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Under Falling Skies Review – The Ultimate Personal-Space Invader

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  1. What a genius overview! Thank you a lot for this video. All our team had a blast!

  2. My WF-3620 hates your Deskjet for its bigger number.

  3. Great review! (except last 30 seconds, sorry). I had excactly the same feelings when I was playing pnp-version during Spring lockdown.


  5. Still not sure I'd want to play a game on my own that just involves rolling a bunch of dice over and over again. If it's all at the mercy of the dice roll, who cares? And where's the review of Jaws of the Lion Quinns alluded to in his review of Pandemic Legacy Zero? Is it happening at all?

  6. When your skull is exposed, thats bad and you lose.

  7. This sounds like it would make a great puzzle game for PC.

    Which I'm sure is something the publishers are sick of hearing.

  8. I love when Brits do American accents. It makes me wonder if I would notice it in day to day life and expose a spy.

  9. Holy moly, that was Brendan!

  10. Anyone else finding themselves not listening any longer and mesmerized by his hair more than once during this video?

  11. Cool! It reminds me a bit of "the wars of marcus aurelius", with a nicer production and more replaybility (and a very different theme, obviously :D)

  12. 1:15 For people liking the bowl holding the pears, its a "Mumin bowl, 15 cm, Stinky" by the company "Arabia"

  13. this is ingenious. oh my god! I don't wanna close my eyes

  14. At 2:00 Matt mentions playing solo games vs video games, then says that he’ll talk about it later in the video. Did he? This is the piece I’m genuinely curious about. Why would I play a single player board game over a video game?

  15. A space invaders board game, sweet! I like those pears, btw. Is that a British great aunt thing?

  16. I'm just unbelievably relieved to know I'm not the only one who enjoys singing songs but with only one line from the chorus as the lyrics. I really thought about asking someone about that one day but I thought it might make things awkward between us.

  17. I really like the genuine feeling of dread whenever the mothership moves one level down. If anything, it looks intimidating.

    Great review, Matt. Your victory dance is what sold it to me.

  18. wish i had a cute turtlealienGF to "dissect" and "probe"

  19. I've almost maintained that transparent plastic is one of the noblest materials known to mankind.

  20. Colonel Moss looks very very similar to Colonel Kingman from Dawn of the Zeds

  21. I thank you. My wallet, as usual, curses you. “Oh, hello you beautiful beautiful cardboard!”

  22. I love how "RIP Bruce Willis" came up just as I was thinking "Wait that's from Armageddon, not Independence Day".

  23. This game is a bitch. Felt like darn genius when i won for the first time

  24. The singing at the end brought tears to my ears. Ta. Tried this for the 1st time yesterday and enjoyed it… the game that is, not the 'closing my eyes' bit

  25. Oh damn! I thought I was dumb as fuck for not easily beating the game on easy the first time, but I neglected that robots can be placed in columns with other dice.

    I thought I had to pick 5 of the dice total no matter what.

    Lol, I was one turn away from the mothership hitting me AND one damage point away from dying, but I got the exact rerolls needed to finish research. At least my experience was suspenseful!

  26. Pretty good american accent I think, A for effort

  27. I was alarmed by Matt's hari but then I have always been alarmed by Matt's hair it is nice to be reassured for once.

  28. “ Get me the Hollywood -style President of America on the line.”
    Trump: “ Hello, this is John Barron.”
    * hangs up*

  29. We all have skulls and that's good, but I can think no scenario in which looking at your own skull would be a good thing.

  30. I have the game and I really like it. But being old, the theme in some way makes me think about the old UFO TV Show that I used to watch in the early 70's in Brazil…

  31. Mechanica in the back there! I keep vacillating on buying that one. I hear it ends too soon.

  32. Kinda shitty that you can play video games and no one gives a fuck, but playing a board game solo costs "social real estate".

  33. Does the rulebook explain all these rules is a clear comprehensible way?

  34. Hey Matt. My hair is very similar to yours. What hair product are you using to make it look so luscious, and at the same time make your house smell so delicious?

  35. I'm so tired, but while watching this I didn't want to close my eyes

  36. Why did Matt GAIN energy to demonstrate how you lose energy?

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