantastic game that gives you a unique experience evey playthrough.

  21. So many games I'd love to play, but all of them require friends….

  22. Dragon Dice is slightly more modular, but very similar. It has a deep history.

  23. The Dark Crystal is just pure nightmare fuel for me screw that

  24. waiting for the expansion follow up and then playthrough, would love to see one of you try to dress as the cabal or argent flight

  25. “It has to be played on a 3×6 foot table!” Looks at my Table dedicated to Warhammer

  26. Welp. I just ordered it. Goodbye money. Thanks SU&SD

  27. Luckily I have a ping pong table. Ha!

    Still takes up most of it

  28. Okay, so my friend took a leap and bought this game. And you know what, it's really bitter sweet. It feels like this epic PC 4X game, and I keep thinking about it. There are some strong, emotionally intense moments and high stakes. But for me, the biggest issue is that, for a game that takes 8 – 12 hours, and demands that time investment from all players, there can only be ONE winner.

    That really sucks, because at some point (especially in a game with mixed levels of players), you know who the winner is likely to be (okay, if not just 1 player, than among 2 persons) and then the rest of the party is just… like a PC's game's AI, helping move the game along for those players? So the triumph factor for the winner is super high, but its such a huge disappointment and drain for everyone else. If you aren't playing this like as a competition, I just can't see the sense in sinking those hours in.

    Single-winner games I think should demand no more than 3-hours at a go, so that everyone can refresh the game, take away lessons, and give it a shot again a few times in a game-day.

    Also, oh my god, there's just SO much to remember. I get that much of it could become muscle memory after some time, but think about the time investment to get that muscle memory.

  29. Quin this video gets me every time. I always want to add this to my collection but then I re-watch this video and feel like I need to get it right now. I think I am going to order it.. you win sir.

  30. Ohhhh shit. No i think it was 3ed i played with a couple friends all night and never got very far cause everything took so long, especially combat good god. I still remember the douche who owned the game who would refuse to play unless he got to be the people of Jol’nar, which sucked cause he’d always get such obnoxious tech boost from their ability to double dip on techs each turn.

  31. "you can play a virus" sounds a lot less 'Buy' and a lot more 'Don't Buy' in 2021

  32. I’d watch y’all play this. I’m so incredibly interested in this game.

  33. "it takes all day".. So? I play Empires in arms, that takes 7 people around 140-160h to complete

  34. I'm sorry, this is not going to be a positive comment.
    knowing that you are SELLING THESE GAMES, has changed my opinion of the entire channel and each video in turn.
    this changes your agenda from sharing your experiences to SELLING GAMES in my eyes, which means all the hype and excitement, all the internal jokes and all of the experiences you share is likely fake.

  35. Your enthusiasm for this game makes me VERY happy! I've been looking into some space/scifi themed tabletop games, and THIS looks very good!

  36. 7 mins in and I get the feeling its like a 5 hour game of Cosmic Encounter. I hate Cosmic Encounter.

  37. There is a twilight Imperium documentary?????

  38. English people are wonderfully crazy 🙂

  39. 5:16 Please tell me more about these metaphorical massive thighs.

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